Earth - I'll Make 'Em An Offer They Can't Refuse

Posted July 20, 2021, 11:56 p.m. by Civilian Seamus McKenzie (Future Citizen) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - I’ll Make ‘Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Posted by Civilian Seamus McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - I’ll Make ‘Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - I’ll Make ‘Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse
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The laughter started in the shield wall and spread out. Ragna glanced down at the soiled and wet stain on Argyle’s tattered pants. She looked back and met his gaze, “That’s what I thought” and hilt in hand she gave him a black eye to match the one he’d given her. She took Devlin’s sword, her sheathed in one smooth movement of finality and walked right up to Kirsten, handed Devlin’s sword to her and the wall parted for her. She moved right into Seamus’ arms. “Take me home, Now.”

Ragna McKenzie

Seamus looked down at her and smiled. “My love… you are home. You are with me.” and he leaned down and kissed her in a way he had never done before with others looking.

Ragna was shaking, a biproduct of adrenaline, rage, and extreme physical exertion. The longer and more intense Seamus kissed her the faster the shaking eased. Ada looked over and blinked and then nudged Runa. “Look. At. That!” Runa looked up from the papers in her hands, totally not aware of what was going on around her. “Huh?” Ada pointed at Ragna and Seamus waiting…Runa always had something to say. Runa stared pushing back the cowl of her cape, “Damn Ragna! Let the man breath!” Ragna didn’t hear her. Runa looked at Ada and the whistles and cat calling began around the wall as elbow nudges and pointing started.

Mike watched the cousins being escorted off the estate and he looked at Tara. “Lady Tara, did you make that call I asked?” Tara grinned with a smile that would make Death himself give pause and said “Oh aye… Lord Michael. And I’ll continue to follow your directions to the end of my days.” and she turned to the assembled clans and yelled out in a voice that carried over the cheers and jeers. “Why are ye silent, ya wee nobs?! We have a new Chief! Three cheers, ya McKenzies!!” and the crowd erupted in cheers so loud it echoed for miles. Mike looked down at Revna and said so only she would hear “I’d still rather be a punk musician.” and he smiled and winked.

Revna looked up at him and smiled, lacing her fingers though his and squeezing. She stretched up on tip toes, kissed him deeply and then whispered. “1 if you want to get out of here, the shuttle is right there. I’ll get the maidens to make a path, and in case you weren’t aware, your wife is a damn amazing pilot. 2 if you’re gonna wink at me in public then you better have an escape plan.” Runa had walked up right then, and there was no doubt she was the loudest one there cheering. She kissed Revna on the cheek and then Mike. Then she slipped the letter into his hand. “I don’t know who it’s from. Right before the wall went up it was given to me. I can guess at the meaning of the seal, but I have no idea what’s in it.” Revna stared at Runa, she wasn’t telling the whole truth, and that was strange. But before she could ask Runa grinned and pointed at the gate. “I’m gonna watch!” She looked over and Ragna was still kissing Seamus. She nudged Revna and the twins just stared shocked. “Should I just put a tracer chip on them and have them transported back to their house?” Runa asked Revna loudly enough that Ragna heard.

Ragna stopped kissing Seamus, but didn’t move away from him, “Seanmhair! Will you please find Runa a McKenzie man that will shut her up?” Then she went back to kissing Seamus. Runa snorted, “There is no such man Alive!” and she cackled and moved towards the gate.

Tara looked at Runa… and smiled a knowing smile.

Outside the gates to the estate, a second scene was unfolding. The vehicles and security the cousins had brought with them were now surrounded by dozens and dozens of tattooed, pierced, black-leather-with-silver-studs-and-spikes clad, mohawk and shaved headed young and young-ish adults. On the hood of one of the cars lay a well-built young man with green and red liberty spikes in his hair, back on the windshield, eyes closed and slowly chewing gum.

As the cousins were shoved unceremoniously out the gate, Cuyler and Oddvar (who had made sure they left) looked out and grinned. “Oh… oh well done, my son.” said Cuyler with a grin. Oddvar’s smile matched his and he said “That boy’ll make a fine Chief if I do say so myself.” Cuyler nodded and said “Let’s go.” and Oddvar laughed and said “Have you lost your mind? Who would want to miss this?!” and the two older men looked at each other, grinned, and then looked out through the fence.

Runa made her way toward the gate, pulled out the letter with her name on it. She had no idea who the large man was and she’d looked for him. Shaved head, mustache, goatee and built. But she hadn’t seen him anywhere. And how had he known it was her? The point of the cape had been to make sure no one knew who she was and mistake her for Revna. She unfolded the paper and read it.
“Dearest Runa

I have may regrets. Most prominent amongst them is the fact that I doubt I will ever get to speak to you face to face.

My name is Capall… and yes, my family is the cancer that threatens the McKenzie Clan. I have aided them in this for years. I have used my small talents and knowledge to garner information that I knew would be used against Lady Tara. I did so willingly and with full knowledge of what it is I was doing…

But I didn’t know why.

It wasn’t until Argyle attacked your sister that I truly understood the depths they would sink to get their way. Yes, I knew of the attack. I was listening on Argyle’s communicator. Please believe me… I called the police. I told them what was happening and gave them coordinates to get there and stop it. Unfortunately, my family’s reach is long and they halted the response. Months… perhaps years… of suspicions were confirmed in that moment.

I am telling you, and you alone this because… well… I honestly am not sure. All I know is that from the first moments I saw you, all I wanted was for you to know that I tried. I did what I could to help. I’m sorry it wasn’t more. Maybe in another time…

Be well, Runa Edman. And know you are the most amazing woman I have ever not known.

Capall McKenzie

Runa stood in the middle of milling celebratory crowd. The action and movement fading into nothingness around her. Runa read it, read it again, and then a third time. There were so many questions. The first was could they trust the police? The last was when had he seen her? She’d only been home two weeks. She looked up suddenly scanning the crowd slowly, turning slowly, searching. A man that big with a shaved head shouldn’t be that hard to find. She was jostled along towards the gate as she continued to search the crowd.

The Edmans were at heart a happy and friendly clan. Children of both clans were running about playing games. Maidens with shields slung to backs, blades sheathed, walked hand in hand with husbands, or arm to arm with McKenzies, men sharing stories and good natured insults. The Edmans didn’t know a stranger and now their clan had doubled. Family to meet, stories to tell, and wounds to heal. But in all that Runa couldn’t find the one person she searched for. She folded the letter and slipped it safely into the pouch at her side. Tara, she’d ask Tara, or Revna. The man had tried to save Ragna, and if she could confirm it, she’d take it to Mike. Seamus wasn’t guilty so he wasn’t cast out. This Capall might deserve to pay for his previous deeds but surely…the information he sent was worth some leniency? He’d tried to save her baby sister.

As Hamish came up to the car, the green-haired figure, without opening his eyes, said softly “You the c^$@ that tried to best my boy Big Mike McKenzie?”, his accent decidely not Scottish, but more rural North American continent… the former deep South of the United States. Hamish glared and waved at the security guards wordlessly… who didn’t budge. The figure, still without moving and still chewing his gum, said “Ya see, d!$khead, these ‘ol boys already done been told y’all ain’t got no money. And they also done been told that if any of ‘em raise a finger to try an help ya… well… that ain’t gonna go so good.” The figure raised his head and looked at Hamish and the cousins. He slowly sat up and then just as slowly slid off the ground car. He stood up, and he wasn’t exactly tall… but he was built solidly. He walked up to Hamish and said “Name’s Bubba. Bubba Buchard. And I’m here to chew gum and kick ass.” and he spit the piece of gum out and right in Hamish’s face.

“Uh-oh… Bubba’s outta gum…”

The McKenzies

Runa looked around. That was BUBBA! She hadn’t seen him in years. And there was Canary, Pat, Johan, and…she rolled her eyes....Snake. Oh man, she hadn’t seen any of them in years. Standing just behind her father and uncle Runa swore, drawing their attention. In the voice only a teacher could use to get someone’s attention over a crowd and the noise, “AH HELL! MIKE!!!!!!! BUBBA’S OUTTA GUM!”

Runa Edman, The Gods are Coming For You Too

Capall McKenzie

Oddvar looked over at Runa, “Bubba? You know him?” Runa nodded, “You remember my wild years. I know SEVERAL of them.” Cuyler looked at Runa and back and sighed, “Well at least they aren’t intergalactic pirates.” Oddvar laughed, slapping his brother on the back, Runa shook her head, following the crowd out of the gate, still searching…he was a cousin! He’d have been inside the shield wall and then walked out. She scanned the crowd milling outside the gate and around the cars. “RUNA!!!!” And she was tackled by a shorter, blonde hair compact young woman. She landed firmly on the shield on her back, the air knocked out of her. “Ugh! Hi Canary.” The smaller woman hugged her and then got up yelling, “BUBBA! Stop playin’ with your food and be done with it! Look who I found!”


Bubba put a finger to Hamish’s lips and turned around and looked. “Oh hey, Runa. Fancy seeing you here… OH HOLY S#!+ THE VID!!! YUR A TEIN!! YOUR SIS MARRIED BIG MIKE!!!” and he threw his head back and laughed… all without removing his finger from the confused face of Hamish. Bubba turned and looked at Hamish. “Man! Who woulda guessed! Runa’s twin hookin’ up with Big Mike… Oh hey Runa!” and he turned back to talk and a sudden thought came to him. “Crap, hang on.” He turned back and smiled at Hamish.

And then punched him square in the face, breaking his nose and knocking him on his backside on the ground.

Runa laughed, just like Bubba. Bloody noses first. “Yeah that’s my sister! Ain’t she amazing!”

He turned back to Runa and said very loudly, his Alabama drawl carrying over the crowd of picks who wee converging on the cousins like a school of predatory sharks, “Hey! Yer new brother-in-law know you hit him in the face with your bra at that show on Mars?”

Cutker and Oddvar looked at each other and both said in unison “I’m telling Michael.” and started laughing.

Ragna, Seamus, and Helka walked up. Helka eyed the two of them, “Tell Michael what? I swear Cuyler you are NOT getting drunk with that boy two nights in a row.”

Bubba clapped his hands together as he walked over to the two women and then picked up Canary and lifted Runa off the ground. “Hey thar, sweet thing. How they hangin’?” and he grinned.


Runa gave him a huge hug and then stepped back shaking her head. She wasn’t embarrassed easily, but the last thing she needed was someone telling Revna she’d thrown her bra at her husband. “I did NOT! You know good and well I wasn’t on Mars. You screamed at me for 2 days because I wouldn’t go. I was sitting my PRAXIS exams that week.”

Canary grinned at Bubba, “Oh yeah I remember that, where was it then?”

“Alpha Centauri.” CRAP! Runa was, uncharacteristically starting to turn red. She had to shut them up, but telling them to would NOT work. She glanced around, perfect, “Uh Bubba…he’s gettin’ up.”


Bubba grinned and said “Oh yeah… bra was Alpha Centauri. Mars was your undies.” and he laughed and turned to go back to Hamish. “Still trying to figure out how ya got ‘em off while wearing leather pants!”

Bubba was three steps from Hamish when a voice said “Easy there, lad. I’ll be seeing to the refuse on the road from here on.”

DCI Tannery stood, pipe in mouth, looking as Hamish slowly stood up and taking the blood all over his nice suit. “Shame there, Hamish. Getting blood all over the McKenzie’s suit like that. Well, never you mind. I think maybe I’ll give ya a ride into town. Maybe we can get you and Argyle matching jumpers. After all…” and he held it an optical chip, “… bribing law enforcement is a felonious act… and I just so happen to have what they call in the detectives hand book ‘evidence’. So let’s get in my car, shall we? Yours is getting towed here a bit anyway.” and he led Hamish and the others away.


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