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Posted by Civilian Urg’tohn, Son of the House of Duroc (Klingon Warrior) in Commissioners Office - Reminiscing

Posted by Civilian Urg’tohn, Son of the House of Duroc (Klingon Warrior) in Commissioners Office - Reminiscing
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Joseph sat in his office chair looking at the view of the Colony. The Office of the Head of the Police Force had one of the most spectacular views in the Government tower, being on one of the top floors of the Government tower. He looked down at Sloane square and mused to himself. He’d spent seven years on the Colony, six of those as Commissioner and one dreadful year as Governor. He’d served under several Governors most of which had been good people. He’d never planned on coming back but he’d grown fond of the people and hadn’t liked leaving without at least getting something solid done.

In the years here he’d faced off an alien invasion, kidnapping of a Governor, gang war, and a full riot that only ended after he personally dueled with the instigator. He chuckled at that thought, it had been a foolish thing to do but it worked, the man had been a competent swordsman but still no match. He’d left the colony and returned to find the personal security of its heads woefully underprepared for the dangers of colonial life, something that he’d personally taken care of. And now the most stable force on the Colony, no two of the most stable forces besides himself had left. He hadn’t had much of a relationship with Captain Xavier but Longstreet was completely different. He’d clashed on more than one occasion with the headstrong Starfleet Officer but had grown to both like and respect the man. He sighed and looked down at his Starfleet Security report. One of the rarely used clauses in his job description was standing in for the Security Chief when he was absent as the Security chief stood for him.

He knew that Longstreet had done this job on occasion but mostly the deputies took over the actual work and the counterparts mostly did the paperwork. It was an unusual arrangement but most of the time it allowed for a smooth transfer of authority for the colony although he wasn’t really qualified for certain parts of the job. He finalized the report and sent it to the NE currently running the majority of the Security Office then leaned back in his chair with a sigh.

He really should start to feel old or at least look his age, less than a year from his 70th birthday and he couldn’t feel it, neither did his wife. He knew why this was and also why they didn’t reveal it. There was a reason they lived so far from Earth and Trill and it wasn’t what they told people. He looked at his cane, his most valued weapon alongside his half-moon spectacles. He turned again and looked back down at the square, he focused his vision and he could see the people going about their day, the outer edges of his vision became hazy and he could see the faces of the people so far below. He chuckled again to himself and unfocused his sight then turned in his chair and with a sigh returned to work.

Commissioner Karlson

The desk comms buzzed and Deputy Inspector Garan’s voice came through. “Commissioner.. there is a… um… well there’s a Klingon here to see you, sir. No appointment. I tried to tell him to make one, sir. And… well… my Klingon is a bit rusty but I think he said something about family and brothers don’t need appointments? And then I’m fairly sure he threatened the next three generations of my bloodline if I didn’t call you and tell you he was here to see you. And I don’t think he was kidding, sir.”

NE Garan

Joseph chuckled “You forgot to check the bioscanner again didn’t you, son” He said over the coms “He has access to my office unless otherwise stated. Let him through, my secretary will let him pass” He shook his head in amusement and continued slowly put on his glasses. He continued casually going through his work and waited for the Klingon’s arrival.

Commissioner Karlson

A few moments later the door began to slide open and was then ‘assisted’ faster by a large gauntleted hand and Urg’tohn, Son of the Builder, Chosen of Kvaar’ton, and Lord of Klingon House Duroc stormed in, face full of fury… until he flopped down in one of the chairs in front of Joseph’s desk and laughed loudly. “By the Gods, brother… do they never learn? I mean, I would have thought I was famous at least with your department.” and he laughed again for a moment.

The office was a spacious room, Josephs desk was near the window at the far end of the door, on the entrance’s left side, when entering, there was a bookshelf filled with paper books, on several shelves, there were holopics of Joseph, his wife and sometimes his brother with various dignitaries, Former Governors of Oed, Federation councilmembers and Presidents. Also pictures of him with the last three Klingon Chancellors and one of a much younger Joseph and Neema with the Klingon Emperor. Long side it was a picture of Joseph speaking with Urg although when it had been taken wasn’t certain. There was a door between two shelves that was closed

On the left side, there were two sofa’s and two armchairs, a cofee table and a drinks cabinet.

“So how are you, my friend? And how is your fair wife?”

Urg, Lord Duroc

Joseph looked up with his eyes just above his glasses “Neema is good, she’s currently on hour three on a surgery consultation at Sacred Heart” He tapped a few times on his console, signing a finished report “I am good, things have been slow since the shadow business a few months ago. And you?” He asked

Commissioner Karlson

Urg shrugged slightly and said “Meh… as well as I can be dealing with the Council. A bag of Tellerite dung has more sense than that gathering of feeble-minded old men.” He shook his head and then took a breath before looking at Joseph and saying “But that is none of your concern… at least, not yet. But what will concern you is this.” and he paused and fixed Karlson with a look that said he was being totally serious.

“I want you to take on some members of my House as officers under your command.”

Urg, Son of the Builder

Joseph looked at the Klingon with a neutral expression for a good while before leaning back in his chair and removing the glasses from his face “Why do you want to have some of your house working as local Police?” He asked with genuine curiosity.

Commissioner Karlson

“Because…” he said in a low voice, but filled with sincerity, “… some here and on Qo’noS doubt House Duroc’s dedication and… affiliation… to OED. So I propose and kind of… ‘exchange program’. I will send you a pool of fifty of my finest. You choose ten. They will, in turn, serve as OED police for a term of no less than two years. They will follow your orders for that time… not mine. They will be under your authority to command to order, station, and discipline as you and your senior officers see fit. Now as to the ‘exchange’ part of the program. You send me ten of your officers. They will serve two years as Law Enforcement advisors to House Duroc. They will be housed, clothed, fed, and equipped by me. And they will serve as advisors to House Duroc as we deal with the Federation and Star Fleet. They will participate in House Duroc operations as observers. And they will, at the end of their tenure, come back to OED and return to their duties, and would perhaps be made available to assist the House Duroc Embassy with special events. They would have an understanding of the House’s needs as well as OED law enforcement. In short, experts on both sides with ability to bridge any communication barriers. Those ten officers paired with the ten I send to you would make for a formidable and effective security team… wouldn’t you agree?”

Urg, Lord Duroc

Joseph listened intently, absently twirling his glasses between his fingers. When the Klingon finally finished he put them down “Do you know what the Police department does, what its primary function is?” He asked but didn’t wait for an answer “Your only experience is with the armed police, my rapid response units were on standby constantly when you and your brothers first arrived. But armed response and surveillance is only a small part. Community outreach, casual patrols, criminal investigations. Oed is probably one of the more lawless places in the Federation but it’s still a Federation Colony with a Starfleet presence. If we go through with this they wouldn’t just have to follow my orders, they would have to complete a training course, learn Federation Law and understand something very important” He leaned forward “Violence is always the last resort” he shrugged “If your people can endure the rules and regulation of my force I can consider it”

Commissioner Karlson

Urg smiled and leaned forward, putting his face inches from the Police Commissioner and said as he smiled…

“When do they start?”

Urg, Lord Duroc

Joseph chuckled and shook his head “We’ll start by you sending me the files on your fifty then I’ll make my choice. Then we’ll see if they are good enough for me” He raised his right index finger “The standard will be much higher for them than the regular troops, they’ll be more scrutinized and the press will keep a close eye on them. And if they provided lax in their duties I will drop them faster than a Cardassian does their honour”

Commissioner Karlson

Urg slammed his hands together and laughed. “PERFECT!” and he reached inside his right gauntlet and pulled out a small data stick. Handing it to Joseph, he said “Here they are. Test them. Hard. Then choose. And I assure you.... they will earn your respect.”

The stick contained the files of fifty individuals… but only about 30 were Klingon. The rest were a diverse mix of species. “There are some that will require more supervision than others… but those are noted. And I trust each one of them with my life.” Urg said with some small hint of sincerity.

Urg, Lord Duroc

Joseph took the data stick and put it on the table, the computer immediately began analyzing the data. He stood up and turned to look out at the Colony, hands clasped behind his back “Computer, privacy” The Computer beeped and a slight humming came from the nearby doors and windows as forcefields engaged and noise dampeners started their work. On the outside looking in the windows darkened although the view remained with a slightly blue haze. The Commissioner walked past his desk to the drinks cabinet next to the sofa, he opened a decanter and poured from it into two glasses and brought them over to the Klingon, handing Urg one glass half-filled with a blue liquid, the familiar scent of Romulan Ale

“In two years I turn seventy” He stated and raised the glass to his lips and took a small sip. Something Urg would notice was that he didn’t walk with his characteristic limp and without a cane for support “However, my body isn’t that old” He sat on the edge of his desk”Most people simply believe that I live an extremely healthy life, and although that is true it isn’t the whole truth. You, my friend, have more than earned my trust and my secret” He took another sip, almost displaying some nervousness “Some odd thirty years ago I was on a mission, racking a rogue scientist. One of the mad Variety. We ended up tracking him to a research base inside some spatial anomaly. Long story short we were captured, my wife and I, and he was going to use the anomaly to experiment but something went wrong. Some explosive shenanigans and a dead scientist later Neema did some tests”

“I’m sorry he is dead. Perhaps in the next life the Builder will allow the pleasure of an introduction to the one who hurt you and Lady Neema.” Urg said quietly, but the malice was almost palpable.

He took a small pause “In simple terms, we age slow, It’s taken nearly thirty years to age a decade. Physically I am also stronger, if we’d B’aht Qul right now I’d have an even chance at victory. During the Dominion war, my leg was cut off at the knee, as I lay there it simply began stitching itself together. Official medical records state that I was injured and require a cane to walk but in reality, I can probably outrun most people” He stirred his glass “There are other things that I can do but those are the main details. We’ve kept this a secret for decades because… well genetically speaking we were genetically altered by this incident and as you may know that is one of the greatest taboo’s in Federation Society”

Commissioner Karlson

“You were altered against your will. If the Federation can’t see the difference between what happened to you and those damn Augments of theirs, they are more blind than the Council. And dumber, too… although that would be hard to pull off and still be able to breathe without a reminder.” Urg said and took a drink. He then looked at Karlson and said “So why are you telling me this now?” Urg didn’t cheapen the moment with promises of silence and such… both men knew that no power in the galaxy would every pry a secret from Urg that Urg didn’t want to give.

Urg’tohn, Lord Duroc

Joseph looked up, a slightly sad smile on his face “Oh I could live in peace like any other citizen but serving as a Marine would have been impossible. These laws are in place for a good reason. In any case” He quietly stirred his drink “Mostly it was because I trust you enough with my secret and I don’t like keeping many secrets unless they are absolutely necessary. It’ll also be good to be able to have someone trustworthy to spar with whose head won’t come off when I hit it hard enough” He chuckled at that “There’s also some poor fool putting together a team for the sole purpose of assassinating me” He raised a preemptive hand “Nothing to be worried about, it happens every now and then, I have a lot of old dead enemies but they occasionally have minions or offspring that swear vengeance. What intelligence I have suggests that this is either a son of a Cardassian Gul I killed during the war or members of a criminal organization I assisted in dismantling a few years ago, it was a family thing” He shrugged “If I can’t deal with it quietly on the side I might ask for your aid regarding this, my officers are good, well trained people but they aren’t soldiers or warriors. Well not most of them.”

COmmissioner KArlson

Urg was uncharacteristically silent for a long few moments. He just sat and regarded the man before him, unblinking and unmoving. Finally he leaned forward and , setting the glass aside, said in low growl “Joseph… you are in charge of the safety and continuity of an entire colony. Millions and millions of beings. I know you have pride, as a warrior of your caliber should. But you have other responsibilities… others who rely on you for their day-to-day existence. Such distractions… such risks… should not be taken unless absolutely necessary. And you dealing with it quietly on the side takes you from these people. So I will ask you… just once… let me handle this for you. Keep your focus here. And give me the honor of dealing with those who threaten you and yours. Just give me a name… and then don’t give them another thought. House Duroc protects its own… always.”

Urg, Lord Duroc

Joseph looked out at the Colony view again and after a moment of quiet, he laughed “You know I had that exact same conversation a few years ago with DCI Pangolin during the riots. When I suited up and took the fight directly to the instigator. There’s a common thought that Generals lead from the rear. Well, I was never a good General in that regard, never could avoid a fight” He sighed “But you’re not wrong… I don’t have a name yet, this comes through my brothers’ intelligence network. Far as we can tell it’s only just forming now, if they’re smart they’ll take their time, attempt an infiltration. If not they’ll come in loud and be taken down by Starfleet before they have a chance to come planetside. When that happens you’ll get the relevant information.” He turned back and smiled “I do thank you for this my friend”

Commissioner Karlson

Urg waved the thanks away. “Never thank me for standing by you, brother. You have earned that by treating House Duroc with respect. You have earned our loyalty. And loyalty means we stand together no matter the obstacle. This will be dealt with. Let me speak with your brother… I have assets he may be able to utilize as well.” and he grinned at Joseph. “What, you think I only know how to break things? You have to know what should be broken beforehand, after all.” and he laughed loudly.

Urg, Lord Duroc

Joseph nodded slowly “What was your closest call?” He asked “With death I mean”

Commissioner Karlson

Urg leaned back and looked at Joseph, but spoke without hesitation. “When we were in the asylum on Qo’noS. The doctors deemed me too dangerous, so they ordered a lobotomy.... but I overheard the doctors talking. They had been ordered to have an ‘accident’. So… I was strapped to a table, no anesthesia… and they lowered the plasma drill towards my head on full power.” Urg’s eyes were uncharacteristically wide at the thought. “I could feel the heat of it, and my skin began to blister… and then? Just before they began drilling into my brain… the hospital lost all power… everything went dark.” and he looked at Joseph for a long moment and his voice took on a level of animosity that Joseph had only heard when Urg had spoken to the Head of House Juuv that day in the hotel.

“They really should have sedated me brother… they suffered in the dark for some time.”

Urg, Son of the Builder

OOC: Assuming Joseph has Urg’s files (as I’m sure he does), this would be when Urg was between twelve and fifteen years old.


Joseph nodded slowly “It can be dangerous to be viewed as different in some places in the Galaxy, must have been more rough at such a young age.” He said solemnly “Even more so when you pose a danger to others.” He turned around, a half smile on his face “You know, the Klingon Empire tried to have me assassinated during the Federation-Klingon war. I’ve always been impressed with Klingon clandestine agencies, people usually consider the Romulans or Cardassians to have had the greatest intelligence agencies and assassins but I’ve always been more wary of Klingons, better fighters and twice the cunning”

Commissioner Karlson

Urg chuckled and said “The Empire is loud, brash, and violent… and anyone who believes that is the true nature of Klingons is either stupid or blind. There is a reason full-scale conflict with the Empire isn’t more common… and that is the few who make such decisions believe as you do… and believe correctly.” and he laughed again. “I think more blood has been spilled by blades in the dark in the halls outside the Council Chamber than in all of the Empire’s wars. Oh, we speak highly of honor and proving ourselves against stronger opponents. I personally believe that is propaganda meant to distract our enemies.”

Urg, Lord Duroc

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