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Posted March 31, 2022, 2:29 p.m. by Civilian Zerbo (Ferengi Representative) (Travis Good)

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Zerbo was sitting comfortably in his custom chair reading the days news and other various Intel reports from his informants when he stumbled across some rather disturbing news. He almost spit out his tea when he read the report and had to re-read it four times to let it sink in. The report read:

To: The Great and Honorable Dai’Mon Ress Zerbo First Assistant

From: Intel 2

Your Greatness. It is with great displeasure that I have to inform you that Dai’Mon Hoka has been spending a great amount of his fortune on a Zoo, schools, an orbital station and terraforming equipment. He is doing so without the request of repayment or monetary gain for the Zoo and schools. Furthermore, he actually gave a female named Karina Enger, The Director of Education, access to his personal bank account. Attached you will find records of his bank statements. You are a wise Ferengi for keeping tabs on him. I look forward to serving you again soon Your Greatness.

End Report

Zoka was beside himself that his own trusted assistant would date defy the Articles of Acquisition. He was even more furious that Hoka had so much money to begin with. How did this peon have almost as much as he did? What was worst was the Hoka was not giving Zerbo the proper amount of tribute. Throwing his tea cup at the monitor across the room and jumping up out of his chair he yelled. “Klaxion! Bring me one of my suits and ready transport! We are going to go and see this Director of Education and have a little chat!”

“Right away Your Greatness!” Klaxion snapped and went to do as he was told.

An hour later Zerbo found the Education building and went inside walking right up to receptionist. “I demand to speak to the Director of Education right this instant! I am Dai’Mon Ress Zerbo, First Assistant to the Grand Nagus himself!” He stood there staring down the being behind the counter. (Well staring at the being all hard like since he’s only about 4‘8”!)

Dai’Mon Ress Zerbo First Assistant

Despite Hyrushi’s assurances that the arrival of HHI and the unfortunate circumstances of their CEO, Karina had made some changes to the safety measures at the education building. There were public areas she could not do anything about, but the school building itself was another matter. Even without HHI’s arrival Oed had a criminal element to it, and no matter what side of the line the children or their families fell on, in her school, they were safe from outside influence or danger. Her work for Star Fleet had given her several connections and a lot of knowledge. Her work as director had also put her in touch with many of the departments and important people who made Oed function.

One of the improvements was the ‘receptionist’ was anything but. Quimby was a retired police captain from the OED Police force. He’d been around for a long time, had an outstanding record, and knew how to deal with any situation that might crop up. Even sitting he was taller than the tiny man shouting at him. He had a broad chest, beefy arms and legs like tree trunks, despite the white in his hair and mustache. He raised an unimpressed single left eyebrow, leaned back in his seat and folded his hands across his abs. “Well you can want to see her till you are out of breath, but unless you have an appointment I will not disturb her classes.” Another safety measure were the doors behind the desk. They did not open unless Quimby activated them by entering an old fashioned passcode and palm print. Unless of course you were going to hack the schools systems, and then there were other surprises. “Now you can tell me what your business is and then have a seat over there, Mr Daimon Ress Zerbo,” Quimby pointed to a comfortable sitting area near the windows, “and I will let Director Enger know you are here when her class is over. Or if you don’t have an appt or don’t want to wait you can make an appointment and come back.”


“Pah! Psst! Wha!” Zerbo couldn’t believe he was being talked to like that! The nerve of this Hew-Mon to be so rude to one as great as Zerbo was beyond anything he’d ever heard.

Going to raise his voice and argue some more he opened his mouth then quickly shut it. He realized that he was in a school and didn’t want to ruin any child’s learning so that they can grow up and have businesses that he could exploit. But more importantly was this older Hew-Mon behind the counter. He was calm, cool and collected, even when there was someone of high status in his presence. Zerbo learned a long time ago that anyone, no matter their gender, age or species, that acted like that in a hostile setting, was a thinker, planner and doer. These types of beings were rare and not to be crossed or poked at.

Smiling once more and this time speaking calmer. “Yes. Please tell the Director that I am here to have an emergency meeting with her because she has been doing business with a subordinate of mine that is not allowed to make the deals that he promised to her. As second in charge of the Ferengi Alliance and to the Grand Nagus, I do not want to jeopardize the Alliance between our two great worlds. I will be over there waiting.”

He went over to the seats that the receptionist pointed to and told one of his lackies to go get him a refreshing drink from a nearby store.

Dai’Mon Ress Zerbo First Assistant

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