The Police Department is no Place for Children...or Is It? (Tag Karlson)

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Part of being in charge of the entire education system on the colony was there were a lot of educational needs that had to be met. It wasn’t just the children but adults entering college for the first time or wanting to take classes just for the pure joy of learning or maybe for their job. Also Karina was determined to get her apprenticeship program up and running before the new building was finalized. So one of her first stops was the police department. It was always a gamble to know how people felt about law enforcement, but Karina strongly believed that the community should be able to trust them and the police trust their community. But she was getting ahead of herself. She’d made an appointment with the Police Commissioner and now that was where she was headed. Stepping into the office she smiled at the officer in the lobby and introduced herself. “Good Morning. My name is Karina Enger. I’m the Education Director. I have a meeting with the police commissioner.

Enger, ED

The Office of the Oed V Police Commissioner was located on the third floor from the top floor of the Government Tower, it was the central command center of the Police Department, the entire floor dedicated to supporting the various departments and precincts. The officer in the lobby past the elevator, a young constable, in the Oed blue uniform smiled politely “Yes Ma’am, just go down the hallway to your right. You can go straight in, the Commissioner is expecting you”

Karina smiled at man, “Thank you, Constable.” She turned right and proceeded down the corridor taking in the details and people as she made her way to the commissioner’s office.

The Commissioners office was a large corner office with an excellent view of the Colony, directly to the left there was a bookshelf with actual paperback books. On the middle shelf, there were several framed photographs, some of them showing a younger Joseph in a Marine Officers or Dress uniform with some notable figures, Federation Council members and at least three Federation Presidents. Further down the line, it was him in the Oed Police Dress Uniform with several of the previous Governors. The latest pictures included a picture with him and an Extremely large Klingon. Between two shelves there was a door leading to a side room, next to it was a panel to enter a keycode.

On the right end, there was a large leather sofa and two armchairs around a coffee table. A closed drinks cabinet in the corner and a small wooden door that presumably lead to a privy. The Commissioner sat behind a large wooden desk, a small computer console, a small stack of PaDD’s and three frames sat on the desk. Joseph was a large man, well built and broad with grey hair. He wore a navy blue three-piece suit clearly tailored for his impressive bulk. He looked up from his console and smiled at Enger, he had a grandfatherly smile and wore half-moon spectacles. He stood up from his chair “Director Enker” He walked past his desk and extended a hand “A pleasure, I do apologize that we haven’t had a chance to formally meet before.” He spoke with a slight Scandinavian accent.

Commissioner Karlson

The office was impressive and Karina had a moment where she stared out the window from the door way. A truly impressive and breathtaking view. The office reflected a man who held power, and not the type that blustered and strutted like a smilaca. She crossed the office towards Karlson and took his hand giving it a firm shake. If his impressive bulk phased her, it didn’t show. She returned his smile, his own reminding her of her of her grandfather. He had a very disarming presence. “Do not apologize, Commissioner. Except for my brief meeting with the governor when I arrived, the only people I have met are children.” Her voice had a slight mechanical undertone to it (her vocal enhancer) and her words came slowly as if planned and thought out. “I am grateful for your time.”

Enger, ED

Joseph nodded and moved towards the armchair and sofa “Please have a seat, would you care for something to drink or eat?” He asked as he moved to one armchair and lowered himself. He seemed to walk with a slight limp.

Commissioner Karlson

Karina followed him towards the seating area and took a seat that would allow for easy conversation. “No thank you, I am…” she paused some sounds followed by others were awkward to produce, “quite alright.” Not wasting any time, “The governor has tasked me with developing a brand new education system from the children all the way to the university level and continuing education needs. So my first question for you, is what do you need from the education system for your police force. There are the standard BLET courses we can offer, but what more would you like to have available?”

Enger, ED

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