Earth - I'll Make 'Em An Offer They Can't Refuse

Posted July 2, 2021, 2:56 p.m. by Civilian Seamus McKenzie (Future Citizen) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - I’ll Make ‘Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Posted by Civilian Seamus McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - I’ll Make ‘Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - I’ll Make ‘Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse
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6 days after Victoria’s ‘visit’ Ragna couldn’t stand it any longer. Oddvar was still camped out near by along with Devlin, Kirsten, and Ada. That morning Ragna slipped out of bed early, dressed in a loose blouse, with long tight laced cuffs on her forearms, soft deerskin fitted pants, and knee high black leather boots. She took her sword, the one Seamus gave her, and went outside. Angus was by her side before the door closed. “Come on then, Aurora too.” The fox and ram weren’t quite sure what to make of each other. Ragna walked along the path towards the tree line, quiet, observant, taking note of the sounds present and absent. She could smell the faint odor of a banked fire coming from the south east on the breeze where Oddvar was camped out. She found a dead tree, that hadn’t rotted out yet, drew the sword and began to move around it. Poetry and grace. But her muscles tired quickly that first day. The sword was heavier than her old one, and her injuries had taken some of her tone and core strength.

The weeks proceeded routinely enough, except for the increasing numbers of Edmans that were camped out in the woods, ravine, and on the beach. Oddvar had brought nets in to contain the fish they were mostly eating along with dried meat brought from home. Seamus was game warden but Cuyler and Ragna were acutely aware of how much having the clan here for an extended time could damage the wild life. Meat and other provisions were brought with each shuttle. The clan was also extremely good at limiting their foot print. There had been several more storms and they were becoming more frequent and stronger, leaving Ragna ill tempered and edgy. 26 days after Cuyler called Revna, Ragna’s personal comm went off. She went inside to answer, tossing over her shoulder at her mother and the other ladies, “I’m already married, and this will be over before this wedding is happening. I don’t understand why I can’t wear the dress I wore the day we really got married.” She huffed, “Just pick something and I’ll wear it.” She came out, sword on her back and nodded to Kirsten. Ragna never left the house without it now. The cousins had made other attempts to come here and with the storms she wouldn’t leave it to chance. She moved up the path, knowing Seamus would be back soon. She found the signs of his passing and followed the trail, knowing he’d come home along the same path.

Ragna, flustered bride-to-be-again

Seamus came up the path and smiled at her. “Ragna, my love. You could have stayed at the house! With all your clansmen traipsing about, I don’t think we have enough privacy for me to have my way with you out here under Mother Nature’s watchful eye… pervert that she is.” and he laughed. He scooped her up in his arms and hugged her to him. “I do so love you, wife of mine… and I’d marry you every day for the rest a’ my life if I could.” and he kissed her.


Seamus was excited about it, and that was the only reason she was going through with it. She kissed him for a long time, forgetting why she had gone looking for him at the moment. She pulled her head back slightly with a contented sigh, still held in his arms. “I could not wait at the house. I needed to see you.” She did too for self and for the other thing, that could wait till she was done kissing him. “They are all twittering about my dress…again…and Runa is jabbering on about it over Mum’s comm, making an annoyance of herself and she’s not even over here. And you know where’s private? The hot spring and my house on Bømlo. We should go to one of those places.” She kissed him again, hands in his hair, melting in to it. “I love you Seamus, and I would only go through with this for you. But I will always say yes every time you marry me.” She pulled back to look at him with a smile, her original errand remembered. “So that comm we thought was coming in 2 days, I just got it. 2 and a half hours from now your new brother and my sister will be here. We should get going.”

“You mean your new brother and my new sister, right?” and he kissed her and then cradled her against him. “Two and a half hours… ok. The hot spring is a fifteen minute walk one way. That makes thirty minutes.” and he began a brisk walk away from the house and encamped Edmans. “That means we have an hour an’ forty-five minutes to make each other completely useless for the festivities for tonight.” and he giggled mischievously and kissed her. “Besides… you need a healthy glow to ya when your sister arrives. Make sure she knows I’m taking good care of ya.” and he laughed again.


Ragna laughed softly, “Nope he’s your new brother too, in-law, removed or something.” At that moment she didn’t really care what the official record was supposed to say, she’d figure it out later. Right then she was too busy kissing him, and he was carrying her off, again. “You have no idea what is in store tonight do you? They” she waves back toward the house and the encampment and across the sea, “have instore for us do you? And Runa already made sure you’re taking good care of me. She’d have razed our home already.” She kissed him slowly and then pulled back. “Seamus you know I can walk now right? It’s been almost a month…”

“RAGNA!” That was Ada, somewhere close but out of sight. “Ada, she’s gone to go find Seamus, leave her be.” That was Kirsten.

“But Helka said that Re..”

“Hush! Leave her be, I’m sure Ragna already knows.”

Ragna looked at Seamus, “Run…before they find us.” And then laughed.

Seamus grinned and took off at a sprint… an impressive feat with her in his arms. He ran flat out for several minutes before slowing and saying “There. That shoulda lost ‘em. And there-” and he jerked his chin to a large overhang of rock, “- thats the hot spring.” He set her down gently and took her hand, walking her over to the edge of a small pool of water with wisps of steam coming off of it. He looked at Ragna and said “Its hot, but not too hot. Care to join me?” He grinned as he pulled off his shirt and then unclasped the buckles on the side of his kilt and let it fall.


Ragna laughed quietly into his neck as he sprinted. “Seamus I can run too, you know that right. But I am thoroughly impressed.” She looked around as she took his hand and walked to the edge. She lifted the sheath off her back and set the sword close but away from the splash of the water, toed her shoes off and a quick pull of lacing and her dress pooled to the ground. She sat on the edge of the rock, hands braced on the ledge and sank into the blissfully hot water. She moaned as the heat hit every stiff joint muscle and ache. “I’m already in the water, husband. Hurry up.” She laughed, took a deep breath, let go of the ledge, and sank all the way under the water. She came up a moment later, head tilted back to keep her incredibly long hair out of her face and sighed.


Seamus stepped in and onto a small ledge that held him knee-deep in the water. Looking down at her, he said “You are the most beautiful woman in the universe, Ragna McKenzie.” His voice was soft… affectionate… and sincere. He slipped into the hot water and moved close to her.

“I love ya, Ragna.” he said softly.


Ragna looked up at him a smirk crossing her face, “You’re biased, Seamus.” Her voice though was equally as soft and gently teasing. She turned in the water, moving into his arms. “I could tell you I think you are the most handsome man in all of creation. That I love your sculpted abs and the way your muscles play across your shoulders. The strength in your arms that keeps me safe and gently cherishes me. Or that your eyes your pierce into my soul and holds reign over the fire inside me. Or that your stubbornness drives me crazy and matches my own to every degree, and it’s all true.” She kisses his chest over his heart and looks back up at him, “But it’s your old soul and warrior’s heart I cherish the most. I love you, with all that I am Seamus.”


An hour and a half later, after having splashed a considerable amount of the water from the spring’s pool, Seamus was finishing getting dressed and watching his wife do the same. “Well, I hope for her sake your sisters weren’t watching that show. No tellin’ what their opinion of you would become my darling strumpet.” and he grinned at her. He picked up her sword and handed it to her, kissing her cheek. “That sister ‘a yours and cousin of mine should be here soon. We need to get back, wife.”


Ragna turned and glared playfully at him. “What did you call me?” She walked over to him and patted his chest ‘sweetly.’ “Watch your tongue Seamus. The clan has heard all about Argyle and Victoria and if they heard you say such things I can’t promise they will be as understanding as me.” She laughed softly taking her sword and with ease from years of practiced slipped it onto her back. “As for my sisters, Revna…actually I have no idea what Revna would say, probably just give me that knowing look of hers.” Ragna reached over and took his hand as they began to walk. “But Runa, oh Runa will be your problem. She’d probably give you pointers.”

“Good luck with that… she’d have to be taking notes.” and he slapped her backside and started walking with her to the house.

The comms on the shuttle beeped about the time they came into range of the moon’s lunar comms relays. It went ignored the first two times before it finally registered with Revna. “Mike....honey....” she laughed softly and laid her hands flat against his chest and pushed gently. “Mike! I have to answer that before someone decides we’re hostile. Mike…” she reached for the chair controls, just out of reach. She sighed followed by a moan....”Mike! Stop.” And she laughed, “I promise we will get to be alone, eventually, tonight.” =/\=Computer unlock comms, code “Apron Strings and Heart Aches.” =/\=

Mike slowly got up and rubbed his knees. “I’ll hold you to it.” he said and moved to his chair.

=/\=Coms released. Incoming transmission. ‘Shuttle Rapidnova this is the Federation Earth Defense station Delta. Please confirm identification.=/\= =/\=This is Shuttle Rapidnova SS 97532. We have two passengers on board. Diplomatic Attache Revna McKenzie and Lord Michael McKenzie. Requesting permission to land on the private landing strip on Bømlo, Norway.=/\=

=/\=We have your flight confirmed Rapidnova but you are two days early. We will need visual confirmation of your passengers.=/\= Revna, still reclined in the chair, glanced at Mike and mouthed very firmly, Let me UP!

Mike shook his head grinned, mouthing NO! and he chuckled and then said loudly =/\= Give us a sec, will ya? I gotta find her pants… =/\= and he grinned at her and laughed silently but forcefully.

Several minutes later they finished with the security check =/\=Welcome home, Rapidnova. You are cleared for landing.=/\= Revna closed the comms and grinned over at Mike a blush on her cheeks. “It might get bumpy on reentry. You gonna be okay?” She slowed the shuttle to half impulse and dropped into a high orbit waiting for the point of re-entry.


Mike sat down and stretched. “I’ll be fine. But there better be some booze around that spot” and he looked over at her as he fastened the harness. “I worked up a helluva thirst.”


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