Camp Tsisteel Day 180

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Posted by Civilian Rex Ariki (Resident) in Camp Tsisteel Day 180
Chains bound unseen feet, that did not move. Stand still restraints tightened, binding, becoming accustomed to lack of freedom, suppressing  free will. Torrid heat beat through flesh, tightening to sinew, absorbing into skin tainting soul with acceptance of fate. Movement was life. Stagnation death. Fight hard and long to the light, out of the shadows, passed the seven levels of hell. In this struggle was a desperation to justify life even existed. Stand still and die. Life was movement. Steel bit into the hardened earth pushed future by the heal of a heavy boot. The thud and the slicing sounds echoed from the outcrop of rocks just behind. Six months on and she was still here. Mysteries of what brought this one moment interrupted this single lifespan needed a new truth. Shovelling bits of decayed planet far from the reaches of OEDs prestige and civilisation was as inconceivable as faith without fear. Here or anywhere had no value. How much longer could she stay until the chains became visible and death took its claim? Keeping her mind distracted from the physical and pointless labour, shovel after shovel.

Rex counted how much she needed to purchase passage to her next destination. Plotting her departure from the clutching grasp of OED,  she felt the shovel sink into something much softer than crumbled rocks. Throwing the shovel to the side, Rex dropped to her knees and began moving the dirt and debris with her hands until he fingers touched the cloth bag hidden inside a small crevice. Someday, in another future, storms would rage in the heavens soaking roots of fertility, leaving paradise for those who will follow. Ends would give way to do new beginnings, such as and always was eternity. Fingers clutched the bag, imbedding dirt beneath brittle nails. This held the in-between of a story that was hers, bur not hers. Five, maybe six times, cracks of new starts splintered and the ends lay far ahead. Worlds faded, collided, darkened and shone brightly before fading to nothing once more. The inception, she supposed, was a kiss. For now, she needed a new story. 

Standing up, Rex placed the bag into the pocket of her blue and green coveralls and picked up the shovel, returning the rocks and dirt back into the hole she had dug. Just as she had finished, two figures approached from the east, shadowed by the sun sitting at high noon. Lifting her hand, she shielded the brightness with the long bone of her arm, just making out antennas protruding against the silhouette of the first. figure. Shenohl Th’ochaaval. No doubt as he was the only Andorran in the camp. Rex tightened her shoulders, feeling tension formed along the muscles of her neck and down to her ribcage. She didn’t like or trust the man. Often, sitting around the camp fire, she could feel his gaze shredding though the mingled voices of the rest of the crew, fixated on her as though he was attempting to recall an ancient memory through a fog that would not reveal itself. 

“Rex,” Shenohl’s deep baritone voice called out across the distance. “West power grid is fluctuating again. Better get moving before it goes down and we are all.....”

“I am coming,” Rex yelled out cutting the Andorian off before he could give a graphic detailed account of what would occur if the shields failed. Though that scenario was extremely unlikely to happen. Whoever had created the technology behind the nets and made a triple fail safe. Though it was troubling the same glitch was happening again. Hopefully she would have it sorted before evening meal was cold and enough time for a shower before the drum circles began, 

Slinging the shovel across her shoulder, Rex pushed one of the long snow white braids that had fallen across her chest back . Once, moons ago, when her skin was less weathered beaten and sun kissed, resembled more the sand beneath her feet, her hair hand been as dark as moonless night.  Many worshipped the sun as a deity, giver of life and punisher of the disobedient.  Too many long hours spent labouring under one sun or another’s heat had aged her too quickly. Rex pushed another braid back as she walked towards the ground vehicle. Even with one side of her head shaved short, the remaining braids were proving a nuisance. 

Stopping at the rear of the vehicle, Rex tossed the shovel inside and rubbed her hand across her tattooed covered chin before climbing in. “Hurry up Shenohl. I want to get this fixed and back to camp before all the fry bread is gone.” 

Shenohl laughed as he started up the motor. The Andorian really knew how to push Rex’s temper and never lost an opportunity to bait her. “You mean you want to get back to camp before Mashku pairs up tonight.” 

“Just drive you pouaru,” Rex sat back and closed her eyes, not paying attention to anything else that was said. The loll and sway of the vehicles movement making her sleepy and soon her chin fell forward. 

Rex Ariki, Civilian Engineer

OOC: Btw, I love this! Welcome back to Oed. :D ~Linds

OOC: Thanks! I am hoping to continue it tonight. Just trying to put a bow on an old story ----Ty

“Pappa, tell me a story,” the girls voice said pleading as her small hand reached up touching her father’s chin pulling it down to get his attention. As she swayed side to side, the man gentle removed her hand smiling as he picking up an elliptical shaped stone coloured with intricate black and blue shapes and lines. Attached to the oval stone was a long cord. Ariki handed his daughter the object. 

Rex handled the  carved purerehua that had been given to her father’s father for generations. Though she knew the story by heart, it remained her favourite. This prized possession was the only remaining one from her parents ancestral home on earth. Rex had never seen the bright blue marble covered with majestic oceans and mountains. Someday. Soon. Whaea had promised and such a promise could not be broken. Oaths had been sworn to Papatūānuku. Unwrapping the cord from instrument, Rex let it dangle and move freely with the light breeze. Light scents of floral mixed with the earthy musk of promised rain, here in tranquillity and peace. watching the hues of black and blue swirling together, secure and complete. 

Soot and ash covered the glare of the sunlight yet allowed a molten gold to splash across her face and directly into her eyes. Rex opened her eyes fully just as the rover came to a jolted stop. Sealing memories away, wiping pain and sting, she pushed opened the rear door and felt the crunch of hard earth beneath her feet. Picking up the engineer kit, she called out to Shenohl, “Wait for me. This won’t take long.”

Making her way to the outpost tower, Rex kicked a couple of rocks and took out the stone and cord of the purerehua that had belonged to all her father’s fathers and let it extend, swaying it softly to catch the rhythm of the breeze and her ancestors spirits. Raising her arm, Rex made larger circles, speeding and slowing, ebbing and flowing,  she lifted her voice joining the stones deep whirling baritone, calling to the mountains and seas only her heart could imagine lay around her feet. Pieces of her heart pulled back together, resurrecting the souls and spirits of all her people in harmony.  For a brief moment, Rex allowed herself to remember all that she had lost, all those she had lost, then sealed them away again. Just one moment longer than the others, Elehaa stayed before disappearing with the others. Breath caught in-between exhale and inhale, mixing twilights of this life and the life after, purifying the unconditional love that always remained.  

Pocketing the stone once more, Rex waved her hand in front of the access control panel and waited impatiently for the door to swish open. As the door slide back, fermented stale air assaulted olfactory senses. With another wave of her hand to push the foul odour away, the engineer stepped in as the lights illuminated cutting through the darkness. Outpost was a bit of an overstatement.  Inside the non descript building was nothing more than rows of compartments containing relays. Very vital relays that supplied this far flung corner of OED with oxygen, protected delectate skin from burning and a small amount of power. Plans to begin work to increase power to this section were, as always, “in progress”. Terraforming Camp Z189, affectionately known as Camp Tsisteel by the hundred odd residents, was as far from the thriving capital of OED, out of site and out of mind. Doubtful even those in charge remembered the camp existed. For all purposes, the camp was exactly the middle of nowhere. 

The workstation though was state of the art and the most technological advanced anywhere perhaps ever. How the governor and Starfleet managed to get so many different groups together to create such a wonder was a feat within itself. Rex sat down and starred at the sprawling display of lights, looking at each readout and measurement slowly. Making her eyes wide open as possible, she blew air into her cheeks, exhaled sharply, then extended her tongue and raised her fists upwards. Right. Intimidating the screen wasn’t going to fix it. Lowering her hands, she tapped the screen until the culprit was isolated. What was going on with the packs? That was the fifth this month. Pulling out a PaDD from her tool kit, Rex downloaded all the information and paused. Glancing at the screen again, something odd in the pattern of burnouts caught her attention. She shock her head. Tomorrow there would be more time to analysis and notify headquarters. For now, she would repair the pack. Again. The thought of fry bread and Mashku compelled her to finish quickly. 

Rex Ariki, Engineer

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