Earth - Seek And Ye Shall Find... Whether You Want To Or Not

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Posted by Civilian Seamus McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - Seek And Ye Shall Find… Whether You Want To Or Not

Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - Seek And Ye Shall Find… Whether You Want To Or Not
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Runa said good bye to the punks at the gate and made a quick slip into the crowd before Bubba told MORE of her secrets. It had been years since she’d been that embarrassed. She moved through the crowd, watching and smiling. The makings of a party were starting and it was going to be one that she was sure Ragna would be writing about for months to come. Many of the Edman children converged on her as she walked. Runa hadn’t taught at the school on Bømlo for many years but she always helped when she came home. Runa loved teaching and children. Along with the Edman babes they dragged the McKenzie littles along with them. She played games with them, led them about, and generally kept them out from under foot for a few minutes before they were off on their next adventure.

On the edges of the festivities Runa leaned against the trunk of a large tree, staring at the letter. Gothia always told her to listen to those gut feelings and she was having one about this letter, she just wasn’t sure what the feeling was. It was there under that tree that Revna found her. She’d gone looking for Runa finding it odd that Runa wasn’t in the middle of everything. She walked over and leaned against the tree next to Runa and waited. Eventually Runa passed her the letter. Revna read it slowly before passing it back. “The only thing I can say is that I’m 100% sure he’s the one who sent Tara all that data. Come on,” she bumped shoulders with her, “Ragna’s wedding is tomorrow, and there’s about to be an EPIC party.” Runa grinned but was tapping the folded letter against her palm. “Maybe later, I have something I need to do.” Revna nodded, but there was something else first. “Come on,” and she led Runa with her and grabbed Ragna on the way and they approached the fence, several of the Maidens following. Some pulled themselves up on their own power, others were boosted, but starting with the three sisters shields were unslung and then hung from the top of the fence. Everyone in the Edman colors, but each design different, telling a unique story. Ragna nodded and smiled, “I’m going to see if I can find a McKenzie that can draw or photograph to start documenting. Gotta have this for the archives.” Revna hugged Runa. “Go, do what you need to but if you aren’t here for her wedding I’ll never forgive you.”

Runa nodded, she wouldn’t miss Ragna’s wedding, period. She found Seamus, and though the man gave her a hard time because she teased Ragna, she found him to be a good judge of character. She slipped the letter back into her pocket. In true Runa fashion she didn’t beat about the bush. “Seamus, what do you know about a man named Capall?”


Seamus hated crowds, but loved his wife. So while he was going to make sure he was there for her, every now and then he slipped off to get some peace and quiet from the beginnings of what was potentially a truly historic party. It was there, on the banks of a small stream, she found Seamus. He was sitting on a large boulder and idly tossing pebbles into the stream.

When she asked, Seamus shrugged. “One ‘a the cousins… although I guess not anymore, huh? Mike tossed ‘em out the door, and good riddance!” and he threw a rock over the stream. “Big man… quieter than the rest of his ilk. Way smarter, too. You wouldn’t know it ta look at ‘em, but the man has more brains in his head than most. How he never used that in lookin’ at his family I’ll never know.” He looked down at Runa and said “Why? Think he may be a problem? I can send ‘em a message if ya think it needs to be conveyed in a manner other than ‘ edict from Michael.”


Runa nodded slowly, thinking. “Other than big what’s he look like?” It was possible the man she saw wasn’t the man who sent the letter. Why he would use someone else was beyond her. But if the man she saw wasn’t this Capall then it might be a start to tracking him down. “I’m not sure. I was…passed some information in the confusion. Supposedly from this Capall…and I want to find out if it’s true. As to why he didn’t use his brains…ask Revna, she could probably explain it.”

Big guy, Shaved head. Usually has some kind of facial hair. He was an athlete, and it shows. What kinda information? Anything I can help with?” Seamus asked.

So it was him, that solved one question. “I don’t want…Ragna is working through this whole situation I don’t want this to … make it worse. I’m probably being too over protective.” She picked up a rock turning it over in her hand. “He claims he over heard what Argyle did to her, called the police to try and help her. He also claims his family used their influence with the police to stop them from getting to her. He apologized for not seeing the rest for what they really were and for his part in it. I guess it doesn’t really matter, but I want to know if he’s lying or not.”

Seamus shrugged. “Dunno. Don’t really know him well. But… I can say I wouldn’t be surprised if his shite family pulled somethin’ like that.” and he paused mid-throw and his head turned and looked at Runa. “Didn’t that DCI say something about Hamish being charged with bribing tha’ cops or somethin’?” and then the arm whipped forward and the rock skipped down the stream.

Runa nodded, “He did. So that proves that part. Doesn’t confirm if this Capall called the cops or not.”

She looked around, it was very quiet here. “You should bring Ragna here. Hates crowds, the noise, movement, colors, activity, it’s too much, but the historian in her won’t let her miss recording everything. It’s why she spends so much time digging around in the woods.” Runa smiled softly and then shook her head, “If she doesn’t end up with a migraine tomorrow it’ll be an act of the gods.” She patted Seamus on the shoulder, “Thanks Seamus, if he’s a problem I’ll let you know.”


“I tried. She told me she wasn’t leaving.” He looked down at her and smiled. “Your dad had asked her to dance with him. And as far as the migraine goes, I dunno… I honestly think she’ll be okay. Dunno why, but I do.” and another pebble sailed into the water.


“Stubborn girl,” Runa chuckled. “Well if she’s dancing with Da that means Mom gets a break.” She looked at Seamus, “I know why you do because she has you. And as long as you have that Ram around to remind you both, you’ll both be okay.” Runa grinned, Ragna had Seamus and Revna had Mike. Her sisters were more than fine, right where and with who they were supposed to be. Nothing else mattered to Runa. She tossed the rock into the river. “Alright time to go find out what else there is to learn about this Capall.” She left heading back towards the house. Ragna was being passed from Cuyler to Oddvar and looked totally put out by it, but was smiling. Revna was sitting on the steps watching it all. Runa slipped inside, finding Mike, “Hey Mike! We gotta talk!”


Mike and Tara were standing by themselves, heads bowed and in some kind of deep conversation. As Runa yelled through the grand hall, Mike looked up and waved her over. Tara smiled at Runa and said “Having fun, my dear? I imagine this is going to be a wedding for your sister to be proud she gets to record… whether it is hers or not.”

Mike and Tara

Runa smiled, “I saw Ragna out there getting passed from Da to Uncle Oddvar while she’s tryin’ to get pictures and quotes from anyone who goes near her. She’s always chasin’ after the story, trying to piece it together, this time she gets to live it, watch it as it happens, be part of it. She’s on cloud 9. And tomorrow…I can’t wait to see Ragna in satin and lace.” And she laughed but then turned to Mike suddenly serious. “Do you know a cousin named Capall? He’s the one that gave me that letter.”


Mike and Tara exchanged a serious knowing look and the both looked back at Runa. Mike said “Yeah, I know it was from him. And Tara knows him more than me. Why do you ask?” and he gestured to a chair. Tara took a seat next to it and said “Sit, girl. You look like your about to vibrate apart.”

Mike and Tara

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