Sim: Unexpected Encounters- Crash site outside OED V colony

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Posted by Ensign Valkris MacLaren (Security Officer) in Sim: Unexpected Encounters- Crash site outside OED V colony
Just outside OED V’s colony, a man in an EVO climbed upward along the ash white wall of a crater. It wasn’t easy. One wrong slip might’ve cost him his life if he was careless. When he finally reached the top, he exhaled and checked his climbing gear. All secure as he fastened a new anchor on solid ground.

He pulled out a tricorder and took a knee, the device scanned the soil. This was a month requirement to survey the craters just outside the colony’s dome for any abnormalities. Whenever someone caught him, they assumed the rumors about expansion were true. It drew a small chuckle from his lips.

After a brief check over his oxygen levels, his blue eyes drifted upward. He smiled at the vast collection of stars blotted across the dark, endless night. It held a mysterious beauty all of its own. One day he aimed to be up there exploring the stars.

Reflecting on his dream, Cory caught movement outside his peripheral vision. He frowned and turned to locate it. “What is that?”

A large thing rushed through OED V’s atmosphere, the surface heated by the friction and barreled downward. It grew larger and larger the farther it went. Cory stared at it for several moments before dread filled him. It was heading right for him. Trapped on a very small platform of land, he had limited options to escape. He rushed for the ledge in the heat of panic. Just when he left the solid ground the ship skirted across where he had been moments ago.

His body swung around and slammed into the rocky wall, his ribs bruised on impact. For several moments he hung there. The rope’s sounds squeaked through his helmet stirring him awake. He glanced up, but the ship had landed inside the crater’s center. Cory’s heart had continued to pound within his head while he stared. Despite his near-death experience, curiosity filled him. He slowly made his way downward.

When response teams arrived, the ship’s fire had dissipated and it now laid in the middle of a crater. Its hull ruptured in certain places from the impact, leaving its insides to scatter across the uneven landscape. Several meters away sat Cory Wildner. The man stared off into the distance, none responsive to the arriving teams. His lips silently moved as if speaking to himself.

-Janice B.

OOC: I’m going to give this a bump and remind people, I’m waiting on them.

Issac Ducante Jr. saw the ship crash. He wondered if there would be anything of value on the ship, but he needed a way to get to the ship and look like a part of the response team in order to scout it, and being fairly new, he hadn’t been able to get that advantage yet, so he stood at the entrance to his shop, and hoped all aboard was ok.
Issac Ducante Jr. smuggler

When news of the crash site reached her, Nyx jumped into her vehicle and made her way to the property immediately. Kenzo would want answers to the many questions that would be asked and as his ‘assistant’ it was her job to stay informed. She could see the ship a long way out and wondered what had caused the crash. Pulling up to the barrier other vehicles had already made, she exited the transport and walked closer. A fairly good sized crowd of first responders was gathered, discussing the best way to approach the situation.

OOC: Since it is outside the dome, are we all wearing space suits and oxygen?


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