OOC: ATTENTION ALL RESIDENTS - Message from the Governor

Posted Nov. 22, 2021, 12:04 p.m. by Civilian Mirembe M'Ahar (Director of Terraforming) (Trinity Fister)

Posted by Civilian Karina Enger (Director of Education) in OOC: ATTENTION ALL RESIDENTS - Message from the Governor

Posted by Civilian Kenzo B’tren-Hyrushi (Governor) in OOC: ATTENTION ALL RESIDENTS - Message from the Governor
Hey all!

So I have a proposition for everyone:

We are always a bit slow at this time of year for posting as a club, so I thought I might try my hand and see if we as a colony might buck that trend a bit.

As you all know if you have been keeping track of the doings in the city, we have multiple people at work getting ready to move the colony itself ahead and helping us ‘reclaim’ the planet that was blasted by the comet strike all those years ago. In that vein, I want to make a deal to everyone here:

If we can, as a colony, do 200 quality posts in November AND December, I and the Lt. Gov. will, the first week of January, write up a synopsis of the current year and move us ahead in time that far… one full year. We will have planetary shields in place, a breathable atmosphere, and the very beginnings of terraforming started. This will NOT cancel out your current threads, nor are you forced to stop writing them. We will just have to acknowledge some threads take place in different timeframes.

The reasoning for this proposal is this: One, I think it would be really nice to start the new year with a plethora of opportunities for more stories and more PRISM ideas. Two, it will help make OED more appealing for more writers, perhaps. And three, and most important to me personally, it will give all of you a chance to direct how the colony develops and grows. You will have a say in developing new towns, new areas of the planet, making new discoveries, perhaps even new friends and enemies. And I want all of you to have a say in how we grow. I want OED to be a collaborative effort, both in sims and in structure.

So… 200 posts between now and Nov. 30th; and 200 from Dec. 1st to 31st. Not per person, but as a colony. I may even have a special something for those who really knock the challenge out of the park.

Good luck, and we will see you outside the dome!!


I think this is an awesome idea! Also being the odd and completionist/perfectionist person that I am. I counted posts. We have 10 days left including what is left of today. And need just under 100 posts. That’s 10 a day!!!!



Brews another pot of coffee… or three. Let’s go!
– Trin

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