Earth - Three Sisters Equals Unending Trouble

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Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - Three Sisters Equals Unending Trouble

Posted by Civilian Seamus McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - Three Sisters Equals Unending Trouble

Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - Three Sisters Equals Unending Trouble
Before the first streaks of dawn kissed the heather outside the manor house, Revna was awake. She was sure she hadn’t slept very long, but she felt like she had. She started to get up, only to have Mike’s arm tighten around her waist. She wanted to move about as much as Mike wanted her to. Eventually though she extricated herself and moved quietly to one of the balcony doors and looked out. The party had apparently gone on long after she and Mike disappeared, and she could see couples dotted here and there, cuddled together near the now banked bonfires. Clan. Revna watched for a few moments, watching as the grey predawn turned the a warm amber striking the ‘shield wall’ hanging along the top of the manor fence. Her eyes landed on Runa’s unerringly and a huge grin crossed her face. Walk out on her, Ragna, and family…for a MAN no less. But just not any man at that. Revna was starting to understand the almost magnetic like attraction between the Edmans and the McKenzies.

On silent feet Revna walked away from the window, next to Mike’s things was a note, ‘I want this back, soon.’ and her ring placed on top. She was not thrilled about taking it off. The evil twin Revna had warned Mike about - that was her, not Runa. Just as silently she picked up her own things and slipped out the door closing it quietly behind her. Down stairs was already alive with activity, or maybe it never ended. She thought she heard Tara and her mother’s voices carrying from somewhere. Revna stepped into the same room they’d been using the night before. Three wedding gowns hung there - waiting expectantly. Revna took in a deep breath set her things down and went to find out where Runa disappeared to last night, and couldn’t find her. Stepping back into the room they were going to be using she pulled out her communicator Revna called up Birgit, Clan Edman’s over night transporter tech. =C=Birgit, I can’t find Runa, apparently she snuck out again last night=C= Snickers were heard over the comm. =C=Oh yeah, Revna we heard all about that oath of blood and steel even back here. I’ll find her. Give me the coordinates you want her sent to.=C=

Revna grinned, this would be interesting, =C=Right where I am. Oh and do me a favor, get Ragna too. I’m NOT hiking 8 miles this morning and back.=C=

In the one room house built by Seamus’ own hand, Ragna was fast asleep. Long white blonde hair splayed across Seamus’ chest where she laid in her husband’s arms. The sheep outside would start stirring soon, and Angus and Aurora would be eager to get outside. For now though everything was quiet. The fire was banked, they didn’t need the extra heat, the smell of the salt air drifted in through the slightly opened window, the sound of the waves reassuring that no storm was approaching on this day. Seamus’ claymore and Ragna’s b@$t@#d sword were mounted in their place above the door. Ragna’s sword, the one Seamus gave her, his mother’s sword, was mounted to the left of hearth and Amalie’s bearded axe sat on the table. And the kettle filled with water hung over the banked fire ready to make hot tea whenever they got around to getting up. The normally tidy home however did not escape the night’s revelries. Discarded dresses, kilts, belts, turtle broaches, Thora pins, and boots lay where they were dropped, Ragna’s PaDD dropped haphazardly onto a trunk, slid off to the floor where it was left, a bottle of Seamus’ whisky left on the table, and on the small shelf beside the bed the liniment for Ragna’s headaches. But as Seamus predicted, Ragna didn’t need it and it went untouched.

Then in a swirl of blue lights the sleeping Ragna disappeared from beside her husband and a note ‘You’ll get her back at the wedding, Love Revna’ was left on her pillow that she never used.

Seamus stirred and felt fo rhis wife, but his hand found the note. He blinked and read it and then laid back for a long moment. Then he bellowed “ANGUS!!! Ye daft stone! Get the bucket so I can wash!”

Closer to the manor than Ragna, Runa too had been sleeping. Curled on her side, her back to Capall’s chest, his arm over her, her head on his arm, the feel of his breath feathering across her neck, Runa was suddenly awake. The sounds of the small village deciding if it would wake coming to her ears from the street below. She instantly knew where she was, there was no momentary confusion. She was with Capall in his apartment. The studio set up was simple but warm. Runa liked the way the wood and stone of the building blended together. The space was filled with his presence. Maybe because he was literally wrapped around her. A Computer, a very few books, clothes neatly cared for, a few odds and ends that hinted at his wrestling and attention to his physical health. The only evidence that Runa was there were her gently discarded clothes at the foot of the bed. But she saw no pictures, no family. She knew why, and today that was going to change. Today Runa was getting married, to Capall.

And for no one else had she ever considered the idea and she had no doubts at all. Seeing the raven pin on the bedside table where it had been placed the night before, Runa reached out and picked it up. She offered up a prayer to the single eyed all knowing one before putting it back on the table. She rolled gently to face him, “I dag er jeg din for alltid og alltid, min kjærlighet,” and she kissed him. Then there was a sparkling blue swirl, “What in the blazes?!” and Runa was gone. In her place was a note: ‘Sorry for the interuption. Your bride needs to get ready. I promise to keep her safe till you come get her. Welcome to the family. Love, Revna.’

Capall blinked once and then simply took a breath. “Now see… you are stepping over a line. And now you are in my world.” and he hopped out of bed and went to his computer.

Capall was not just good with computers… he was gooooood with computers. In a matter of moments, he had traced the transporter signal, found its destination, what station initiated the transport, breached its almost laughable (to him) security, spoofed credentials and located his soon-to-be bride.

Revna watched as her sisters, in all their birthday suit glory appeared in the small room. Ragna on the couch, Runa on the small pallet on the floor. Runa glared at her, turned and smacked Ragna on the arm. “Ragna! Wake up!” Ragna’s eyes popped open and she was on her feet almost as fast blinking in confusion. She looked at Runa and Runa pointed at Revna and in unison, “REVNA?!”

As the blue swirling light started again Runa began to cuss, “What the hell Rev…”

And then Runa vanished in another swirl of lights. She appeared back in the apartment, Capall smiling and looking at her. “You didn’t say goodbye, Runa. So… I will see you soon. And tell your dear sister that if she ever tries that again, I will transport whatever she is wearing off her body and into the nearest church… undergarments first.”

“na…” Runa smiled at Capall. Oh this was nice, she would much rather be here with Capall. His threat made her laugh. “I’m not sure if Mike will thank you, be mad he didn’t think of it, or trick Revna into making that happen.” She moved closer intending to kiss him.

He kissed her cheek and pressed a button, and the swirl once again took Runa to her sisters.

Revna laughed, “Welcome back Runa.”

Revna shrugged and tossed them each a light blanket. “I don’t know about the two of you, but I have NO intention of waiting all day to see Mike again. I thought you two might feel the same about Capall and Seamus. Right after breakfast we’re all getting married. Now put those blankets on toga style and I’ll be back with black tea and pastries. Come on, chop chop,” had she picked that up from Mike - probably, “I get cranky when I don’t get my morning dose of Mike.” And with that the eldest Edman daughter and chieftess walked out the door and headed for the kitchen.

The Edmans

The McKenzies

Ragna looked at Runa, “And where did you go?” She wrapped the blanket around her tying a knot over one shoulder and moved over to the dresses hanging in the room. Staring at hers and shook her head and groaned.

“Oh,” soft laughter, “Capall wasn’t too happy. He hacked the transporter system. He also had a rather colorful threat for Revna. I think I might tell Mike. He might enjoy that.” She looked at the purple dress with ‘lace and frilly $h!t’ that Mike had demanded. She loved it. Runa was going to rock that dress. She walked over to Ragna and put her arm around her waist and squeezed. “You are going to be beautiful. Seamus is going to be moved to dumbfoundedness. He’ll forget to haul you off to have you all to himself. He’ll be too busy just staring at the vision you’ll be.”

Ragna rolled her eyes. “When did you start believing all that romantic fairy tale nonsense.” Runa laughed, “I never stopped. I just hid it really well. Come on,” She dragged Ragna out of the room with her, sharing Capall’s threat along the way.

Revna returned to the room, food on a tray and laughed at the emptiness. Grabbing three fluffy robes from hooks she made her way down a short connecting hallway to a large and luxurious bathroom. They were not on Bomlo.

The Edmans

Several hours later…

The doors to McKenzie Manor stood closed. Flanking each side stood two McKenzies and two Edmans, all dressed in the traditional dress of their respective clans. Down the steps and across the manor’s vast grounds; chairs, blankets, tables, bales of straw, overturned crates… whatever could hold a person and was transportable… had been set across the landscape. Men and women in the hundreds had come, even more than the previous day as word of the upheaval in Clan leadership and the tumultuous exit of the Cousins had spread. Oh, some of their loyalists had arrived, speaking big words and making boasts of how they would not stand for this and they would take back the clan. Some even went so far as to threaten to storm the Manor, make Tara rescind her transfer of power.

That did not end well… at least for them.

Having made sure the loyalists had been given a proper send off, Oddvar and a few (dozen) of the newly minted brethren of the two clans washed their hands free of the clarient detritus and made themselves presentable again. A few moments later, the doors to the manner swung open and out walked Michael, Seamus, and Capall. Cheers went up from the crowd and the three raised their arms. “I hate this.” Seamus said through a forced smile and gritted teeth. “Agreed.” said Capall under his breath. “You guys suck.” said Mike, who smiled and encouraged a larger and larger cheer. He finally turned to the other two and said “Well get used to it, boys. Because the three of us have a clan to run. And in a few minutes; it’ll be the six of us.”

The McKenzies

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