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Posted Nov. 2, 2021, 4:22 p.m. by Civilian Astrid Rousseau (Chief Justice) (Amber DeSadier)


She watched as the young human woman stepped down. It was quite surprising to find her to be human and incredibly young. “I am impressed by your ship and its crew. There are aspects I did not expect, not the least of which is your crew diversity. I confess I do not know much about creating a cohesive crew but I …” She stammered a little, her hand coming to her chest in shock. “I am at a loss. How old is she?”

Urg grinned. “Commander Shiv, Chief Justice Astrid Rousseau. I don’t know her real name or age… neither does she; but medical scans put her at sixteen or seventeen. She is an abandoned soul, left to starve in the streets of the Orion’s capital city. I… ‘met’… her when she tried to kill one of my guards while on the way to a meeting with some Syndicate filth.” and he chuckled. “‘Death by Klingon’, she called it. Well, that amount of courage couldn’t go unrewarded, now could it? So… I took her in. She has been with me ever since. Fine fighter, shrewd. And takes to ship operations like breathing.” and he looked directly at Astrid. “I plan on sending her to Academy. She would make a fine officer. Once we get her past her tendency to answer insults with a knife’ point. Hence the name.” and he winked.

Astrid turned to the woman quickly. “I do not mean to diminish you or your skills in any way… I have just never seen someone as young as you in a Captain’s chair and I do not understand. It is my ignorance, not your failing in any way.”

Rousseau, HotJ

Shiv shrugged and said “Nothing I’m not used to, Justice. No offense taken.”

Urg, Lord Duroc

Astrid nodded. “I imagine so. Well, answering insults by knife is a bit frowned upon in Star Fleet, out here it is a rather admirable trait. Though I would request that you not actually assault someone as that might end up on my bench and I would hate to deal with it.” She gave the woman a grin and then turned to her host. “I find my estimation of you rising every moment Lord Duroc. Your unconventional style is impressive.”

Rousseau, HotJ

Urg chuckled and said “My ‘style’ is to put the best people in the best roles for them to succeed. That’s it. If that is unconventional, maybe the galaxy needs a bit more of that. Right Shiv?” Shiv shook her head and then looked at Astrid. “Don’t let him fool you, Ma’am. He’d throw a toddler on the Tactical station if he had to.” Urg shrugged and then smiled down at Astrid. “She’s not wrong, but it’s never too early to learn, is it?” and he laughed.

Urg, Son of the Builder

Astrid laughed. “I think yes. That might be a bit too early.” She liked the way he thought. Unconventional certainly had its advantages. Sometimes she chose unconventional punishments for crimes based on the fact that conventional tools were not always successful as a deterrent. She could see the need for something different and when it worked, it worked well. Duroc seemed to have a system here that worked and she wondered if he would be able to do so well on OED V. The Klingon had plans in mind no doubt.

Rousseau, HotJ


Urg motioned her to follow and they walked down a passage. “My approach on my ship ruffles feathers back on Q’onoS. They hate that I have non-Klingons ordering Warriors. But what they cannot rail against is the success we have. Forty-seven engagements… usually outnumbered… and I have a less than five percent casualty rate and damage is half of of other vessels. My crew… my House… is not to be trifled with. Everyone you see with a Duroc medallion, including your Police Commissioner, is a fully recognized member of House Duroc. We are unique amongst the nobel houses in that half of our House isn’t Klingon. Well… not in body. In spirit is another matter entirely.” They approached a door that slid open silently.

On the other side was a large gymnasium-type room. Various kinds of exercise and sparring equipment could be seen around a large central area that was clear of anything save some kind of mats on the floor. The room was dimly lit, but the mats showed dark stains here and there. Standing in the center of the room were three figures: a Human of Nordic decent, apparent from their long blond beard and tall, well-muscled form. A Romulan woman dressed in loose fitting but somewhat formal robes. And finally a Klingon woman with her very well muscled arms crossed on her chest. Urg led Astrid to them and said “Chief Justice. Meet Sven Harmussen, formerly of the Federation Marines. Dri’hul, recently resigned from the Romulan Security Force. And finally K’letn, my personal guard and mate.” As he introduced each, they nodded and met Astrid’s eyes with their own. “I have discussed what occurred in your home; and the three assembled here have volunteered to teach you a combination of styles that will help you ensure that, should someone be so foolish as to try to harm you again, my Brother Karlson will have no issue finding who it. Their injuries will ensure they are easily recognized. Now, I know in your role as Chief Justice you would prefer to defend and not… end… such an attack. But such knowledge is useful. It is better to know and not need… than need and not know.”

Urg, Son of the Builder

The doors opened to the large exercise and sparring room. It was definitely in the aesthetic she had come to know as distinctly Klingon. Her eyes traveled over the space and took in each of the three rather larger persons present. Astrid was only 5 foot 7 and willowy compared to many people, especially those in the room. She put her hands on her waist and regarded each person with a nod. “It is an honor to meet each of you and I thank you for the gift of your time and knowledge.”

She turned to look at Urg. “I’ll state the obvious. I am much smaller than anyone here. I have been working out for the last two years so I am stronger than I look, but how does someone like me defeat someone of their stature?” She asked with a gesture in their direction.

Rousseau, HotJ

(Apologies for the late reply, I have been super sick and in and out of the hospital)

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