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Posted Oct. 9, 2021, 9:44 p.m. by Captain Jordar (Lt. Governor) (Brian Richards)

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Hey all,

With Sidney’s departure, we find ourselves at a crucial point for OED V. It was only through a modification of the one CO position rule that I was allowed to be the Governor, and I was really concerned that we were going to have a really difficult situation before us.

Enter Brian Richards.

Brian is an excellent writer and a very dedicated STF’er. I have to say that I was shocked when he, as he was the first person I contacted, agreed to take on the role of Lieutenant Governor. Sidney’s contributions are a large mantle to pick up, but Brian agreed and so it will be.

Please welcome our new Lieutenant Governor, Brian Richards as Jordar!


I am sad to see Sidney step down. Sidney is such a part of the foundation of Oed. However I am thrilled to see Brian returning! Welcome back Brian!


Welcome Brian! I’m sure the Ferengi will be a thorn in your side! Well, one of them!


Thank you for having me, my hope is to carry on the good work and ensure a smooth running colony! Hopefully the painfully blunt Zaldan doesn’t rub too many the wrong way!


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