Earth - I'll Make 'Em An Offer They Can't Refuse

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Posted by Civilian Seamus McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - I’ll Make ‘Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - I’ll Make ‘Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse
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Mike smiled and said “And I like being here. But I would probably like a Klingon prison if you were with me.” and he chuckled. Just then his communicator chirped. He reached over and picked it up and read the message displayed there. “Annnnd then life happened. Of course.” He set it down and looked at Revna. “We gotta get up. Dinner at Lady Tara’s, remember?” and he groaned. “Why can’t we just live inside this bed forever?!” and he shook his fist at the ceiling in mock anger. He then sighed and said “Come on, wife. You stay laying across me like that and we’ll never get outta here.”


“Well in that case…” she moved so she was draped more completely across him and settled there. Her eyes met his, dancing, gold flecks reflecting how much she loved him.
“Wife’s prerogative, I get to grant any request I want. So we’ll just stay in bed forever.” She stayed there until she got at least a smile from him, she’d prefer laughter.

She kissed him, it was quick but sure and left him with no doubt she was with him every step of the way. She got up and flipped open the trunk and pulled out her deep blue dress, that was edged in gold and copper with a gentle scoop neckline. The sides laced and cinched on both sides. It was the same dress she had worn to the Eclipse Bar and technically her wedding dress, and she choose it specifically. She slipped on flat soled sandals incase ‘she needed to really move’ as Mike put it. She fixed the braids in her hair, beads and all, with quick deft fingers. She went to the desk and grabbed a communicator and slipped it onto the red dyed leather belt cinched at her waist.

Once they were both ready, she took Mike’s hand and they left the house and up the path and towards the largest house near the village center. Helka and Cuyler were leaned against a railing outside the door. Runa was with them looking long suffering as Cuyler talked. Seeing Revna she skipped away and Helka just laughed at Cuyler. Runa walked over hugging Revna, hard. “Another minute and I was coming to get the two of you, really Revna, I thought you might be late for once.” Revna ignored her, “Where’s Ragna and Seamus?” Runa looked across the square towards the archive building and Ragna’s house. “They got back and she was complaining that she thought a storm was coming. Seamus, told her to be still and rest and then made her. I swear he’s a brave man, but don’t you tell them I said that. I’m telling you after all this don’t tell Ragna to ‘be still and rest’ I swear real fire was going to explode out of her eyes. It didn’t even phase him.” There was low laughter, “Too late, Runa, I heard you.” Ragna tapped Runa on the shoulder from behind, leaning against Seamus’ side.

Cuyler walked up with a sigh, “Alright come on girls, quit twittering.” Helka tucked a hand into Cuyler’s arm, a gesture that Revna had picked up from her mother. They followed him around the back of the house to a smaller building the held a transporter. “We can only do two at a time.” He laid a hand on Seamus’ shoulder, in a very paternal and trusting gesture. “You have the coordinates, and I defer to your judgement. Who do you want to go first?”

The Edmans

Seamus looked at Cuyler and said “I and Mike first. Wait a full minute. Then Ragna and Runa. Then yourself and Hekla. Revna, you come in last. We’ll arrive in the basement of the manor in a long disused room. Tara and I are the only ones who know its there. With her saying to use it, something is… off. So be ready. I doubt we’ll run into any issues. But these are odd times, and I’m gonna be on edge for the next two days.” He looked at Mike and said “Ready?”

Mike nodded and kissed Revna. He grinned and said “Never did learn how to use a sword.” and he reached in his pocket and pulled out a set of brass knuckles. “Well, play to your strengths, right?” he said as he slipped them on his fingers and looked at Seamus. “Lets do this.”

Revna shook her head, “I’m sure someone is willing to teach you if you want to learn.” She kissed him and shooed him towards the pad.

Seamus smiled down at Ragna and said “I love you. See you ina minute.” and he kissed her and he went to the controls and programmed in the coordinates. He and Mike stepped onto the pad and in a moment, they vanished.

Mike and Seamus

Ragna kissed him, “If there are bad guys waiting for you and you don’t save me one, you’re in trouble.” She stepped back reaching over her shoulder making sure her sword was loose. She felt…edgy and maybe paranoid, and she didn’t like that Tara was there alone. Oddvar walked in time to see Mike slip the brass knuckles on. “Alright I didn’t get introduced but I like him!” Revna watched Mike disappear, expecting a fight and she thought she was going to have a panic attack. She forced herself to stay calm and not compare this to before. He gave Revna a hug one armed hug, passed Cuyler and Helka ax and sword.

Oddvar passed out small handheld weapons to each of them and then Runa and Ragna stepped onto the Pad, followed by Cuyler and Helka, “Da! Make sure they know Oddvar is coming too!” Revna called out right before they disappeared. She looked at Oddvar with a sigh and stepped onto the pad. “It’ll be alright Revna,” her uncle gave her a quick hug. He’d noticed the tension in her when Mike had disappeared from the pad. “It’s okay.” She nodded and then the swirl enveloped them and they were in the basement room of the manor.

The Edmans

The room was dark, but cool and dry. Seamus held a plasma latern and it filled the room with bright blue light. The room itself was about twenty feet wide on each side. An square opening was at one end, and through it could be seen Mike.

As everyone appeared, Seamus moved them to the side so the transport would complete. As Revna and Oddvar materialized, Seamus called out “Thats it!” and Mike said “We’re good here!” The group moved out of the room and into a huge wine cellar.

Revna’s gaze locked on Mike and she breathed again. That was a reaction she would need to examine later.

Moving into the wine cellar, Ragna was almost giddy. She moved over to Oddvar and the two quietly discussed, with zeal, the different vintages, before Helka walked past them with a simultaneously gentle slap across the back of their heads. “You two snobs can gab later, move it.” Runa stepped back to let Cuyler move forward with Mike and Seamus, Runa and Ragna following, Revna and Helka coming next and Oddvar at the rear.

Not the dust and cobwebbed version from old movies. This was clean, organized, and positively enormous. The room they came out of was behind one of the wall mounted racks. Seamus slid it closed and then showed Mike how to access it. Mike looked around and said “Man… I haven’t seen this place in years. Seamus put a hand on his shoulder and said “Twenty-two years, seven months, eleven days since we were last here.” Mike looked at him and said “Seriously? Dude… enough.” and he chuckled. “I’m here now… and I’m hungry. Let’s go.” Seamus led the way and soon they walked up a stone set of stairs and came to a door. Opening it, they stepped into a large and expectionally well appointed hallway.

Gods above she loved Mike. All this sneaking around and he still had a sense of humor. Helka squeezed her arm and smiled at her eldest. Helka would not deny Tara this chance to be with her grandson and she was thrilled they were all here, but she was looking forward to getting to know Mike.

“About time!” said lilting Scottish voice. Lady Tara, dressed in a dark crimson dress with a Queen Anne neckline and long sleeves each trimmed in a dark blue, stood looking regal, beautiful, and… happy? The smile on her face lit up the hall and she gestured to a doorway. “Come on, come on. Dinner’ll be served soon! And we have a lot to discuss.”

Lady Tara

Oddvar came up last, closing the door behind him and stopped. There was a soft but obvious intake of breath and Revna turned to look. Oddvar looked strange, she followed his gaze back to Lady Tara, and then she looked at her Uncle again. She tugged at Helka’s arm and nodded back at Oddvar. Helka just grinned and shrugged and moved forward towards Tara.

“Tara!” She hugged the woman warmly, she could get away with the familiarity. Ragna moved back next to Seamus and then once her mother had moved she hugged Tara warmly, relieved she was fine after her sudden departure. Then seemingly remembering where she was Ragna moved out of the way for Mike and Revna. Runa on the other hand walked over to her Uncle, took his arm and whispered, “She looks stunning in our colors doesn’t she?”
The Edmans

Tara stepped forward and hugged Revna. “Welcome home, lass…” she whispered and thennpulled back and smiled. She then stepped to Mike, smiled…

And smacked him across the cheek. Mike, to his credit, seemed to have been expecting it and didn’t flinch.

There was a ripple of…protectiveness that went through the room, but nothing aggressive, but obviously Mike was already well loved, especially by Revna and Runa. But when Mike took it good naturedly no one dwelled on it. Revna however was finding her good natured patience waring with her fiercely strong feelings for Mike as Tara berated him for staying away. It was certainly a new sensation for her.

“By all the ancestors, boy… you stay gone from these walls that long again and I’ll haunt you the rest of your days.” and then she grabbed him and crushed his arms to his side in a massive hug. “Welcome home, Michael.” Mike smiled at Revna and then said “Gran… you’re gonna break somethin’ if you keep that up.” She let go and smiled at him, patting the red cheek. Then she moved to Cuyler and embraced him lightly, then Runa. Last, she came to Oddvar, who stood staring with his mouth hanging open. She looked at him and gave him dazzling smile and said “Mr. Edman, your fly is open.” and turned and winked at Runa and walked back to the lead. “Follow me, everyone. We really must talk…” and she lead them into a large, formal dining room with a large table and seating for everyone. She took her seat at the head of the table and motioned for the others to sit.

Lady Tara

Runa LOVED Tara, they had that same wild sense of humor and lack of embarrassment. She loved it. She poked Oddvar with an elbow and he shook his head, blinked and then caught up with Tara. If no one else was going to escort the vision before him, by Freyr he was. He pulled her chair out for her, he bowed as she sat, his voice low as to be respectful and aware of the others in the room, “Lady McKenzie, I would never appear in such a crass state in your presence. You look absolutely stunning.” Oddvar moved down the table taking a seat so that Helka was between Cuyler and himself. Runa sat down beside him, “Your my date tonight,” and she kissed his cheek as only a niece can. Revna and Ragna (Looking worn and harried) sat next to Mike and Seamus. Revna turned her full attention to Tara. She would talk when she was ready, but it had been a long trip and she and Mike were ready to get this resolved.
The Edmans

“I want to thank you all for coming.” Tara began. “The wine in your cups is for drinking, but I ask you pause for a moment. I will not belabor my reasoning for this any further.” She pressed a button on a small control device next to her on the table and a large painting of some ancient battle that hung over the fireplace behind her slowly slid up to reveal a view screen. On it were hundreds of files… recorded text conversations, comm calls, social media messages… even what looked like surveillance footage taken from personal communications devices. “This was sent to me this morning. By who, I do not know… although I have an idea. Regardless… what we have here is enough to bury the faction that is trying to destroy the McKenzie Clan. Legally, figuratively…” and she glanced at Ragna and smiled a truly caring smile, “… and after the event at Ragna and Seamus’ home, perhaps quite literally. WHomever did this recorded the incident from Argyle’s personal communicator. We have everything needed to put him directly behind bars for a very long time.”

Mike spoke up and said “No. Not good enough. He needs to suffer before prison.” He looked at Ragna and said “Just met or not, you’re my sister now. Somebody f@&ks with mine, I make ‘em pay.”

Tara looked at Mike and said “Exactly. In that vein, Michael… and before we move on… I need to know your intentions. What role you choose will decide how we proceed with our plans over the next few days. You now my position… Seamus’ too.” and Seamus nodded. “But the choice, dear boy, is yours. It may not be a fair choice, I concede, but know I will stand by whatever choice you make from here on. And no animosity or regret, lad. Your life is yours… well, Revna’s really, but you get the gist.” There were some chuckles from Seamus and Tara, but they looked at Mike expectantly.

Mike looked at Revna and kissed her cheek and smiled. He then looked at Seamus and said “Just had to bring up that promise from when were kids, huh?” and he smiled at the big man. Mike then looked at Tara and said “You’ve held us together as a clan for decades, Gran. How about you take it easy for a few and we’ll see if I can keep up and running?” Tara’s eyes watered slightly and she said “Michael… you know the rules.” and Mike sighed heavily. He looked around the table and then slowly stood up.

“Lady Tara McKenzie, I will succeed you as Clan Chieftain and Lord of the McKenzie estates when you decide it is right and time for me to do so. So I swear in front of my wife and the heads of her clan and Clan McKenzie.” He lifted his glass and raised it to Tara. “For hearth and home I will stand.”


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