Earth - I'll Make 'Em An Offer They Can't Refuse

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Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - I’ll Make ‘Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Posted by Civilian Seamus McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - I’ll Make ‘Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - I’ll Make ‘Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse
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The comms on the shuttle beeped about the time they came into range of the moon’s lunar comms relays. It went ignored the first two times before it finally registered with Revna. “Mike....honey....” she laughed softly and laid her hands flat against his chest and pushed gently. “Mike! I have to answer that before someone decides we’re hostile. Mike…” she reached for the chair controls, just out of reach. She sighed followed by a moan....”Mike! Stop.” And she laughed, “I promise we will get to be alone, eventually, tonight.” =/\=Computer unlock comms, code “Apron Strings and Heart Aches.” =/\=

Mike slowly got up and rubbed his knees. “I’ll hold you to it.” he said and moved to his chair.

=/\=Coms released. Incoming transmission. ‘Shuttle Rapidnova this is the Federation Earth Defense station Delta. Please confirm identification.=/\= =/\=This is Shuttle Rapidnova SS 97532. We have two passengers on board. Diplomatic Attaché Revna McKenzie and Lord Michael McKenzie. Requesting permission to land on the private landing strip on Bømlo, Norway.=/\=

=/\=We have your flight confirmed Rapidnova but you are two days early. We will need visual confirmation of your passengers.=/\= Revna, still reclined in the chair, glanced at Mike and mouthed very firmly, Let me UP!

Mike shook his head grinned, mouthing NO! and he chuckled and then said loudly =/\= Give us a sec, will ya? I gotta find her pants… =/\= and he grinned at her and laughed silently but forcefully.

Revna was mortified, kind of, and there was laughter and then…=/\=Michael McKenzie? Hey Hundtic! You don’t think that’s Big Mike McKenzie do you? OMG what if it’s that lady from the Vid?” “Wouldn’t that be something, oh crap! Shut up Jordan! You left the comm on…”=/\= the line went quiet and now Revna, bright red, glared at her husband. He was going to pay for that....

Several minutes later they finished with the security check =/\=Welcome home, Rapidnova. You are cleared for landing.=/\= Revna closed the comms and grinned over at Mike a blush on her cheeks. “It might get bumpy on reentry. You gonna be okay?” She slowed the shuttle to half impulse and dropped into a high orbit waiting for the point of re-entry.


Mike sat down and stretched. “I’ll be fine. But there better be some booze around that spot” and he looked over at her as he fastened the harness. “I worked up a helluva thirst.”


“No no booze at the landing sight, but I’ve got something.” She released the lock on her chair and pushed it back towards the rear of the shuttle where their crates were sitting. She opened hers, took something out and returned to the pilot controls. She handed him the bottle. “It’s a braggot. A blend of beer and mead. It’s my last bottle, brought it to make sure I remembered to get more. It’s the perfect balance of sweet honey, malty flavor and body, and a bit of hop bitterness. Enjoy. I was going to give it to you later, but there will be plenty in the meadery.” She looked over at him winked, “You earned it, and it will be a very long evening.”

Revna began the decent, and there was turbulence but the shuttle, or maybe it was her skill, passed through with ease and quickly, she angled the shuttle to travel west along the higher northern routes. She dropped the shuttle softly to cruise about 200 feet about the ground and slowed their speed, blending in with other air craft. “Take a look, my Love, you’ll see Scotland below us.” The flew over the landscape, far enough up the specific details couldn’t be seen but Revna new from the telemetry they were traveling over McKenzie land, but they were high enough up no one would see them and then they were passing over the North Sea and settling over large island on the east coast of Norway. The shuttle came to a hover and slowly began the descent, the landing thrusters creating waves in the water and grasses around the area. “Inside the crate is a red suede bag with a bottle in it, Mike. Could you get it and leave it on the seat, while I shut the engines down. It’s payment for use of the shuttle.” the warp drive was the first to be silenced, then the impulse drive and maneuvering thrusters, and then the rest. Revna went to release the seat belt and cussed. “Ummm Mike…it won’t release…” She started to laugh, “I’m going to have to pay for that....I blame you. We broke the chair and I blame you.”

Outside the shuttle there were several people waiting…


Mike looked at her and grinned. “I told you bucking like that was gonna cause problems. But did you listen? Noooo…” and he laughed. He stood up and moved closer to her chair and said “It really is too bad we got her so fast. I could totally go for you being tied down…” and reached slowly between her legs, his eyes locked on hers…

Revna met his gaze, gods above she loved that man. “I don’t think so. You’re trouble, Mike. I knew you were a bad boy.”

CRACK went the buckle as Mike yanked it apart. “There… now can we go already? You said something about a drink.” and he winked as he set the red bag on the seat.


Revna lifted the remains of the mutilated seat belt over her head stood up and moved away from the chair. “How am I supposed to explain that? Never mind don’t answer that question.” Revna kissed him on the cheek stepped to the hatch and opened it. Outside were a handful of the Edmans and a couple of McKenzies. Revna was nearly knocked off her feet by her mirror image, and spun around. “Hi Runa.” She hugged her twin who kissed her cheek held her at arm’s length and laughed. Runa’s voice dropped, “You are glowing and blushing.” She glanced at Mike as he appeared and she moved, hugging him and a whispered, “Thank you.” And then Runa disappeared inside the shuttle…

Revna took Mike’s hand and walked with him towards the waiting group. She scanned the faces, her parents, Uncle Oddvar, Ragna and who could only be Seamus, Kirsten and Devlin, Ada, there was one particular face she was looking for but didn’t see. She knew it had been a long shot, and she was glad she hadn’t said anything to Mike.

She headed for her parents who were already approaching. Helka walked right up to Mike, stared up at him, “Now son, I’m short and old, you have to come down here to me.” And once he did she wrapped him in a surprisingly strong hug and kisses his cheek. “Welcome home.”

Revna in the meantime had been swept up by her father into a massive bear hug. He leaned back and looked from her to Mike and nodded. “He’s good for you.” He turned and offered Mike his hand and then hugged him, clapping him on the back. Helka hugged Revna and whispered something to her that made Revna laugh.

“What in Freyr’s name happened in here?!” Runa stepped out of the shuttle and eyed Mike. Revna closed her eyes and counted to 10. “Hey Mike! Glad my wedding present was a hit!” She cackled and wandered off with a few of the others, laughing the whole way.

Revna looked at Mike. “Come on,” and she nodded towards Seamus and Ragna.
Revna and the rest

Mike followed her over and saw Seamus. Smiling, the two big men embraced each other for a long moment in silence. Seamus finally broke the hug and said “Michael… this is my wife Ragna. Also your wife’s sister… so I guess we really are brothers now!” Mikeblaughed and said “Naw… always were.” He looked down at Ragna and grinned and said “Mrs. McKenzie, its a real pleasure.”


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