tangqa' Tavern - Two Scientists and a Bottle of Bloodwine

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Posted by Civilian Mirembe M’Ahar (Director of Terraforming) in tangqa’ Tavern - Two Scientists and a Bottle of Bloodwine
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(snip to include just the Tavern :))
— 18:00. tangqa’ Tavern. —

Mirembe slipped through the tangqa’ Tavern’s doors without a millisecond to spare. Though her feet were fatigued by the journey through Oed’s bustling Centurion Square, they were quick to guide her past its threshold and toward the bar… IAN just inches behind her.

— Mirembe M’Ahar, Director of Terraforming

Madison had been sitting at the bar for the past ten minutes because she had arrived early as was the norm for her. She had already had to fend off two suitors that had offered her free drinks but most certainly would have come with a catch that she did not prefer to be tangled in. Her history of becoming ill from drinking on an empty stomach also played a role as she waited for her new colleague to arrive. She saw Mirembe enter the bar and waved at her to draw her attention to the bar area. Madison looked down at her PADD, the clock read 18:00 hours, Mirembe was right on point with her timing.

  • Lieutenant Marsh, CSO

Mirembe spotted her, relief saturating the remnants of her smile. She tended forward, lifting her hand in the makings of a wave, only to quickly retreat as a pair of Trill dared to seize it in their spirited dash. Nursing the tension with a chuckle, M’Ahar blinked and wove through the tangqa’ Tavern’s many patrons.

“Ah, Lieutenant Marsh?” Mirembe greeted, her lips stagnant but her words infested with a buoyancy only IAN could produce. Though she found no value in assumptions, Marsh’s knowing wave had been evidence enough to guide her forward. Mirembe M’Ahar,” she struck out a hand.

Madison smiled upon greeting Mirembe and accepted her handshake, “Hello Mirembe, the pleasure is all mine. I am glad that you reached out to me earlier in the week.” She gestured to the seat across the table, “Please have a seat.” The light reflected off of her blonde hair that she wore down past her shoulders for this occasion being off duty.

A second later, she jabbed her thumb to her grapefruit-sized companion, who seemed more than eager to introduce itself. “IAN,” it wiggled its appendages like a wave, “I examined your thesis on ‘The impact of Disease on the Epigenetic Regulation of Gene Expression.’ It was a rivetting read! Might I ask–”

Sensing IAN was about to ramble, Mirembe snagged its attention with a gentle sign. Shaking her head, she pulled out the barstool and climbed up to join Marsh. “Anyway…” a slight smile returned to her face ”…it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

A look of intrigue spread across Madison’s face as IAN talked about her research. She looked down at IAN and waved her soft hand casually, “Hi there IAN.” She winked. Her fingernails were varnished in a shade of dark red and it was clear that she took care of herself physically. She was definitely a natural beauty, but she took the time to make herself look presentable professionally without a doubt. She tilted her head slightly, “Did you have any questions about my research at all? I am pleased that you took interest in my work and read over it.”

From behind the bar appeared a large and gregarious half-Klingon. Were it not for the long apron, then her chosen attire of leather trousers and form-fitting tshirt might have marked her as patron instead of proprietor. But any lingering doubts would be instantly cast aside as she roared to the two women “Welcome to tangqa’ Tavern! And how may I help you this evening? We have the finest selection of spirits and liquors in the entire quadrant and a menu that will facilitate further drinking by a hearty lining of the stomach!”

  • Mirai Nakuto (Owner - tangqa’ Tavern)

Uninhibited and booming, the proprietor’s address shattered the idle susurrus Mirembe had endured, restoring it with the tremors of a fading roar. She couldn’t help but grin. Turning to her, Mirembe drummed her fingers against the countertop in thought. Temptation escorted her to her usual order, but curiosity dared her to step outside of her comfort zone. With a glance to Marsh, she asked: “Do you have a signature drink, Miss…?” She searched the half-Klingon’s apron for any sign of her name, but Mirembe’s fruitless efforts left her to await the proprietor’s answer.

– Mirembe M’Ahar, Director of Terraforming

Madison also turned to the bar tender and furrowed her brow adding, “In addition, do you have any drink recommendations for me? I am new to OED V and this is my first time at the tavern.” She rested her hands in her lap and was sure to keep an open mind to the various drinks that she was about to be offered. She had noticed that Mirembe was uncertain upon what to order as well, but looked forward to trying out a new beverage. Perhaps in time she would discover her favorite drink at this particular establishment to help recommend drinks to other friends in the near future.

  • Lieutenant Marsh, CSO

Left elbow resting casually upon the bar top, Mirai leaned in and studied the two women with fierce determination, as if some intrinsic desire for a particular beverage could be discerned from the play of their features. After several moments, during which the half-Klingon’s focus might have bordered on uncomfortable, she grinned widely, straightened up and then disappeared behind the bar.

Several further moments passed, to the sounds of clinking bottles and the occasional flash of red flame, underpinned by a curious, almost-melodic singing, and then finally Nakuto reappeared. In her hands were two large glasses, resembling a traditional receptacle for gin but two, possibly three times the size and filled with a churning, swirling liquid that could somehow trick the observer into believing they were gazing upon a gently lapping sea. Encrusted around the rim of each glass, the ‘sand’ shore was formed from brown sugar, a large and bobbing cherry serving as float for a mast topped with a brilliant, blue flame.

“Here,” she placed the drinks in front of the two women, a single puff of breath transforming each of the flames into a miniature pyrotechnic eruption. “These are my own creation. ‘BIQ’a’bIng’, named for one of our most impressive oceans on Qo’nos.”

If the ladies dared to taste the concoctions, they would find them surprisingly pleasant, with a strong, alcoholic base lightened with notes of kiwi and coconut, and just a slight trace of something more bitter. Like iron. Or maybe blood.

  • Mirai Nakuto (Owner - tangqa’ Tavern)

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