Delta Quadrant - Mo' Communications, Mo' Problems

Posted June 26, 2021, 7:05 p.m. by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) (Jennifer Ward)

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The doors to the cabin Mike and Revna were in opened, and that was the first indication all was not as may appear. A well-appointed… even luxurious… room lay before them. All the amenities of a ship-of-the-line from Star Fleet was there… as if it was a Fleet Admiral’s cabin. An Orion female dressed in almost a bikini was just finishing making up the bed, and she turned and smiled seductively at the two humans.

Oh boy..... Revna was honestly a little too tired. Instead of her usual good humor her only thought was this woman needed to stop looking at her, and especially Mike, that way.

“Welcome to the Shi-Tan, Mr. And Mrs. McKenzie.” she almost purred. “I’m Lestrella. I’ve been ordered to do anything I can to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during our cruise.” She walked up to Revna and put her hands on her arms and smiled. “Mmmm… I think we are going to have a wonderful trip indeed…” and her voice trailed off as she looked Revna up and down suggestively.

Shi-Tan ‘Morale Officer’

Somewhere, finally, her good sense kicked in, or maybe her sense of humor. She reached up taking the woman’s hands in hers. Her eyes danced as if everything the woman said was just amazing. “Anything, Lestrella? In that case, I have not had breakfast. A mixture of fruit I think, and juice. No alcohol.” Eyeing their crates in the room she nodded, “No need to ruin our cruise with it. Ice cold milk and giant cinnamon buns covered in icing.” She returned the woman’s appraisal and then tucking the woman’s arm into her elbow with a flourish she turned and headed toward the door. Her voice dropped subtly as if conspiring with her. “Then once we’ve eaten, at least 10 uninterrupted hours so I can sleep. I have not slept in days. And I would hate to ruin this wonderful trip by being cranky.” She let Lestrella go out the door and then Revna locked it. She walked right over to Mike and into his arms, and she wasn’t sure if she found the situation amusing or exhausting or something else. “Hopefully I just bought us 11 maybe 12 hours before we deal with all that again,” and she waved towards the door. “But you can forget the dress code while we’re here. I think Lestrella would enjoy it too much. And I have every intention of sleeping after we eat. I haven’t slept in a couple of days. And you absolutely are not leaving my side this entire trip. I think Lestrella would be far too happy to get me alone. You’re just going to have to protect me, Mike.” There was laughter in her voice, but she was also dead serious.

Revna McKenzie

Mike looked at her… and then busted out laughing as the door slid open. Mike pointed at Lestrella and then at Revna; and Lestrella looked at Mike. “You better get a leash on your woman, Mike.” and then she chuckled.

Revna watched Mike, barely holding back a small smile. She didn’t expect it to work…wait…a leash? She raised a brow at Mike, winked at him, and turned around. “Good luck with that, Mike has trouble ‘handling’ me.”

Mike looked at Revna and said, grinning, “Revna, let me introduce Captain Lestrella. This is her ship.” and he laughed some more.

Mike McKenzie

She knew it had to be something. The males that met them at the docking ramp were too pleased with themselves, and of course there was the vid. What had given it away was the question about the pheromone suppressant. Only the females needed that. She smiled at the woman, “Forgive me Cpt. but I do have to keep Mike on his toes. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Though I can say I wasn’t expecting to actually get you out the door.” Revna laughed softly at her own expense. She supposed she could be mad that Mike hadn’t said something first, but it was refreshing to laugh at the moment. And if she’d offended Captain Lestrella, well Revna would make the effort to make it up to her.

Revna McKenzie

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