OOC: Needs and Expectations

Posted May 4, 2022, 5:24 p.m. by Civilian Rex Ariki (Resident) (Ty Napier)

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Hey all…

Listen, I know I have been in and out lately, and for that I apologize. Life hit pretty hard, and I just couldn’t be as active as I wanted. But that is handled now, so I am recommitting myself here and now to getting Oed up and running well and having fun with everyone as we dive into the new and unknown. To that end, I am going to give all you a promise from me, and some things that ALL of us need to do to keep Oed happily moving along.

First, a promise. I will engage with any member of the crew if you need me. Have an idea for something but need the governor there? Great, I’m in. Need someone to bounce ideas off of off the boards? Hit me up on Discord or shoot me an email. Having trouble staying motivated? Let me help. Oed is not about me, nor is it about any one of us… its about *all of us. So I promise… if you need me, I’m here for you.

But I can’t do this alone.

We are a team. A unique team here in STF, as we aren’t entirely Self-sim; nor will we ever have a GM. So we succeed or fail as a team. So we need to support one another. And we do that by talking, developing stories and PRISM ideas… and most importantly staying active and posting. So please… let’s get back to writing together. I understand real life sometimes intervenes… and thats ok. I’m not saying ‘You can never be AWOL again!’. But we need to keep them from being excessive. And I am taking the hit for that. I haven’t been sending reminders as I should have been. So, for the next few months at least, let’s all try to be mindful of our posting and make sure we are staying active.

And one last bit… Oed is a great place to write. And the stories you all are coming up with are GREAT. And I want to see more of that. And to give everyone more opportunities and more ideas to spring off of, I want us to try to recruit more players! If you know of anyone who is looking for a new opportunity in STF, or simply has a character they LOVE to write but they don’t have anywhere to place them… send them our way! We are not restricted by rank or experience. The only stipulation is that this is a ‘second character only’ area; which means that the writer needs to be already active in the club and not coming into the club without going through the Academy first. We have tons of open positions, and we are ALWAYS open to have someone playing a non-standard position. The ship profile has been updated, and the roster is currently showing open positions as well. Let folks know, and if they are interested, send them our way and either I or our new Lt. Governor will get them up and running.

Speaking of… we have a new Lieutenant Governor! Matt Bongiorno (oh please please please let me have spelled that correctly) has accepted the offer to be the new head of Star Fleet on the colony. He will be joining us in the next few days, so make sure you give him a warm Oed V welcome when he gets here (shuttle is en route from Risa as we speak).

Lastly, I wanted to thank you all. You stayed the course when I was dealing with my family medical issues, and I really appreciate each and every one of you. You are great writers, great people, and you make everything I do in this community worth it. So thank you… and I’ll see you around the city!

James Sinclair
Governor, Oed V

Welcome Matt!

I’m looking forward to causing chaos. I am the Madame of Mayhem, after all. Don’t worry, Tony and I will gladly help keep everyone on their toes. :D


Hey James. Just to clarify, someone like myself who is a “returning member”, does not need to be currently playing on other ships or in a government role. In that situation (as is mine), I can choose to play only on OED. Just making sure we are on the same page!

Thanks and hope everything is better and remains so


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