Near Rabbitus Memorial — A Good Time for Coffee

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Moonlight, fragmented and blighted by an amber glow, seeped through her window. It crept over mismatched PaDDs and abandoned coffee, stirring the petals of a favinit and the fledgling spines of a baby Saguaro. Eventually, it touched Mirembe’s aching fingers and warmed them with a warning: dawn was nearly upon her.

Drowsily, she tightened her grip about the stylus and stole another sceptical glance at the hologram. It mocked her with her own chicken scratch. ‘Coccolithophorids’, ‘biospray’ and ‘magentic shield’ adorned its peak, spilling into messier chains of half-baked thoughts and sloppy equations. Soon, her musings engulfed the board and reduced her to a jumble of excitement and utter exhaustion.

Where was I going with this? Mirembe caught herself wondering as she scoured her notes and sources for a trace of motivation. But each venture sent her on another curiosity-driven tangent that steered her further from her initial task. Biodomes. Taking in a slow breath, she mustered the energy to scoot her chair closer to the stack of mismatched PaDDs in search of her original proposal. She’d deliberated with Bree—Director O’Harra—methods and intended outcomes, but talking about it was much different (and much easier) than conveying it on paper.

There you are! Mirembe snatched the PaDD from its perch, a grin emerging across her otherwise stolid features. Eager to finish what she’d started, the Haliaan reached for her bulbous, sand-coloured mug and lifted it to lips. A grimace instantly consumed any semblance of a smile. It was cold. Dreadfully cold. Dare she grab another? Mirembe deliberated the idea, resolving that caffeine was a better alternative to pushing through on sheer will. Besides, if Rayne caught wind of her midnight activities—Mirembe grimaced.

Yes, definitely a good time for coffee.

Bundling up and beckoning IAN from its fascination with a Jelna trinket, Mirembe slipped from her office and tossed a wary glance at the front desk. Whew. She released a soft breath when Rayne failed to confront her with a sceptical eyebrow raise and knowing frown. There would be no lecture today. Well, so long as she made it out before the administrative assistant sneaked up on her. Unwilling to take that chance, Mirembe made a beeline for the door and slipped onto the street. Now, all she had to do was find that corner coffeeshop. That was the easy part.

— Mirembe M’Ahar, Director of Terraforming

Two people were walking together slowly away from the coffee shop arms linked. The man was tall and wide and wore simple brown trousers, a white shirt, his jacket was folded in his right arm, his hand held a cane which he used casually. He was a very broad and muscular human and although he didn’t look much over middle-aged his hair was completely grey. The woman was a Trill and wore a Doctors uniform, she was tall but still a head shorter than he, she had an almost regal bearing. Suddenly she tapped something on her wrist, made a hasty farewell, and hurried away to the hospital. The man put his jacket on his now free left arm and watched the woman leave, a fond smile on his lips.

Turning to leave the man spotted the approaching Haliian and smiled, raising a hand to her. Joseph Karlson hadn’t had a chance to meet with the new Terraforming director and bumping into her now was a fortunate occasion. In his mind’s eye, a screen opened with the woman’s file, having read and memorized it previously. He raised his hands and formed the FSL signs whilst also saying out loud “Good Morning, Director M’Ahar”

Commissioner Karlson

Mirembe shot a playful glare at her cheeky companion, who insisted on questioning her choice in caffeine. If it’s not two-steps-from-space dark, it’s not coffee. She wrinkled her nose in dispute of what any outsider might surmise as a refute on IAN’s behalf. And what would you know about coffee, hmm? I don’t recall programming you for that. Another’s presence refused IAN the opportunity to object, but it managed a disgruntled buzz. Satisfied, Mirembe lifted her attention to the waving man and donned a warm smile.

“Oh, good morning!” Mirembe scoured her mind for a trace of his identity. He seemed distantly familiar, but she couldn’t—“Commissioner.” She released a soft, grateful breath for IAN’s veiled intercession. Commissioner Karlson. Head of the colony’s police force. A formidable but benevolent man, if her memory served her well. “I don’t believe we’ve had the chance to formally meet. It’s a pleasure,” and she extended a hand.

Eryn preferred this time of the morning, seeing who was out and about before the rest of ‘decent’ society. Who had business so pressing it brought them out early or kept them out late. She preferred this cold quiet hours to do her metal working, to escape the heat of the day, but, alas, she didn’t have a workshop yet or the materials to create with. She needed to get out and move and stretch and the lonely streets of any planet never bothered her, and in this instance, despite her independence and skill, she knew her friend was never too far away.

The smell from an early morning coffee house wafted to her, and she changed direction. Never much for more than ice water, the smell teased at her senses and promised rich flavor and a chance to observe the people living on her new home. Short white blonde hair caught the street lights that were still softly glowing and green eyes casually gazed about her at the few people on the street. Her eyes flickered back to the gentleman with the cane as she saw his hands move in communication to the Haliian woman. She wasn’t overly proficient at gestural languages but was familiar enough to communicate when needed. A beautiful gesture to communicate with someone on their terms. She wondered if she could get the formation of the signs right in a new metal sculpture.

Eryn Romanov

Mirembe was too engrossed in conversation to notice the mysterious passerby, but IAN wasn’t. Though glued to its station, it appeared to follow her with beady, eye-like sensors. People were, too often, the object of its fascination.

— Mirembe M’Ahar and IAN

As Eryn drew closer her gaze flicked over IAN. She knew an AI when she encountered one. Her gaze didn’t linger but her attention was certainly turned toward the small group. Commissioner could be the head of many things, but his bearing and body language suggested to Eryn ‘law enforcement.’ She had plenty of encounters with such individuals, and they all had a way about them that immediately said ‘I’m the good guy.’ She walked past the group with a quick wink at IAN and entered the coffee shop. The bracing aroma hit her nose as she entered and the door snicked shut quietly behind her. The shop was filled with a myriad of individuals all starting their day. She ordered a cappuccino and took a seat waiting for her order. There was much to hear, observe, and learn among the patrons and baristas. Eryn picked up her drink and sipped it. With a smile of thanks she made her way back outside and leaned up against a light post to sip the drink and watch as the colony slowly woke up.

Eryn Romanov

Joseph nodded “Indeed we haven’t, I was going to have a morning cup of coffee with my wife but she was called into surgery, would you care to join me for a spell.” He said grabbing her hand in a firm but not too tight a grip “There are some things I’d like to discuss with you” He took a step to the side and indicated the door.

COmmissioner KArlson

Mirembe tossed a hopeful glance toward Sacred Heart, then gripped his hand in a hearty embrace. “‘Some things’ is a little vague,” laughter crinkled her eyes, “should I be worried?” M’Ahar jabbed her head to the door in a gesture for IAN to follow and approached, reaching to tug it open for Karlson…

The pair she had observed earlier were heading towards the door as she was coming out. She held the door, it was a polite gesture, but also a good way to observe other’s behaviors. The idea for a sculpture the pair had inspired was still percolating in her head, slowing taking shape. She could see the colors she wanted and knew the ‘crap’ Federation metallurgy kit she hadn’t been able to obtain yet, would create the colors she wanted with it’s subpar quality materials. It was time to make another trip to the Plaza Exchange. If she went now she would get a good look at what the early shoppers were like. And if she was lucky that Tellarite clothing merchant would be there as well. Haggling with that woman was entertaining.

Eryn Romanov

Her fingers grazed the handle and halted as it struck her palm. She wavered a heartbeat but quickly recovered and fumbled out of the door’s way. “Oh!” Mirembe lifted her gaze and flashed the emerging woman a warm smile. Signing a bashful ‘Thank you!’, she bowed and strolled into the cafe with the rich aroma of imported beans tempting her with a promise. M’Ahar clicked her tongue to beckon IAN from the doorway, waiting for Karlson, then approached the counter.

— Mirembe M’Ahar, Terraforming


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