Reunions and Revelations

Posted Jan. 12, 2022, 11:49 p.m. by Civilian Karina Enger (Director of Education) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Captain Jordar (Lt. Governor) in Reunions and Revelations

Posted by Civilian Karina Enger (Director of Education) in Reunions and Revelations
Posted by Civilian Karina Enger (Director of Education) in Reunions and Revelations

Posted by Captain Jordar (Lt. Governor) in Reunions and Revelations


Groaning and letting a shudder out he said, “I do my best to understand that other species appreciate phony social interactions but so far I have yet to meet a Ferengi who isn’t a two faced, dishonest, money grubbing slimeball. I appreciate not being subjected to them.....yet....” Jordar blinked slowly before looking at Karina, “Could you be any more vague? What? Do you have a problem just being direct? What do you want me to do?”

Jordar, Lt Gov.

“Hmmm there are two new Ferengi Dai’Mon’s settling in on the colony. Hoka runs the zoo and is an astute businessman and so far nothing has pinged. He’s offered to do quite a bit to help build the colony, supposedly all free of charge because the long term gains will pay for his investment. He has also agreed to set up internships for the school children. Could be true, could be Velka dung. Zerbo, boss to Hoka…Hoka is pulling one over on Zerbo by the way…is a typical Ferengi and I try to steer clear of him. You’re take on the whole situation would be valuable.”

“A Ferengi proposing to lose money now for later? Don’t they have some rule that says ‘There’s always a catch’?” He rolled his eyes and dreaded the next steps to take as he had to work with these money grubbing men.

Karina smirked at him, “Vague? Vague there is only one thing you have started and not finished. But I suppose you were a bad teacher from the very beginning.” Karina sauntered across the living area and to the door leading to a massive patio and keyed in a passcode and the patio seemed to shimmer and then slid open revealing a massive, lagoon-esque, saltwater filtered swimming pool. Or the biggest fish pond ever. When setting up the property for the new Lt Governor, someone had let slip he was Zaldan and they did their best to make him at home.

Enger, ED

“Oh yes, my worst student ever who didn’t know her head from her feet or the right way up when on dry land, that’s right!” Jordar quipped as his eyes lit up at the sight of the pool. He wrapped an arm around Karina and smiled, “I think we can resume lessons, how about right now?” Jordar asked, wondering if Karina would think he’d throw her in. Now let’s make something clear he absolutely wanted to throw her in, but unless she had a fetching swimsuit under her outfit or something to change into, he wasn’t going to be a jerk. He hated phony displays of emotion, not being a jerk.


Karina smiled and bumped her hip into his. Rondara looked at the pool and took off running toward her room, she was going swimming! Daddy had said he’d teach Ms Enger right now so that meant she could go too! Whether or not that’s what Jodar meant didn’t matter. The girl had it in her head she was going to get in the pool. Karina slowly backed away, “Oh no you don’t. I know how you like to start swim lessons. Last time I almost drowned because you didn’t let me take off my lovely cover up and I got caught in it.” Karina absolutely was wearing a swim suit. She knew exactly what Jodar would be thinking when he saw the pool. Or what she hoped he’d be thinking. She was already slipping her shoes off just in case.

“Karina the simple fact that you didn’t prepare for your lessons is none of my concern. I have it on good authority that my people learn to swim bare until they are proficient enough to handle the oceans on their own. The fact that it’s so simple of an idea not to get caught up in extra flowing clothing was obvious.” He said with a smirk before continuing, “Now to be clear I did enjoy playing the hero, and I don’t intend to stop.” He absolutely wanted to throw her in the pool right here right now, but he’d bide his time until Rondara would be a part.

Karina laughed, low and amused. Her hero indeed. She scoffed, “I wouldn’t have needed a hero if you hadn’t tossed me in. But I suppose you have to create your own opportunities, Jodar.” While his attention was on the massive pool she made quick work of getting rid of her outter wear so she was just in her one piece peach colored bathing suit. She quickly folded the shirt and slacks and placed them over the back of a chair, and felt lucky she had time to do so. She turned quickly at the sound of Rondara rushing past.

Rondara could be heard tossing stuff and making a mess in her room as she searched for her swimsuit and then she came tearing out of her room, down the hall and then out the door. “Rondara! Don’t jump in there.” She looked at Jodar, “There’s another surprise in there, and she might scare him.”

Enger, ED

Raising an eyebrow in a near Vulcan way Jordar said, “Me? Afraid of the water? Who do you take me for?” He said as he approached the edge and tried to make sure his daughter wasn’t going to trigger whatever trap there might be.


“Not you. For once I was not insulting you.” Karina walked up and knelt down next to the water and put the tips of her fingers in and wiggled them. A gentle wave formed at the far end of the pool and gained speed, but nothing overly convening for a swimmer of Jodar’s skill. A moment later the head of an Orkallion surfaced. This incredible, but common creature was a type of fish, native to Zald.

About the size of a fin whale when full grown (about 3 feet long) this one was a juvenile however. It has four powerful side fins, a huge dorsal fin and a short, powerful tail and small anal fin. They have a soft, delicate skin covered in large, coarse scales, which is usually either light purple, black, silver or light orange or a combination of these colors. They lived in coastal areas and are fairly common. They were herbivores and their large, long mouths and wide tongue are ideal for eating algae. They were diurnal and rely on their taste buds and sense of smell to get around. They do have small, beady eyes, but their sight is not that great. They have lack of a visible nose and pretty much no visible ears. Their heads are large and wide in comparison to their bodies. They make sounds ranging from extremely high pitched to fairly high pitched and have a huge range of sounds they make to indicate discoveries, dangers and otherwise communicate with each other.

These creatures are very timid and they’re not one to defend their territory. They mate twice a year and they mate with multiple partners throughout life. Which, with their incredibly long lifespans, is to be expected. They were a favorite family pet on Zald, and when Karina found out Jodar and Rondara were coming home, she’d arranged for one to be brought to OED.


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