Earth - I'll Make 'Em An Offer They Can't Refuse

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Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - I’ll Make ‘Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Posted by Civilian Seamus McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - I’ll Make ‘Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - I’ll Make ‘Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse
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Helka came out of the house holding her sides, saw Kirsten and her lack of panic and leaned against the house. “Oh I’m gonna have to hide out at Runa’s house tonight....” Runa rode back up about that time. Aotrom following along on a lead rope. Runa swung down and shook her head at the still unconscious from of her brother. Aotrom wandered over looking confused at Mike on the ground as if trying to figure out why he was on the ground. He snuffled over him and then lipped his shirt and started pulling at him. Then he head butted him in the side trying to move him. Then, as a last ditch effort, a very very large and wet tongue swiped itself across Mike’s entire face all at once. Runa looked at her mother, “You know Da’s gonna feel awful in the morning.” Helka laughed harder, “Yep and he deserves it. Though I’m not sure Mike deserved that” and she nodded toward the prone young man. “You see Revna?” Runa shook her head, “Briefly saw a flash of her and Cresent racing the tide across the beach. She’ll be back soon.” Runa led her horse back into the stable and then came back for Aotrom, but he wouldn’t budge away from Mike.

The Edmans

There was a low groan and Mike slowly stirred. Aotrom pushed him with his head and Mike said “I really hope that was the horse licking me, otherwise Revna is gonna be pissed.” and the his eyes popped open and he said “Revna!” and he sat up and then yelled “Owwwwwww!” and grabbed his head. “Who hit me with a shovel? And would you make ‘em stop already?” At that moment Seamus came out of the house. He looked at Helka and said “He’s asking for you… but I wouldn’t. He’s kinda handsy right now.” and he adjusted his belt back to the front. He looked at Mike and smiled. “I swear, that boy could drink every bit of mead in your entire distillery and still be able to walk. Ride a horse? Not so much… but walk…” and he walked over and bent over and looked at Mike upside down.

Helka was still laughing....’handsy’ didn’t begin to describe Cuyler sober. “Don’t worry Seamus, I’ve been married to him this long, I know when and where to hid out.” Runa was beside herself with laughter, she slid down against the side of the barn, and sat in a heap on the ground. “What about Revna, Mike? Did the dragon get her?” And she fell over laughing.

“How’s it hangin’, cowboy?” and grinned.

Mike headbutted him and both men cried and laughed in pain.

Seamus and Michael McKenzie

Kirsten looked at them both, “I’m NOT fixing broken noses tonight.” She stood up satisfied that Mike was okay and started back across the square when Devlin met her and he took in the whole thing – Seamus and Mike holding heads, laughing and crying, Runa looking like her stomach was gonna rip open if she didn’t stop laughing, the forge going, Ragna looking like a headache was about to start, Helka was laughing hysterically and from the house Cuyler yelling about how much he loved Helka, his princess, and he would do anything for her, and NO sight of Revna. “I start making shuttle runs and they all lose their minds.” He raised his voice to carry over the noise, “Hey RUNA! Told you I knew what I was doin’ with that mead!” And then he grabbed Kirsten and headed back to the shuttle to make the last trip back to Scotland for the night.

Mike looked up and saw Devlin, and he narrowed his eyes. “I know you, don’t I?” and then he rubbed his head and cursed. “Seamus, I never would have thought it possible, but I think your head got harder.” and he chuckled. Seamus grinned and said “Yeah… we’re a lot like that, you and I.” and he laughed too as he rubbed his head.

A few minutes later, Cuyler stumbled out the door, and handsy didn’t begin to describe his state of mind. “Helka, my love, come ‘ere!” She laughed and shook her head “Oh no, YOU come here,” and Cuyler stumbled after her towards the back of the barn. Runa sat up, “MOM!” Helka looked at her, “What? I ain’t dead yet, how do you think you and your sisters got here?” And with a wicked grin Cuyler kept trying to grab her by the waist. They disappeared, silence, and then “ARGH! WHAT THE BLOODY BLAZES WOMAN! That water’s pumped straight from the fjord!” Helka reappeared, skirt soaked, laughing, calling back, “You needed to cool off Cuyler. But I still Love ya!” Cuyler reappeared, shaking water out of his hair, and watched Helka disappear into the house. He looked at Seamus and then Mike with a huge grin on his face, “I swear she’s worth every second. Keeps me on my toes.” And he disappeared after her.

Seamus looked at Ragna and said “They keep that up, you won’t be the youngest anymore.” and then laughed and fell over sideways.

Runa didn’t even sit up, “I’m NOT baby sitting this time. It’s your turn Ragna!” Ragna was giggling. She found the whole situation totally absurd. Yes she’d semi panicked when Mike fell, but now that she knew he was okay she could enjoy the hilarity. She sat down in front of Seamus, almost in his lab, her head to the side so his chin was resting over her shoulder. “Alright I’m going to have to sit here between you two so you don’t hurt each other again. Look at the SIZE of that goose egg! Revna’s either going to nurse him back to health or give him a matching one. So I’m gonna sit right here, you two try that again you’ll have to hit me first.”

At the top of the rise, Revna seated on Crescent looked down watching the whole thing. She laughed so hard she slipped right off the horse onto her backside.

The Edmans

Mike was rubbing his head when he glanced up and saw Crescent on the rise, and a figure sitting on the ground laughing. He looked at her and smiled. He didnt yell, didn’t stand and wave… he just smiled and said softly “Hey, wife. I love you.” and smiled and rubbed the back of his head.

The McKenzies

Crescent nudged Revna after a minute and looked back down the slope and nickered. Aotrom turned his head and whinnied loudly back at her. Crescent pawed at the ground and nudged Revna harder. Revna stood up, “Okay, okay, your man’s down there, I got it.” And promptly got knocked down by Crescent who snorted at her as if to say You’re man’s down there too. Revna didn’t bother to try and mount again. Taking the reigns she led Crescent back down the slope and towards her family. Aotrom raised his head and nuzzled Crescent. Now up close Revna finally got a good look at Mike. “What in Loki’s name happened to you!” She knelt down in front of him staring at the large lump on his head…

“There were twelve of ‘em. With bats. And chains.” Seamus chuckled and said “And Tannery signs.” Mike glared at him and grinned. “THAT ONE GOT LUCKY!” and Seamus started laughing again.

Runa who had started to get up to help with the horses started laughing again. She stopped, bent over trying to catch her breath. “Wait…wait…here…” she pulled out the micro padd and handed it to Revna to watch, and then led both horses away. Revna watched, laughter bubbling out louder the longer the vid played. She looked up at Mike grinning, “You kind of deserved that, Husband. I hope when we are as old as my parents we are just like them.” She sat down on his lap and kissed him. “So what do you think of your family Mike?”


“I think they are insane. And I think your dad… I mean Dad… is a tenth degree horn-dog when he gets drunk; and I think Mom likes that. I think your twin is evil for recording that for posterity, but I want a copy for Gravel. I think your brother has the hardest head of most planets. I think your baby sister is the only one who actually has a heart as she at least checked to see if I was alive before laughing her ass off. And I think I want us to go home so I can show you how much I truly love you… head willing.” and he winked.


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