A Piece of Éire has Arrived

Posted May 11, 2021, 10:51 a.m. by Civilian Kenzo B'tren-Hyrushi (Governor) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Civilian Cara Esmé O’Farrell (Director of Education) in A Piece of Éire has Arrived
Cara hated warp flight. Made her sick to her stomach. Supposedly you couldn’t feel a ship moving at warp speeds with the interital dampeners. Maybe that was the problem. She knew she was moving but couldn’t tell. She had to take anti neausa meds while on ships. Impulse speeds, she could do without blinking, but warp....she shuddered and crawled out of bed and into the bathroom. Sonic showers…why did she ever leave Earth? What was so wrong with water? Well she’d be planet side soon. The ship was docking with the orbital station and then she’d catch a shuttle to the planet and Oed V. The ship’s captain assured her her things would be transferred and she wouldn’t have to stay and make sure.

Cara had finished her PhD in education just a few months prior. She’d intended to stay on Catawba colony for longer, but one of their ‘children’ had decided to come home and teach the next generation. Cara loved it, the colony, which had struggled for many years, was starting to flourish and it was really a large family. She’d had her time to be a part of it and now she was moving on. The only thing she hated about this posting - she couldn’t bring her horse. Hawkeye had to be sent home to Earth. She’d gotten a message, in transit, from her sister that he’d arrived safely. He had been her companion for years. She supposed the black Arabian deserved to run the green hills of Ireland in his old age. And her baby sister adored him, so he’d be well pampered in his old age.

The line to disembark was full of jostling, shoving, and waiting. Cara suffered it good naturedly. And then customs and claiming everything in her bag. She also passed a PaDD claiming everything in her cargo for them to double check as they got to it. She just hoped she didn’t have to wait a week for her clothes. Then quickly got the location of the shuttles to the colony and made her way there. More lines, more jostling. First the quarter master to make sure they had the ID numbers for her things, and well Cara didn’t carry a lot, but she was moving here so there was more than most people. Then another line to wait in for her ride down. Finally it was her turn to get on the shuttle. The pilot offered to let her transport down but she refused. “Thank you Lt. but I want to see my new home from a bird’s eye view.” The pilot was a young enlisted officer in Star Fleet and gave her quite the show as he flew the shuttle around the colony.

Satchel draped across her shoulder, Cara disembarked. Auburn red hair pulled back in an intricate series of braids and then pinned into loops. Green eyes took in the colony from ground level. She wore a light weight lavender cotton dress. Cara preferred skirts and dresses to pants. It was a personal choice, and just what she preferred. To date they had never stopped her from keeping up with the children in her charge. She took a deep breath of the air inside the dome and oriented herself to the map she’d memorized. Then she took off toward the governor’s office. She’d made an appointment and Cara was never late. She still had half an hour, so no time to dawdle. She walked into the office and up to the person at the desk. “Cara Esme O’Farrell. I have an appointment with the governor. I’m the new education director.”

“Of course. The Governor is expecting you. One moment please, Director.” and the Bajoran woman pressed an icon on her holodisplay and looked at Cara. “He will be just a minute, if you’d like to sit.” she said and a voice behind her said “That won’t be necessary, Linn.”

A human male in a well-tailored suit of deep blue with a dark purple shirt and black tie stood in the doorway to the Governor’s office. Long black hair hung to just past his shoulders, and was tied back in the traditional Japanese style. He was quite handsome, but the most the most striking part of him were his eyes. Almond shaped as was the norm for the Japanese of Earth, his eyes were jet black with no visible pupils. Just shining obsidian taking in the figure standing in reception.

Walking over, he extended a hand and said “Dr. O’Farrell. It is indeed a pleasure. Please, come in. We have much to discuss.”

Hyrushi, Governor

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