Earth - I'll Make 'Em An Offer They Can't Refuse

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Posted by Civilian Seamus McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - I’ll Make ‘Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - I’ll Make ‘Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse
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“Yes yes he got you the ride out but you wouldn’t have gone except for me. Oh and Revna seriously, I’ve got some footage of Mike for you to watch…be still my heart.” Runa nodded, “Well then I guess you don’t want this,” and out of the bag she pulls a bottle of Mike’s favorite drink from the bar. “Oh and speaking of Mardusk. CALL HIM. Something’s wrong with him, seriously, I think he’s depressed. Kept waxing poetic about Revna better be good for you because otherwise ‘it’ wasn’t worth it. Seriously call him, soon.”

Mike looked at her and said “You didn’t put it together? You’re a fan of Bubbles, right? You follow her ISpace? You know about the big Orion on and off boyfriend…? The one she stabbed with her shoe…?” and he gestured at her to put it all together.

She snorted, “Of course I did. Yes I am, and no I don’t follow it anymore. I also know that woman is bat sh&^ crazy and that ‘poor on and off Orion’, Mardusk, got the crap end of that deal. Really she’s an amazing musician, but as a person, she’s nuts. And YOU” Runa gets toe to toe with Mike, wishing for a couple bar stools to stand on, “Sent HER to manage YOUR bar where HE works. This is on YOU. Call him. I don’t care if it’s not a ‘guy’ thing, or Mardusk can handle himself, or whatever excuse you want to give. He’s family call him.”

Revna ever the peace maker, “Okay Runa, give Mike the drinks so he’ll quit his belly aching. I told him there wouldn’t be any where we landed.” Runa laughed, handed it over and then passed Seamus a dark glass bottle. “Ragna calls it honied whisky. Developed and perfected it herself. Enjoy, Ragna is very talented. Have her take you to the meadery while you are here, it’s magnificent. Now of course…” Revna tugged on her arm before she started in on Ragna again. She knew Tara could only risk being there for a short time. Revna linked arms with Runa and then with Ragna. “Seamus I’m going to steal your wife for just a bit. We’re going to walk on ahead, so we can talk. And then,” she turns to Tara with a grin, “you three need to talk and unfortunately Seanmhair will have to keep their eyes off the view and their minds focused. And when you are all done you can catch up with us.” Revna didn’t wait for agreement, she led her sisters away. The original McKenzies needed time and she needed to make sure Ragna was okay and knew what to expect when she saw Argyle for the first time…

Revna, Runa, Ragna

As the sisters began to walk away, a loud chirp was heard and Tara pulled a micro-PaDD from her pocket. “Apologies. I thought I had silenced th-” and she stopped and her eyes went wide in shock. He finger scrolled quickly and her eyes dashed back and forth on the screen, her mouth open slightly.

“I have to go. Now.” She looked at Mike and Seamus and said “Bring Cuyler and Hekla and the girls to the manor for dinner. Beam into the basement, Seamus you know the coordinates. No exceptions!” and she turned and walked back the other side of the shuttle and out of sight.

Runa grinned, “Hey Runa did you know that Revna was into vandalism? Yeah she broke that shuttle she came in on.” Ragna stopped and looked at Runa, “Broke a shuttle?” Runa nodded, slowly, “Oh yeah, when I went on the shuttle to transport their things, the chair is BROKEN!” Revna turned very very bright red, but she was used to Runa’s teasing, “Well, I mean, we had to pass the way some how. Besides I wasn’t the only one who passed the time till our arrival in extracurricular activities with my husband. It’s all over Ragna’s face, and the mussed hair that’s slightly knotted, that never got brushed.” Ragna had never had reason to be teased like this by her sisters and the contrast of the blush to her white blonde hair was noticeable even at a distance. “Well, umm…yeah, at least my pants aren’t on backwards, Revna.” Runa gave her a once over and began to laugh, HARD, tears forming in her eyes. And right as Mike decided to whistle, Revna’s voice carried over, full of embarrasement, laughter, and love. “IT’S MIKE’S FAULT!”

Mike and Seamus looked at her, looked at each other, and then at the backs of the girls. Mike put his fingers in his mouth and a very loud whistle rang out. As they turned, he waved them back.

Mike, Seamus, Tara

Runa was the first to look back and Revna laughed, “That wasn’t a wolf-whistle Runa.” Revna turned and looked at Mike. She nudged Runa in the side with her elbow ashe watched Ragna made a quick b-line right back to Seamus. “Uh huh, go on Revna, I know where you want to be. Just leave me here all by my lonesome.” Revna shrugged, “Okay.” And she moved into Mike’s arms and kissed his cheek. “Where’s Lady Tara?”

Revna, Runa, Ragna

Mike’s face was very serious. “Runa, get over here. Now.” he called. When everyone was together, he said “Tara left. She got a message that set her on a knifes edge. Dunno what it was, but she said we beam to the manor house tonight for dinner. Us and your folks. So… we do it. I’m tired of this cloak and dagger bulls#!+, so as of now the priority is getting this whole mess solved. Everybody got it?” and he looked at each person in turn, looking for a nod or word of acknowledgment.


Runa was on her way over anyway and in typical fashion was on the edge of a teasing reply when the ‘Now’ brought her up short. Runa nodded. Revna tucked her hand into his arm and squeezed with a nod. Ragna nodded and sighed. “She’s used to doing things alone. I don’t think she means to hide things. I hate the subterfuge, but she’s laid a rather brilliant trap, Mike. Your cousins,” Ragna drew herself up a little straighter, fire and fury in her eyes, “are capable of evil that Tara couldn’t fathom. She’s afraid they’ll get away.” Revna pulled Ragna to her and looked her in the eye, “Husk Legertha, han kunne ikke drepe deg hvis han prøvde hundre år. Du vil ikke stå alene Ragna, du vil stå som nøkkelsten til skjoldmuren vår. (Remember Legertha, He couldn’t kill you if he tried a hundred years. You will not stand alone Ragna, you will stand as key stone to our shield wall.).” She waited to make sure Ragna wasn’t going to stand there staring at a memory and then nodded. Runa came over and hugged her and then looked from Mike to Seamus and back. “I’ll go tell Da,” and Runa left.

Mike looked at Ragna. “I’m gonna make you a promise. You don’t let your temper get the better of you when we deal with this Argyle garbage, and I promise you… you’ll get a clean, clear shot at him. Deal, little sister?”

Ragna searched Mike’s face, and then nodded, “Deal.” She pulled Seamus away down a different southerly path back towards the main village. She was quiet, contemplative while they walked.

Revna tugged Mike along with her. “We have time to waste, Mike, so lets get you a drink because it’s going to be VERY late before we’re alone together again.” After a ways she stopped and looked up at him. “You were made for this, you know that right? You and your executive orders.” She kissed him gently, “Come on let me show you our clan. It’s a bit of walk back to the main village.”

Revna, Runa, Ragna

Mike took the drink Runa had brought and took a looooong pull from it. “If I don’t get stabbed by some douchebag cousin of mine in the next few days, my liver is gonna do me in.” and he chuckled softly and took her hand in his. “Let’s go. A hike will do us both good after that -” and he grinned from ear to ear, “- awkward positioned shuttle flight.”


“They might try Mike but I promise you they won’t get to within 10 feet of you. I won’t let them, and after I’ll have Kirsten make you something to clean the alcohol out of your liver. I’m not loosing you.” They walked along a deep fjord to their right and a few one or two person skiffs pulled up on shore. She took the bottle from him and took a long swallow from it and gave it back to him. She looked sad. Then they turned east following along a fence rail as they walked. “One of the smaller villages on this side, breeds our horses. Shires, magnificent giants.” There were several large draft horses in the field, Revna whistled, the descending notes and one broke off from the rest and came full gallop straight at them, kicking up clods of dirt with the massive hooves and then came to a sudden stop right in front of them. Head down, nose reaching over the fence for Revna’s hand the all black giant snorted at her pockets. “This is Ravan. He’s old, retired now. I think he misses my Aunt Trine. She and I were the only ones who could ride him. He mellowed out a lot after she left us.” Revna reached down and pulled a handful of grass up out of the ground and offered it to the horse, running a hand over his cheek and then his ears. He snuffled at Mike, looking for carrots or sugar cubes or something other than hay.


Mike smiled and put a hand slowly on the horse’s neck. He then dug around in a pocket and pulled out a small bag of vegetables he snaked on in the shuttle. He fished out a few carrots and held them out to the giant flat-handed to keep his fingers out of the way.

“He’s beautiful.” he said softly.


“He is that. He’s sired quite a few of the younger generation.” Ravan’s soft muzzle wiggled and lipped up the treats and a sharp crunch could be heard as he chomped on the treat. He tossed his head and snorted as if in agreement to Mike’s words. He pressed the full length of his head against Mike’s chest, which took up the entirety of Mike’s front. He side stepped up against the fence and looked at Revna. “You ever ride, Mike? As chief you get your pick of the herd.” She ran her hand along the neck, shoulder, and flank. The massive horse was content to stay by the fence and get attention. He nosed at Mike again looking for more carrots. Revna laughed softly, “You’ve turned in a lamb in your old age, Ravan.”


“No, never. McKenzies never had a lot of horses. Even in the ancient times, we were known for our ability to take people off horses. YOu should see the blade Seamus uses as Marshall. That’s the one we have always used. Damn near as long as I am tall. Designed just for that purpose… knocking the English off their horses and into the afterlife.” He gave the massive horse some more carrots and patted him. “But if I ever did ride, I’d want to ride someone like you, my friend.” he said to Ravan.


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