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Karina was in meetings all day, then she took a ground car to the government building for an appt there. While she was there she stopped by the governor’s office and left a message with his secretary. Gov. Hyrushi, It seems that DaiMon Hoka’s friend, DaMon Zerbo has decided he wants to interfere. He claims Hoka is engaging in illegal business with me. He has requested an appointment for next Wed at 10 a.m. I am a capable individual of many talents, Fereni business dealings are not one of them. Per our earlier conversations I have been very careful to keep all dealings with Hoka contained. Yet Zerbo knows something, or thinks he does. Perhaps we should speak to Hoka before next Wed?

Karina wasn’t happy with the turn of events. She had been hesitant to accept his offers, but the governor had assured her he was okay with it as long as they were careful. Well Karina had many talents, but dealing with Ferengi business dealings was not one of them. And since she’d been very careful not to make electronic contact or messages due Hoka not wanting his business known, she had to assume Zerbo was having the other Ferengi watched. She would not contact him and make Zerbo think he’d scared her. Quite the opposite.

Enger, ED


It was thirty minutes before a reply came in. But when it did, it was a vid of the Governor doing something few ever saw him do…

He was smiling.

“Director, please let Ms. Grunden know when you and Dai’mon Hoka are free… and when your meeting with Zerbo is. I think we have reached the point that a united front will say far more than words will. Make the appointment and we can talk.” and the vid stopped.

Hyrushi, Gov.

Karina sent a message to Ms. Grunden that the meeting with Zero was Wed at 10 am the following week. She would contact her again once she had spoken with Hoka. Leaving the government tower Karina made her way toward the zoo, in a very round about and extensive way, after picking Rondara up and asking if she wanted to go with her. Karina’s previous work made sure that her route was so convoluted and back tracked on itself so much, anyone following her would soon get bored. As the seemingly wandered the zoo, Karina kept an eye out and soon found Hoka. “Good afternoon, Dai’Mon.”

Enger, ED

He was wondering the zoo grounds looking at all the people and greeting them when he heard the Director speak. “Ah! Yes! Good afternoon to you both as well! What do I owe to this splendid surprise?” Putting his hands on his knees, which he really didn’t have to since Rondara was his height or taller, “Would you like a special VIP tour of the Zoo?”

Dai’Mon Hoka

Rondara, always a serious child, but never afraid to speak her mind practically bounced with excitement. “Oh yes Please! Very much!” Then she glanced at Karina to make sure it was okay. Karina chuckled softly and winked at her. Karina turned her attention to Hoka, “Well Rondara always enjoys the zoo.” Once they were far enough away from others, “I had an interesting visitor to the school today. A Ferengi by the name of Zerbo. He has requested a meeting with me next Wed at 10 am. I have spoken with Governor Hyrushi. He would like to know when you and I are both free to meet with him before that time.” Karina spoke casually, as if nothing about their conversation concerned her and she was simply enjoying watching her young charge love the personal tour she was getting.

Enger, ED

Hoka tried to suppress his emotion because of the child nearby. “Oh. Him. I wonder what he wants? I will make time. Just set up the meeting madam and I will be there.”

Karina smiled and waved at Rondara, “He said he was there to have an emergency meeting with me because I have been doing business with a subordinate of his that is not allowed to make the deals that he promised to me. As second in charge of the Ferengi Alliance and to the Grand Nagus, he does not want to jeopardize the Alliance between our two great worlds.” Karina shrugged, “He was not happy when Quimby was unimpressed by his title and made him wait.”

Hoka laughed. “Man I wish I could have seen that. I do not know what his problem is. Actually I do. He is trying to be a bully to everyone only to line his pockets more. He is furious that I do not care about personal wealth anymore and have forgone my Ferengi upbringing. But mostly because I do not give him a cut of any of my businesses and exclude him from them. He thinks that because I was his subordinate that he owns me and that I owe him. So again. I will go to any meeting at any time.”

While they walked Karina sent a message to Hyrushi’s assistant, Ms. Grunden, and set up a time that worked for them all.

After walking some more they were in the aquatic part now. “They will be feeding the fish and other marine life real soon Rondara. Would you like to help?”

Dai’Mon Hoka

Rondara spun around, “Can I? Please?” Karina chuckled, children were all alike. “As long as you listen and do what they tell you to do.” Rondara nodded till they thought her head might fall off. “I will!”


Hoka laughed out loud. “Ok. This way!” He turned then said. “Race you there!” To Rondara. The very short Ferengi in a business suit tried to run as fast as his little legs could go and he was laughing all the way there!

Out of breath and the very obvious runner up to the race. “Good… job....Rondara.” He got his breath and went to talk to the assembled team. He came back with a smile but not trying to show his razor sharp teeth since he was talking to a child. “Good news. If it is OK with your mom, you will be assisting Miss Haywood with feeding the crocodiles in their cages!” He looked at Karina for a reaction and then laughed. “I am kidding. You will be with Miss Haywood but you will be assisting with the feeding of the dolphins from Risa. How does that sound?”

Dai’mon Hoka

“She would have preferred the crocodiles,” Karina watched as Rondara took off. “That was very kind of you, Hoka. Thank you.”

Hoka looked confused. “Really? The Crocs? Impressive young lady you have there.” Them he looked up at her and smiled. “You are welcome. It is fun to just relax and set yourself free sometimes. As an astute Ferengi in school, then as a young officer, I spent my free time studying to get an edge on all the other Ferengi studying. Collectively, we all were doing the same thing. None of us had a Earth Hew-Mon childhood so to speak. I kept that momentum up to a little over a year ago, when Zerbo and I came here. When that day that I so recklessly paraded around animals to announce Zerbo to the community. The Governor told me to make restitution or be jailed. So I went to the Zoo to do that.” He wiped away a small tear. “I soon found out that there was more to life than making money. Then I met you and my life changed forever. I began to live, truly live for once and I have been extremely happy ever since. I am not confessing my love to you. Please do not misinterpret. I am telling you that it is you who should be thanked for giving me a purpose. For giving me life again. For giving me....freedom. So. Thank you very much.” He looked away. “Sorry for getting sentimental.”

On the specified date, Karina arrived at Hyrushi’s office and sat down to await the arrival of Hoka and Ms. Grunden to show them in.

Enger, ED

Hoka arrived as well dressed in his favorite pinstripes suit. “Ah. Director Enger! Please to meet you! How are you this fine day?” The short Ferengi said while standing in front of her....eye to eye.

Dai’Mon Hoka

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