Earth - Three Sisters Equals Unending Trouble

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Posted by Civilian Seamus McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - Three Sisters Equals Unending Trouble

Posted by Civilian Ragna Idun McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - Three Sisters Equals Unending Trouble

Posted by Civilian Seamus McKenzie (Future Citizen) in Earth - Three Sisters Equals Unending Trouble
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As the Edman women moved forward, the doors to the manor opened once again and a very distinguished looking older man in an unfamiliar tartan came out. He carried a very large, very old book and he made his way to a small riser that had been placed on the steps. Now standing two heads taller than the McKenzie boys, he cleared his throat and then said with a deep, resonating voice that carried out over the crowd “Clan Edman. Clan McKenzie. We stand here to day to unite not just these three couples… but these two clans. By this joining, all will be one under the new clan banner. If anyone objects, step forward now and say your peace. But a’fore ya do, know this. The Rite of Succession is settled. If’n ye wanta try an iterject yourself inta that business; I grant these three men and these three women the right to stomp ya inta oblivion. I’ll nae tolerate foolishness, ye hear?! This is fer objecting to the clans becoming one.” and he narrowed his eyes and glared at the crowd as if daring anyone to say something.

The McKenzie Herald

In front of her Runa could see Ragna’s shoulders stiffen. Expecting someone loyal to the cousins to shout obscenities at her again. Runa, for her part, expected someone to nay say Capall, but it never came. Runa was sure there would be, but there wasn’t today. Revna paused, tall and sure, unafraid of anyone who might try to ruin today and she waited, she and Mike knew there were going to be problems. She turned slowly, the long white angel wing sleeves of her dress billowing out around her, but no one spoke and no one looked away from her gaze. She was only met by grins and solum nods. Oddvar and his boys had cleared out every one who shouldn’t be there. Facing back towards the steps she took a pace and another…

“I donnae know about these Edmans but we get ta take all these fine ladies in ta our clan. I can’t say I object ta that.” Came a male voice with a light Scottish brogue.

“You say that now, but you didn’t grow being tormented by these ‘fine’ Edman ladies!” And several people on both sides laughed heartily.

“These McKenzies don’t know how to make mead but man can they drink it. That’s good enough for me. Oooff! What was that for?”

Ada’s voice reached across the crowd, “The Herald said no foolishness so shut your trap!” There was soft laughter after that but everyone went quiet.

Revna met Mike’s gaze and shook her head slightly with a huge grin. These were their children now. What were they going to do with them all?

Ragna had reached the steps stepping to the right, followed by Runa to left, and Revna in the middle. Ragna looked like she didn’t care about the dress anymore, now that she was within speaking distance of Seamus. Runa looked like the blushing bride she was, the flush on her cheeks a stunning compliment to the lavender, lace and frills of her dress. As for Revna she was only paying attention to Mike. She’d marry him a thousand times for 7 time infinite life times. Revna had no doubts the day she married Mike and she’d never had any since or now. And there would be none in their future. He was light and breath, her universe.

Revna, Runa, Ragna

The Herald cleared his throat and said “Carrying on, then!” loud enough that the remaining whispers and chuckles were silenced. “Now… let’s start with the Chief and his bride. As this is nae but a formality, I’mma keepin’ it short and sweet. When I’m done with ye, ye just say ‘aye’… got it?” Mike smiled at the man. “Ok… ya two are already married, so just tell me that you’ll stay put with each other till the end ‘a days. Ya agree?” Mike looked down at Revna and smiled. “Aye… that I will, no doubt.” and he winked at her.

Mike McKenzie

Mike just had to wink at her. Revna was torn between teasing him and making sure he knew how much she cherished him. The man really had to stop winking at her in front of the masses, it just wasn’t fair. And the masses knew it too because there was no way they could miss the flush that raced to her cheeks. Well maybe her sisters missed it because they were too busy looking at Seamus and Capall. Revna smiled up at him, her eyes dancing. She had absolutely no doubts, “Well you’ve done it now Mike, whether you can handle me or not.” She reached out, taking his hand, stepping closer to him, “Aye, I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality. I’d find you and I’d choose you, Michael McKenzie.” There was a ripple of smiles across the crowd from all the Edmans and the McKenzies who might be familiar with the traditional vows. And not one person who heard her had any doubt Revna met every word.

Runa was only half paying attention to the Herald, too busy smiling at Capall when Revna made a comment about Mike ‘handling her.’ She grinned at Capall as if sharing a private joke. Was he sure he wanted to stick around for the craziness, serious and fun, that was going to be the six of them. It didn’t matter, she’d go with him anywhere. But really? Next chance she got she was going to play another vid she’d recorded. Revna and Mike on the steps singing. Then let Revna claim Mike couldn’t ‘handle her.’ In fact she’d just give the vid to Mike. Seriously, no one had any doubt about that after yesterday.

Ragna for her part rolled her eyes so hard it was a wonder she didn’t knock herself backwards. The Herald instructed them to simply say “Aye” there was no need for the rest of it. Couldn’t they hurry up and get this over with? In truth though, Ragna was just eager for their turn. She might not be comfortable in the satin and lace of wedding gown, but she wouldn’t trade this moment with Seamus for anything. Well maybe for the day he’d come for her, but she had that already.

Revna (Already) McKenzie

“Seriously.... I said just say ‘Aye’. And I meant it, now follow the instructions from here on or I’ll divorce ya just as quick.” the Herald admonished. “Fine. Yer married. No kissing yet. Mind yourselves.” and he turned and looked at Runa and Capall. “Well now ain’t dis just a ‘ting, eh?” and he cast a long, appraising look at Capall. “Now afore I go and hitch your wagon to her, you better not be playin’ some kinda game, Capall McKenzie. ‘Cause if’n you are, I swear I’ll-” and the Herald’s words were cut short by Mike laying a hand on the man’s shoulder and pulling him close to him. Even though the Herald was on a riser, Mike looked him in the eye.

“Look here, you old goat. I pardoned Capall McKenzie. I brought him back to our lands and I said he was welcome. So if you think you are gonna hold the actions of a few against him, tell me now so I can punch in the face so hard you’ll need to borrow teeth for me to knock out. Got it?” Seamus squeezed Ragna’s hand and then let go and stepped forward next to Mike. “Your Chief asked ya a question. Answer the man ‘afore I do to you what you imagine I’m gonna do to ya if you don’t open your bloody mouth.”

Revna moved, it was subtle, but so full of authority and calm, that the Edmans stilled in their own protest. Though she would have liked to flick a pebble into the man’s offensive mouth, she didn’t move toward him. She was moving to stop both Ragna and Runa. The moment Seamus had let go of her, Ragna was headed right for the sword rack set up behind the group, and that b@$t@rd sword of hers. She placed a hand around Ragna’s wrist stilling her forward momentum and a hand on Runa’s shoulder. Runa was about take the man to task like a wayward school boy, and then maybe curse him just to round out the chastisement in a neat little bundle. Revna stared hard at the Herald, there was only one correct answer here. If he gave the wrong one, what Seamus and Mike would do to the man was nothing compared the what Runa would do.

The Herald looked from Mike to Seamus and back to Mike, then to Capall, then back to Mike. “Aye, Chief McKenzie.” and Mike let him go and Seamus went back to Ragna’s side. As he did, he looked at Capall and said softly “Don’t ya worry ‘bout a thing, lad… me and Mike got you.” and he clapped his shoulder and then turned and faced the Herald. The Herald cleared his throat and said “Well now that I’ve gone and made an ass outta myself…” and the crowd chuckled slightly, “… do ye, Cappall McKenzie, loyal and steadfast Clansman of Clan McKenzie, take for your bride Runa Edman? To hold unto ye until such time as she gets sick and tired of dealing with bullheaded, stubborn McKenzie boys?” Capall cocked an eyebrow at the Herald, but simply said “Aye.” and then looked down at Runa and smiled softly.

Revna let go of her sisters, as if nothing had happened. Mike and Seamus might have Capall, but so did they, and that was no small thing. Runa hadn’t left Capall’s side, and her hand came up to touch the raven pin. When one had the blessings of the All-father, the words of mortal men mattered not at all. When he looked down at her, she was smiling at him, her hand finding his and lacing her fingers through his.

“And what about you, Runa Edman? Are ye foolish enough to want a McKenzie boy for a spouse? They all turn inta judgmental asses like yours truly, just sayin’.”

McKenzie Herald

Runa didn’t look at the man she just stared up at Capall, “Aye!” Years of shouting over roudy children carried her voice clearly to everyone there. Cuyler chuckled and leaned over to Helka, “That herald don’t know our Runa.” Helka slapped his arm and shushed him with a laugh, but the whole clan was thinking the same thing.

Ragna rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath, where only Seamus could hear her, “All of ya’ll have just forgotten what’s like to have an Edman woman for a spouse.”

Runa (Almost) McKenzie

Seamus muttered “Two of us haven’t.” and squeezed her hand. The Herald waited as chuckles from the crowd died down and then he looked at Seamus and Ragna. “And now for the two who really kicked off this whole mountain of Saga-worthy drama… Ragna and Seamus. Already married in the old ways. Bound by choice, fate, and history. Keepers both of the traditions of hearth, home, and clan. Reliquaries of ancient knowledge, joined by storm and-” and loud BAAAAAAAA sounded from the side of the manor and Angus can charging around the corner, only to halted by the chain attached to the thick leather collar around his neck. The Herald turned and yelled at him “I was just getting to you, you damn possessed devil in wool!! Take a breath, ya wee twit!” and he turned back and said “Ahem… joined by storm and sheep.” and he glared back at Angus, who simply sat and looked victorious. “Bloody sheep…” and the Herald turned back and said softly to Ragna and Seamus “Blood beast ate one of my best kilts. Wouldn’t let go till I promised to feature him in the vows.” and he grinned at Seamus. “I blame you, you know. He takes after you.” Seamus smiled and looked at Angus and winked. Angus bleated once loudly and the crowd laughed.

Ragna raised a brow and stared at the Herald. They did not start it. Revna and Mike started it. If they could have just kept things to themselves, Ragna would never have been caught in that storm, trying to deliver papers, to a bloody rude Scottish Marshal who wouldn’t answer her comm calls. She smiled up at Seamus. She needed to remember to thank Revna later. The loud bleating drew her attention and made her laugh. Poor Angus he shouldn’t be chained up like that. He was as much her stalwart protector as Seamus was. She adored that ruddy ram. As laughter rippled at his antics the most bizarre thing happened. Out of his onyx black wool popped up a very startling white pointed nose face and pointed ears. Aurora had apparently hitched a ride with Angus. The fox yipped loudly and started pawing at the thick leather collar. Apparently she was orchestrating a jail break for Angus. Ragna squeezed Seamus’ hand as she turned back to look at him, laughing…

“As you are joined by times and traditions past, so you will now be joined as one. One couple… one family… AND ONE CLAN FROM HERE ON! Say aye, you two. Pledge yourselves to each other till the end of time and then let the world know that Clan McKenzie and Clan Edman are truly one!”

The Herald

Ragna felt like she swayed (though she didn’t) as the world seemed to swirl in her vision, and she gripped Seamus’ hand tighter. When she looked up at him, it wasn’t Seamus, but at the same time it was. It was Faolan staring back at her. Crisp white shirt, unlaced at the throat, the McKenzie kilt wrapped around him and over a shoulder, and his claymore strapped to his back. Her hands felt warm clasped in his. Ragna looked out at the crowd and clearly saw Edmans among them, but no one she knew, and not nearly as many as their should be among the gathered McKenzies. “Faolan, Amalie, as you are joined by times and traditions past, so you will now be joined as one. One couple…one family…AND ONE CLAN FROM HERE ON! Say aye, you two. Pledge yourselves to each other till the end of time and then let the world know that Clan McKenzie and Clan Edman are truly one!”

Amalie blinked returning a smiling gaze to Faolan, but it wasn’t Faolan/Seamus anymore, but Seamus all on his own. Or maybe they were both still there. Ragna’s smile brightened, “Aye!” Her enthusiasm got a loud round of laughter from them all, she didn’t care.

Ragna (Again) McKenzie

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