Great minds... and all that (Mirembe)

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Posted by Civilian Brianna “Bree” O’Harra (Head of Mining Operations) in Great minds… and all that (Mirembe)

Posted by Civilian Brianna “Bree” O’Harra (Head of Mining Operations) in Great minds… and all that (Mirembe)

Posted by Civilian Mirembe M’Ahar (Director of Terraforming) in Great minds… and all that (Mirembe)
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Mirembe wandered deeper into the mines, deftly keeping pace with the ebb and flow of its tunnels. Rearing the bend, she slowed to a halt several metres from the trio and craned her neck to get a better look.

Coming closer, one would see the Head of Mining, on her knees with her arms half buried, elbow deep, into a fresh dug hole in the wall near the floor line. She was pulling out chunks of stone with obvious veining in it to accentuate her point. The two miners beside her were taking the sample chunks she was offering up and looking more deeply at them. Both men were middle aged with dark hair sticking in strands out from under their helmets. Yet the woman, now bent further into the hole, her backside sticking up as she reached in trying to grasp something that was beyond her reach, was flame haired with no helmet on. The safety device sat upside down, forgotten on the dirt,by her right ankle. “Now if I can just… feel… which way…” She was stretching herself to the limits, her eyes closed as her cheek pressed to the cold stone as she did… whatever it was she was doing.

The Terraformer stepped back, choosing to observe from afar. She snaked her arms across her chest and watched as O’Harra reached deeper into the cavern. Curiosity piqued by the veinous rocks she unearthed, Mirembe threw a knowing glance at her companion and smirked. Earning a wiggle that steered her attention back, Mirembe swung her head and took note of the abandoned helmet. She tightened her grip about her biceps but made no effort to apprise O’Harra of the inane danger. Instead, she held her tongue and trusted the miner had done this before.

Brianna came up a moment later with a smile of triumph on her face. There was an imprint of the rock she had been pressed against, on her cheek. The pressure she had placed on her face in stretching so deep into the crevice left a small press mark close enough to her eye that it would bruise up to a nice shiner later that night. Without giving it another thought, she looked up at the two men over her. “The vein runs deep. I think we may want to consider moving in a more downward direction rather than merely outward.” She moved to stand and caught herself as the sudden shift in her legs left here light headed a moment. She laughed softly as her vision swam then settled once more. Leaning backwards on the wall to let her body settle, she shook her head. “I’m thinking this may have to be an open pit excavation project. I want to open all this up,” she motioned down either side towards the tunnels running away from their location. We can dig towards the back line tunnel and make a huge open cavern. And once we play out the veins on this level, we can start in the middle and work out way out as we go down.”

Mirembe’s gaze narrowed to narrow slits, depths swarming with fleeting concern consumed by Brianna’s laughter. Pushing away from the flicker of anxiety, Mirembe looked to IAN and digested its transcription of the miner’s words.

While it wouldn’t be a true open quarry, she had a vision of something along those lines but on a smaller, covered, scale. She would have to reach out to her hiring department and get more hands in here. With open mining, instead of tunnel mining, she could fit more folks in here than usual. The idea appealed to her a lot. Tomorrow she would check out Nineva Mine and see if there was potential there for the same thing. If this planet was riddled with veins like this, open air quarries might be a better option for some of the locations. And saving the tunnel mining to the usual other ores that only moved in lines instead of on grand scale like this one.

Fire Born

Stepping from the shadows, Mirembe gestured her companion forward and followed suit. “It sounds like quite the plan,” a synthetic voice infected the air. If Brianna turned, she would find a sinewy, grey-eyed woman who vaguely resembled someone of Greek descent. That was.. if she could ignore the tell-tale bulge and crevice extending from the bridge of her nose to her eyebrows. With a broad grin, Mirembe meandered forward and signed, “Mirembe M’Ahar, Director of Terraforming. Am I correct to believe you’re Brianna O’Harra?” She lingered for a second before extending a hand in greeting.

— Mirembe M’Ahar, Director of Terraforming
— IAN, translator and companion

Mirembe’s gaze wavered between Brianna and her constituents. “It’s clear you’ve got a lot on your plate,” there was a brief lull in her signs as she gestured to their find. “But if you’ve got a moment to spare, I’d love to discuss the future…” a smile erupted across her lips ”…or schedule a drink for when you have more time to chat.”

— Mirembe M’Ahar, Director of Terraforming

Brianna was so shocked to actually have the woman here in the mine that it took her a moment to process and place her hand to shake. “Yes, Brianna O’Harra. But call me Bridie, or as most around here call me, Fire Born.” She laughed lightly knowing the woman would probably be curious about the nickname. Everyone who didn’t know, was. “And I am available now, actually. We just decided a few changes and they are off to implement them.” She tossed the chunk of ore onto the ground and it rolled absently into the hole she had been reaching into. Almost as if it was rolling back to where it was plucked from. “So it’s up to you, a tour of the mine as it currently is, or a drink elsewhere? I am good either way.” She brushed her hands on her coveralls and smiled once more.

Fire Born

Mirembe’s eyebrows lifted in a cooly piqued fashion, but she made no effort to act on it. She assumed the story would unravel in due time. “Fire Born..” a good-natured chuckle befell her lips like a soundtrack to the ore stirring tiny pebbles in its wake “..I like it.” Nodding, Mirembe pondered Birdie’s offer. While a drink was hard to pass up, she was far more interested in the mines and their executive. M’Ahar wasn’t here to strike up a casual conversation — she was here to discuss science, development and business. “I’d be a fool to pass up a tour,” she shrugged, “so why don’t we table that drink for another time?” Mirembe grinned and waved her hand in an absent direction, stepping aside for the Fire Born to take lead.

— Mirembe M’Ahar, Director of Terraforming

Bree laughed. “A tour it is.” She lead them down one of the passageways. They passed a few miners now and then and eventually turned down a short corridor that bore no other people. There were lights strung and it was obvious that shoring up of the stone had been recently reinforced. “So this mine was thought played out over fifty years ago. It turns out the veins merely were broken by a shift in the ground that placed then out of alignment and deeper in the earth.” This is one of the tunnels where the veins ended. We will actually begin here,” she motioned to the wall at the end of the space, “and level everything across in a single layer. We will then begin to spiral down till we actually reach the bottom of the ore. Then we will spiral up and out. And continue till we mine what we need.”

She leaned on the wall, once more looking like she were merely entertaining company and not discussing the affairs that dictate a colony. “What do you think?” She wasn’t going to give all her ideas at once. But she was certainly going to see what this engineer had in mind in regards to the mine.

Fire Born

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Mirembe’s gaze ventured further down the tunnel, her mind lost in reverie before Brianna dragged her back with a question. She turned to the miner, lips pursued in thought, and signed:

“I should offer you a disclaimer of sorts—“ sobriety seeped into her smile “—I have no interest meddling in your business. I understand there’s been tension in the past, and I don’t want that moving forward.” Her calloused fingers danced before her, daring to betray her contemplation. “I’m just here to discuss how our departments can mutually benefit one another.. and maybe make a friend in the process.”

“Spiel aside,” Mirembe snapped toward the mines, “colour me intrigued.”

“I don’t have much to say about the mining process,” it wasn’t her place, nor did she know enough about OED’s mines to offer an opinion, “but I wanted to touch base on environmental conditions. I’m aware my department plays a role in the construction and maintenance of the biodomes.” Mirembe considered the integrity of the rock’s reinforcements, raising her hand to check the airflow above them. She had reservations for the current preliminary and permanent biodomes; but, she didn’t endure them like the miners. So who better to ask than them? “Do you have any concerns for the current biodomes? Or thoughts on how we can help improve mining.. at least in terms of atmospheric conditions?”

– Mirembe M’Ahar, Director of Terraforming

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