Earth - Seek And Ye Shall Find... Whether You Want To Or Not

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Posted by Civilian Seamus McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - Seek And Ye Shall Find… Whether You Want To Or Not

Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - Seek And Ye Shall Find… Whether You Want To Or Not
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As the song worked it’s way to close Runa glanced up her gaze landed on movement outside the fence. Tall, built like a power house, bald, mustache and goatee…Capall Southerland. He met her gaze, waved, and then the crowd moved and she lost sight of him and when it cleared, he was gone. Runa took her bow, handed, more like smacked, Mike with the pipes and disappeared off the stage heading for the gate.

The sound of drums began and a deep voice spoke softly to Tara behind her, but not in her space. “Tara, do you think you can keep up?” Oddvar, legs braced apart, large mallets in hand and began to beat on the war drum positioned in front of him.

Tara lifted the pipes and grasped the blowstick and said “Master Oddvar… it really is you who should be worried about keeping up with me.” and she filled the bag and began to play… and it was epic.

(special thanks to Lincoln Hilton for the compliation:

Runa exited out of the gate and glanced around and then turned following the drive back to the main road.


There were few in sight. Some McKenzies who lived in nearby Drumnadrochit were going to their vehicles before they wouldn’t be able to find them. Some were the punks from earlier. But nowhere was the former McKenzie Capall to be seen.

The McKenzies

Runa was undaunted. She wasn’t sure why or how the man had managed to still be outside the gate, but she was going to find out what was going on. Revna was right, Capall had reached out to her, why and for good or ill she had no idea. But it was Runa’s problem and no one else’s. He didn’t leave by car. All the cars that the cousins had come in had been towed. Plates and registrations had been run by Tannery so she knew Capall had left on foot, and so she kept walking. There weren’t any side roads, and most of the ‘cross country’ options would have taken him right across the estate proper, and if his letters were to be believed he wouldn’t step foot on McKenzie land without a direct invitation. She followed the road into Drumnadrochit. Computers the man was brilliant with computers. Feigning a malfunction with her communicator she inquired about a place to get it fixed. It was a long shot but somewhere to start. She found the small shop, but it was locked and lights off. And no hint to who the proprietor was. She turned and leaned against the door and tapped her foot. “Alright you aren’t in jail, you’ve changed your name, imposed banishment on yourself. But you want Mike to be able to reach you if he needs your help. So you wouldn’t go where you can’t be found…” She didn’t know anything about this area…”Where would you go Capall?”


Her communicator chirped. =/\= Three blocks over to your right, one block north. =/\= was all it said.


Runa glanced down at the thing like it had grown snake hair. “Oh you, Runa, you daft Mehe, you’re gonna follow it.” Oh yeah let Gravel or D’Vash see her now…or MIKE. What she should be doing is stomping it into hundreds of pieces and tossing the d@%& thing in the trash and go back to the estate. But Nope, Runa wanted answers and she was going to get them. She turned right, then paused, turned north for a block and then turned right for three blocks, coming at the location from the suggested approach. Why? because Runa was contrary. She passed several people who’d seen her at the party. Of course they’d see her again, that party was going to go for days and she spoke to them all including the children. Runa loved meeting people. After half an hour, a ridiculously long time to walk three and a partial blocks, she crossed the street to the block and slowed her pace, looking to a passer by like she was window shopping, but she was scanning the people for Capall. She muttered softly to Siff to save her from her own recklessness.


There he was, crossing the street a block away. He had his hands in his pockets and was whistling, what she couldn’t hear. He moved across her field of vision form left to right…

And was gone again.


Runa started right after him, crossing the street she got a glimpse of a bald head and overly broad shoulders and followed for about a block before he was really gone. She sighed. What was she doing? This was insane. She closed her eyes and breathed, she was going back to the estate, Ragna’s wedding was tomorrow, she should be with her sister. But as she made the decision and turned around, she had an absolutely sick feeling flood over her making her want to cry. And she stopped, looked up at the heavens and cursed. “Du har søstrene mine, du får meg ikke (You got my sisters ya ain’t getting me.).” She sighed, she was loosing her mind standing in the middle of a side walk and arguing with the gods. She slowly turned in place and looked around at the shops, the people, the life happening around her.


A tall, imposing figure came out of a nearby coffee shop. He was lean, but dressed in an impeccable gray pinstripe suit with a deep purple tie fastened with a jeweled bird tie pin. A black eye patch covered one of his eyes, and his beard was neat but reached almost to his waist. He carried a covered cup, but stopped and looked at Runa.

“Oh, hello child. Are you alright? You seem lost.” he asked in a voice that seemed to be made of distant thunder.

A Kind Stranger

Runa turned and almost chocked on the air she was breathing. And luckily for once her mouth lost the ability to use her voice. And she’d just mouthed off to the gods…quietly but still…She blinked once, twice, and then swallowed. “No farfar (grandfather) I’m not lost,” and she had the overwhelming urge to tell his total stranger the truth. “I’m looking for someone, and I’m not sure I want to. He’s lost and needs help, I just don’t want to be the one to do it.”


The old man smiled slightly and said “Its not always the shepherd herding the sheep, daughter. Sometimes the sheep show the way. This ‘someone’. What do they look like? Maybe I have seen them. I have one good eye, after all.” and he rumble-laughed.

The Old Man

In the back of her head, Runa thought she heard herself whimper…nothing…Nothing in her life ever made her think she’d be standing here talking to a one-eyed very wise old man…and the thunder rolled off of him. “He’s 6‘2” around 250 lbs. He’s built, bald, has a mustache and a goatee. I.......I thought he went that way, but I lost him in the crowd.”


The old man turned slightly and simply pointed at the coffee shop door with the hand holding the cup and said “He went in there, just now. If you hurry you should still catch him.” and he looked back and smiled. “Best of luck… shepherd-woman.” and he smiled and walked past her, chuckling softly.

She wasn’t sure she was going to go inside, but she could wait out there and see what happened. There were too many questions and uncertainties. And as of yet there was not a man Runa couldn’t ‘handle’ and take care of herself if need be. That didn’t mean she should be stupid. Oh lookie there, NOW you decide to make mature decisions…get your butt in the coffee shop girl. And then she found herself inside, the door closing behind her.

Inside the shop was empty of customers save one. A tall, broad-shouldered figure stood at the counter ordering a large Turkaffe. “I appreciate the thought, but no thank you. Black, please.”


Yep that was him, no doubt about it. Turkaffe? Really? And then his voice…hot electrical misfires raced across her shoulder and down her arms to the tips of her fingers. NOPE! Sorry Alföðr (Allfather) not today, not any day. Nope nope nope. She turned, grabbed the door handle…and it STUCK and she heard the sound of laughter on distant thunder. Runa took a deep breath, counted to 10 like she taught her students, turned around and prayed he’d get his coffee and walk to the other side of the coffee shop and not notice her right away. What was she doing here? Answers, she wanted answers…or she had, now she was thinking she was good not knowing…


“Run- , er, Ms. Edman? Is that-… is that you?” His voice was deep, but the tenor held… something… something genuine… and sincere. “I… oh, I’m sorry. Um…” and he held out his hand. “Capall. Capall McK-, er, Sutherland. Please, may I get you something?” and he gestured to the counter.


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