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Posted Nov. 24, 2021, 10:38 a.m. by Civilian Karina Enger (Director of Education) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Mia Salazar-Murphy (Chief of Engineering and Operations) in Office of Karina Enger

Posted by Civilian Karina Enger (Director of Education) in Office of Karina Enger

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Mia Salazar-Murphy (Chief of Engineering and Operations) in Office of Karina Enger
At the appointed time Mia, Nic and Em arrived at Rabbitus Memorial School. The twins were nervous and Em didn’t want to go.


Karina was outside as the children arrived, some coming by air car, most walked though. Some being escorted by their older siblings and some by parents. Karina had stopped and picked Rondara up since Jodar had to go in early. The amount of complaints coming out of that man’s mouth this morning made her chuckle. Rondara was probably old enough to walk on her own but there were considerations and Rondara preferred to have Jodar bring her to school, or Karina when he couldn’t.

Karina looked up from where she knelt on the side walk talking to one of the smaller preschool children, who was trying his hardest to get her to take his stuffie and keep it. Rondara tapped her on the shoulder and pointed at the new comers, “Ms Enger. I bet that’s the new Chief Engineer Dad was talking about.” Karina grinned, Rondara didn’t miss a detail. “Yes I suppose it is. You go on to class. I will see you later, okay.”

Karina walked over and held out her hand. “You must be Lieutenant Commander Salazar-Murphy. I am Karina Enger, the educational director.” She turned to the two five year old twins, “And you must be Nic and Em.” She held out her hand to each of them in turn but didn’t force the issue or linger too long if they didn’t want to shake her hand. Noticing Em’s hesitancy Karina started walking parallel to the building and toward where the other kindergarteners were still outside playing, slowly easing the small group into the fringes of the larger mass of childhood energy. “I received all of the paperwork and everything is in order and their teacher is waiting for them. What can I answer for you?”

Enger, ED

Nic eagerly took Karina’s hand “I’m Nicholas Murphy. ” He said looking eagerly at the other kids and then looked at Mia who gave him a slight nod as he ran off to meet his new classmates.

Karina shook his hand with a warm smile. “It is very nice to me you, Nicholas Murphy.” She chuckled softly as he ran off towards the other children.

Mia knelt next to Emelia “Go on, stick with Mic and you’ll be okay.” She said and nudged her daughter toward the other children and reluctantly she went on her way. Mia turned back to Karina “I am Mia Salazar-Murphy. Em is very shy and does have some trouble with reading.” She said as she watched her kids start mingling “No I don’t have any questions. Let me know if you notice anything.”


“It is a pleasure.” Karina glanced over at the two children. “I would not worry about the reading. Children’s minds are not developmentally ready to grasp the abstract meaning and symbolism of reading until they area around 7. There is no need for worry until they are 9. She will be just fine.” Turning back to Murphey, “Will you be picking them up when the school day is over, or will they be staying after?”

Enger, ED

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