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Two Months Prior - Federation Council Chambers, Earth…

“All in favor?” and delegates from Federation member worlds pressed an icon in front of them. “Opposed?” asked the Vulcan at the head of the assembly. Some, but not nearly as many as the yes group, pressed an icon. The Vulcan looked at the screen in front of her. “The motion carries. By a vote of one hundred thirty seven to sixteen, Dr. Kenzo B’Tren-Hyrushi is appointed as the new Governor of Oed V colony. Per special request, the public announcement of the appointment will be withheld until his official arrival. Good luck, Dr. Hyrushi.”

The Asian man with black eyes standing in the center of the room bowed his head. He was dressed in a fine suit of dark gray with a jade green tie. A red-jeweled tie pin held the accessory in place. “Thank you, Madame President. Thank you Assembly. I will strive to earn your trust in me.” and he turned and left the chambers.

The man who would be the Governor of Oed V had been in the city for two weeks after a long and boring trip on a shuttle bound for the colony. He had booked passage under an assumed name and made his way with the others who traveled to the remote colony for the same reason he did… a new start with new challenges. Hotel rooms, a bed and breakfast, even a seedy motel had been his quarters. He had walked the streets, talked to people of all walks of life. He even made a friend or two, although no one knew who he really was. It gave him a perspective that he felt he would miss had he simply arrived and been ‘The Governor’. It also provided him with a list of needed projects that could be addressed quickly and easily, allowing him time to adjust to the new role while still being productive.

It was one of those projects that brought him, three days before he was supposed to arrive, to the Government Tower. Mr. Hakido Yamasuto, as he was known for now, had an appointment with the Lieutenant Governor to discuss the needed repairs of the sewer system in the Fairview Housing Towers, a group of buildings that were designed for those with not much to give back to society. The meeting had been made by a local community group who was known to help those less fortunate.

Arriving at the tower, the man walked inside and to the reception desk in the main lobby. “Hello. I am Hakido Yamasuto. I am here to speak with Lieutenant Governor Xavier, please. I have an appointment.” he said softly, but with a slight smile. The receptionist pulled up the calendar and then smiled and said “Yes, sir. Take the lift to the top floor. Speak with the receptionist there.” and she pointed at the bank of lifts. ‘Hakido’ smiled and nodded and followed the directions. Soon he was sitting outside the Lieutenant Governor’s office, waiting to meet the man he had read so much about.

Gov. Hyrushi, er, I mean ‘Mr. Yamasuto’

The Lt. Governors receptionist was actually a SF yeoman named Alina who instructed the man to wait and the Lt. Governor would be with him shortly. Shortly came 15 minutes later.

“The Lt. Governor will see you now.” The officer said and pointed toward the wide double sliding automated door that was the entry to the Captains office.

Xavier Lt. Gov

‘Mr. Yamamoto’ nodded and smiled. “Thank you.” and he walked through the door.

The man looked around the office as he approached the Lieutenant Governor, to who he extended a hand. “Captain Xavier. A pleasure. I am Kenzo B’tren-Hyrushi. I think you and I will be working together.” and he smiled slightly.

Hyrushi, Incoming Governor

Xavier looked at the man for a second.

“If your Hyrushi then why did you make an appointment under Yamasuto?” He asked. The Captain was not a man fond of deceptions. He did not offer the man a seat yet until he explained himself.


Kenzo smiled and bowed his head slightly. “I do apologize for the… charade. I wished to meet you without the associated fanfare and to see the government tower working as it is. Without the filter of people being on their best behaviour. To be be completely honest, Captain… I have been inside the dome for two weeks. I wanted to see first hand what I would be working with… and whom I would be working with.” and he fixed the Captain with an appraising gaze.

“I am pleased that you, Captain, have such a warm reputation amongst the populace. Tell me, do you go out in the city often? I have found a gem of a restaurant between here and the Residential Quarter. The Public House, specializes in Bajoran cuisine. I haven’t had better since leaving Bajor, quite honestly.”

Kenzo didn’t make a move to sit, he simply stood and held his hands behind his back, his black eyes fixed on Xavier.

Hyrushi, Incoming Governor

“Tell me Mr. Hyrushi have you received the oath of office yet?” Xavier asked. He was a man of protocol and would refer to him as Governor yet nor extend to him the level of access until he was in office. Also if he was not yet in office that meant he had not received any security briefings yet. As Xavier was the one who would set that up he was confident he had not received them yet.

“No, I have not.” and the black eyes focused intently for a moment and then he added with a small smile “Although I am quite certain you knew that already. No, I will take the oath as part of the inauguration ceremonies. I have been briefed on some aspects of the colony, but I requested to have my first full briefing come from you; as you are the most knowledgeable about the needs and issues facing the colony.” Kenzo reached into his pocket and pulled out an optical disk and set it on the desk and slid it over to the Lieutenant Governor. “My appointment confirmation, personal file, and a letter of introduction for you.” and he smiled slightly.

“As for getting out I am afraid I do not have the luxury of much time to do so as much as I might like.” He answered.

Xavier Lt. Gov

“Perhaps you would do me the honor of having lunch with me, then? I would like our partnership to start on a good footing. And I find you can learn much about a person over a good meal.”

Hyrushi, Incoming Governor

“If you like we can certainly do sit down lunches and the such. However Governor Elect you will find me the same at a lunch table or a conference table. For better or worse I do not put on a public vs private face. I do business the same.” Xavier answered honestly and straight forward.

“Being honest I can say the same. A man who conceals himself to come to the colony he is about to govern and sets a meeting with his “governing partner” incognito sounds like a man who has trust issues. I’m indifferent to the method and if you feel it gets you the results you want then that is fine but put yourself in the shoes of others and see how they might view that beforehand. On Oed mistrust is a way of life. No one is what they appear. I try to be a more steady symbol. I am what I appear. People need that.”


Kenzo gave the man a half-smile and said “While that may be true, they also need consistency. And that seems, from a governmental perspective, to be in short supply at the moment. And while you say you are indifferent to the approach, the fact that you seem to be dwelling on it leads to believe that may not be entirely true.” and he sighed and shook his head slightly.

“If mistrust is a way of life on the colony, then I would speculate that past administrations… both civilian and Star Fleet… have not provided sufficient reason for the people to trust. That is a failure on their part. And one I do not intend to repeat. Now…” and he leaned back and set his hands in his lap, “… I have spent some time in the streets of this city. And while your approach of being the same person here that you are out there is admirable… it also provides you with only your perspective. I did not want my first impression of this colony to be one distilled through census reports, statistics, crime sheets, and blue prints. I wanted to see what the people see… and I can understand their mistrust. They have little to look forward to… and less to expect from their lives here. I intend to change that, Captain. And you will help me do so. Because while you have indeed been one of the supporting pillars of this community… one of it’s few consistent pillars I might add… your support alone hasn’t brought them hope. Just the understanding that things wouldn’t get worse. And changing that attitude, my dear Captain, begins with you and I. And that is one of the core lessons I learned walking these streets as just a man… not a leader.” and he stood up slowly and looked at Xavier.

“We are going to lunch, you and I. We are going to speak earnestly and frankly. People are going to hear and see us… together… already building plans. Because I have large plans, Captain… and you are going to help me see them brought forth. But the first step in doing that is making sure that the people we serve know that we are doing something other than maintaining the status quo. And as you said, mistrust is a way of life here. So we have to provide them evidence first hand.” and he bowed towards the Lieutenant Governor. Raising back up, he smiled.

“I’ll see you in the lobby in fifteen minutes, Captain. And I will be honest with you… my goal is to have you genuinely smile before we get to desert. Change is coming… and I truly believe that change will benefit us all. See you in the lobby, then?” Kenzo asked and half-turned to the door.

Hyrushi, Governor-Elect

“As you wish Governor Elect.” Xavier replied.

The man spoke with authority and that was ok. Oed needed a civilian Governor who could lead. He had never wanted to be the colonies leader per se. Rather it was always being thrust on him. He was content with the second place trophy but SF had made it clear in the past who they wanted as the real bosses. That mentality was slowly going away and Xavier was happy for it. Oed was a strategic point for SF but as a place to run it was a nightmare. Successful men and women had quickly failed on Oed as Governor. Xavier had learned to listen less and watch more. Hyrushi seemed to like to talk so lets see what his actions said. Also he might remember that you cannot order people to go along with your plan. They did so willfully or not at all. Command came from those you commanded. They leant you the illusion you ruled and as soon as they decided to take the illusion away your time was limited. So Xavier smiled and then went back to his work day.

Xavier Lt. Gov

A scant two hours passed before the receptionist outside the Lieutenant Governor’s office buzzed and said “The Governor for you, Captain.”

As the doors opened, Hyrushi walked in and smiled. “Captain. Hope you are hungry. Shall we?” and he half-turned to the door and held out his arm.

Hyrushi, Governor

The Lt. Governor thought the new Governor was being pushy after them just meeting but he decided not to make a big deal of it.

“Ok. Lets go.” He answered.


Kenzo nodded and the two men walked out to the lift in silence. As they boarded and the doors closed, the new Governor said “I understand if you feel my methods are slightly… outside of the norm… as it were, Captain. But I assure you that have nothing but the utmost respect for you. Personally and professionally.” and he turned and looked directly at Xavier, his black eyes shining like polished Obsidian.

“I sincerely wish to work closely with you, Captain. It is only together that we can move the colony forward. Because in my most honest and straightforward opinion… if we don’t the colony will fail. And I simply refuse to let that happen.” and he turned back to look at the floor indicator counting down to the ground floor.

Hyrushi, Governor

“Governor it is my intention to make it work. However I am a man who believes in levity and my the reality of our own existence. The colony will not fail if you or I fail individually or even collectively in our schemes. The colony will merely not succeed as well. Oed is far to mature an environment in the Federation or SF to fail. Which I think we both prefer it succeed. So we are on the same page.” He answered.


“Excellent. I am most pleased to hear you say so.” and the doors slid open and they exited into the lobby. Hyrushi nodded to a few people as he passed and waved as someone took his picture. Once outside, he turned away from the steps down to where the governmental ground vehicles sat and instead went left down the short sidewalk and came to a corner. At the site was a vendor selling hot dogs. “I heard from the guard in the lobby that this was the best place to eat in the Government square. What do you think? We can go somewhere else, but I thought maybe a bite and talk while we take in the day. ” and he looked at Xavier with a half-smile on his face.

Hyrushi, Governor

“I’m not the biggest fan of this food. I prefer the old earth hamburger to the hotdog. However one will be ok.” Xavier answered.

He then ordered himself one regular hotdog with some trimmings and a water to drink.


“A burger done well is a hard food to surpass. My father said it was the single greatest gift that Western civilization gave to humanity.” and he ordered a hotdogs with mustard. As he took the food, he turned and began walking slowly, making sure the Lieutenant Governor was with him.

“So, Captain… what do I need to know to so this job well?” he asked sincerely as they found themselves in a pleasant shaded area with a vacant bench. Kenzo indicated it silently as a place they might eat and talk.

Hyrushi, Governor

“Stick around.” The Lt. Governor quipped but was serious. “Then measure your promises with realistic accomplishments. Build trust so you can do something and not just proclamations of greatness and plans that never come to fruition. You might think I have not done much since taking this post. Maybe its true. I decided it was not my job to build Oed but rather to keep it together and protect it. That I have had to do over and over. The building of Oed is for the civilian government. However people trust me, even the criminals on the street. Because I don’t over promise and I keep my word. I dont try and build them cathedrals of excess. I give them the security to build their own.”


Kenzo smiled at the first statement. But he listened intently as the Lieutenant Governor spoke. He could feel the man’s sincerity, and also some small bit of… melancholy? Frustration? Regret? Sometimes it was hard to specify… emotions being, as they were, somewhat subjective.

“I feel you have done so, from what I have seen and read about, Captain. And I wholly and completely believe that this colony is far better off for having had you with it. A tradition I hope continues for some time… and for myself as well.” and he took a bite and chewed thoughtfully. Swallowing, he said “And I understand what you are saying with regards to not setting expectations too high. I will certainly make sure to temper goal setting with practicality. What else, do you think?”

Hyrushi, Governor

“Remember that Oed beats at its own drum for better or worse. Mainly I have no more words of wisdom than get to it. Keeping in mind SF Command keeps a keen eye here. They have basically ruled the colony for most of its time. They may have loosened the reins but they still have a hand on them.” Xavier reminded him.

Not that he was this way but there were some in SFC who very much liked the failures of past governors and even relished when good ones got chewed up and spit out.


Kenzo chuckled softly. “Oh, I am well aware of the interest Star Fleet has here, Captain. It was discussed ad nauseum when I was selected for this role. Most often by Admirals who seemed to have a heavy interest in my plans and how they would tell me how to run them.” He turned on the bench and faced Xavier fully, his black eyes staring at him.

“They were most upset when I told them they had no say. As I said to them… Star Fleet has a representative on Oed. One with a vested interest in the colony’s success, not in simply ‘being in control’. And when I needed to cooperate with Star Fleet, I would be more than willing to cooperate with my counterpart… one Captain Parker Xavier… and anyone else he deemed necessary for the specific project. But I would not be ordered or directed by career officers who had not even set foot on the colony or bothered to learn anything about even one of it’s almost four million residents. I then excused them as I was sure they far more pressing matters to attend to than a colony they only think about when it’s convenient.” and he took a bite of his hotdog and watched Xavier.

Hyrushi, Governor

By this time Xavier had been long tired of the whole SFC and its interest in Oed. Running the colony was enough work. Geopolitics was the purview of politicians and bureaucrats, not him.

“Listen Governor I dont want to be rude but I am indifferent to it all by now. However if you continue to act like this is your first political appointment in a game played by kids your not going to last. Maybe you told them that and maybe you said it differently. Your position is political and that game is played by experts who thrive against people like you. You think your the first straight talking do good politician who claims not to be a politician to come in front of them. They chewed through them with no issues. I like what your trying to do and I believe you mean well but unless you get the big boy pants on and stop thinking this is cowboy time your just wasting a lot of good peoples time.” Xavier said.

He was really wondering about Hyrushi by now. He had no problems with the man but he had to wonder how he even made it up the list of possible contenders since SFC had a vote as well. Was he really being this naive? SF Command and some of its lifers who loved to cross over to politics were serious players. He could not imagine that if SF really did not want him in place that enough other members who voted would have pushed him through. However, it may have happened or SFC had a plan and were more than willing to allow a brash candidate make it through. If that was the case it was worse than Xavier imagined. He hoped Hyrushi had read Sun Tzu.


Kenzo did something he rarely did in front of strangers or people he didn’t know or trust… he laughed. Not loudly, not derisively, but very good naturedly. He put a hand on Xavier’s shoulder and patted it in the manner of old friends just getting reacquainted and said “I really appreciate your candor, Captain. I do.” and he let go of the man’s shoulder. “And this is, indeed, my first ‘political’ appointment actually. Before this? Before this I was negotiating between the Federation and colonies that they lost during the War, trying to get people who hated each other to try and see reason. Before that? I was a civil engineer on Bajor! I built roads and schools and shuttle ports. I am not a politician, Captain. So you are more correct than you probably know: I honestly do not know how this game is played.” and he took his last bite and then threw the wrapper in the recycler next to the bench they were sitting on. He chewed thoughtfully before turning to face Parker and swallowing. His ebony eyes were flat black and even still filled with determination. “But I have no intention of playing it. I… we… have a job to do. And that is provide support, opportunity, safety, and defence of this colony. And while I may not be the most politically adept Governor you have ever had, I do bring something to the table that perhaps your other partners did not. You see… I have seen firsthand what happens when colonies are left to fend for themselves, Captain. And I have seen the interstellar vultures pick their bones clean in the blink of an eye. Vultures in all kinds of uniforms and under all kinds of banners… including yours and mine.” He turned away and looked out over the central square. People walking to and fro, parents and children, workers on their way to tasks no one would ever know about.

“I have no intention of allowing that particular history to repeat itself here. And I have a plan to ensure it doesn’t.” He looked back at Parker and said “But I need your help to make it work.”

Hyrushi, Governor

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