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Posted Nov. 22, 2021, 11 p.m. by Civilian Mirembe M'Ahar (Director of Terraforming) (Trinity Fister)

Posted by Civilian Karina Enger (Director of Education) in Terraforming Young Minds (Tag M’Ahar)
Part of being in charge of the entire education system on the colony was there were a lot of educational needs that had to be met. It wasn’t just the children but adults entering college for the first time or wanting to take classes just for the pure joy of learning or maybe for their job. Also Karina was determined to get her apprenticeship program up and running before the new building was finalized. Oed V was changing and evolving on a daily basis, due in majority part to the terraforming team. She’d made an appointment with the Director of Terraforming and now she was headed to the Science and Terraforming wing of the Rabbitus Memorial School building where she worked. Stepping into the office she smiled at the officer in the lobby and introduced herself. “Good Morning. My name is Karina Enger. I’m the Education Director. I have a meeting with Mirembe M’Ahar.”

Enger, ED

Shortly before Karina waltzed into their humble Terraforming abode, a pair of bright-eyed office assistants sat bickering about the latest episode of the primetime drama, Space Tyranny.

“I’m convinced that mystery man is Siazun’s father,” asserted a stout ginger man, whose crooked smile cast an impish glint about his features. “Why else would he be lurking around her shop * doing ‘small favours’? Besides, he’s way too interested in her family to be some stranger.”

“He can’t be!” Scowled his Andorian friend. “Siazun’s father died of Xenopolycythemia, like, ages ago.”

“Maybe he faked his death,” the ginger shrugged. “Don’t you think his ‘death’ was a little too convenient, Ivare? I mean… right before Hasu was going to expose him as a CEREBUS spy, really?”

“That’s not…” Ivare’s lips parted in protest, but their coworker’s frantic thumb jabs at the door silenced them.

“Hello!” He greeted Karina, a broad grin playing across his lips. “Let’s check…” he typed in a few commands, searching the schedule for her name. “There you are! I’ll let Mirembe know you’re here. Feel free to head back.”

Ivare, trying to recover from their close brush with embarrassment, gestured to the open door just a few metres down the hall.

— Ivare and Eunn

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