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Posted by Civilian Michael Conrad (Owner- Black Sparrow) in Oed V Starport - The Return of the Black Sparrow

Posted by Civilian Kenzo B’tren-Hyrushi (Governor) in Oed V Starport - The Return of the Black Sparrow
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“Approaching Oed V now, setting a course for the Starport.” said Katrina aloud on the bridge where Michael was focused on a light nap in his command chair.

Michael Conrad stirred awake at the sudden announcement. “Huh? What?”

Katrina spoke again. “Approaching Starport. Shall we send a communique?”

Michael nodded. “Yes, open hailing frequencies.”

Once it was clear the comm line was open, Michael spoke up. =/\=Oed V Starport, this is the Captain Michael Conrad of the Black Sparrow. I have two personnel currently in cryo stasis who will need medical attention as soon as we dock. I need clearance and medics ready to take them to Sacred Heart Hospital.=/\=

Michael awaited a reply as they continued course on impulse to the Starport.

-Michael Conrad, Black Sparrow CO

NE Elbbirt had been serving in Star Fleet for longer than most of the people on the colony were flickers of ideas. Right now he was wearing gold - ops, security, engineering? It didn’t matter. This was really a civilian job, but SF was here to help and support the colony, because in the end they were all citizens of the Federation. Besides he liked helping out. It wasn’t for the ranks and privlage that’s for sure. In over 20 years the most promotion he got was from Nameless Ensign to NE Elbbirt with his own name. He did everything from medical to bridge officer, he even travelled through time some. But today he was welcoming new comers and welcome homers alike and waving good bye and see you soons to those leaving.

“Oh dear, that doesn’t sound good at all. Too bad I’m not a doctor this time.” Linking his com into the Sacred Heart Emergency ward =/\=This is Oed Starport ops center.
We have the Black Sparrow arriving and requesting immediate medical assistance for two on board=/\=

After confirming reciept of the emergency request Elbbirt opened the comm to the Black Sparrow =/\=This is Oed Starport, Cpt Conrad. We have Black Sparrow cleared to dock at pylon 2. Medical assistance is on the way. Do you require security or repair crews as well?=/\=

NE Elbbirt

A hand landed on the Ensign’s shoulder and an older human male said “Stand down Star Fleet. This is a civilian matter.” and he gave the Ensign a wink. It had been a hard transition from operating as Star Fleet facility to the new Colonial Customs and Defence Agency, but they were managing. =/\=Black Sparrow, this Colonel Mathias of the CCDA. We understand that you have injured aboard. Please come around to heading…=/\= and he looked at the screen over NE Elbbirt’s shoulder, =/\=… 137.94. We will bring you in priority and transport your injured off the ship directly to the Sacred Heart ER. Do you have transponders aboard, Captain? After they are cleared we will dock you and get you through customs as quickly as possible, sir. =/\=


Conrad leaned back in his seat on the Sparrow’s bridge. Two respondents. And the second was a colonel. Thankfully there was nothing illegal on his ship at the moment. Nevertheless, were they privy to some his activities?

=/\=Yes, colonel. We do have transponders. The injured are currently in cryo stasis. We’ll need to bring them out if we’re to transport them to the ER so that may take a moment. Maneuvering into position now.=/\=

Conrad brought the Black Sparrow in close enough for the auto pilot controls to take over the docking. =/\=We’ll get ‘em up. Just make sure you’re transporters are ready. The Half-Tyrellian appears to have sustained some major injuries. As for her Deltan partner, I’m not sure he has any pheremone blockers in his system, so…there’s that.=/\=

-Michael Conrad, Black Sparrow CO

The Colonel’s voice was calm and self-assured. =/\= Understood Black Sparrow, relaying the information now. Transporters on standby and ready for retrieval. =/\= The next few moments were a dance between the ship and the station issuing directions, but soon the two injured parties were transported off and the ship was docked. =/\= Black Sparrow, please meet with CCDA agents at the docking port. Your injured have arrived safely at the hospital. Control out. =/\=


Conrad stood still in the makeshift medical wing of the Black Sparrow, looking at the empty cryotubes. They were safe, and he technically could just leave. But he knew darn well that he couldn’t. A mystery that needed solving was what this was. How had Halai and Akem ended up in their current state on that station?

“Katrina,” he stated aloud as though speaking to the computer.

Katrina materialized within the med bay. “Yes Captain Conrad!” she said with an innocent cheer to her.

“Once Kanok and I disembark, lockdown the ship. Nobody gets in without my authorization. Is that understood?”

“Yes Captain.”

Michael took a deep breath and let it out before leaving. “Thank you Katrina. We’ll be back soon.

Within minutes, Michael and his klingon subordinate, Kanok, left the port to get into Oed. He needed to know how Halai and Akem ultimately were. That and he was confident he could find some odd jobs to do in the meantime if he had to wait.

-Michael Conrad, Black Sparrow CO
-Kanok, Black Sparrow XO

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