OOC Announcement: New Lieutenant Governor

Posted May 14, 2022, 12:20 p.m. by Civilian Michael Conrad (Owner- Black Sparrow) (Tony Findora)

Posted by Civilian Kenzo B’tren-Hyrushi (Governor) in OOC Announcement: New Lieutenant Governor
Hello everyone!

This is an announcement I am very excited to make. We have a new Lt. Governor in the form of Matt Matt Bongiorno! For those who don’t know him, Matt is the CO of the USS Sentinel, the Fleet Commander of Pioneer Fleet, and an all around fantastic writer. Matt has been in the club a little over a year and brings a level of enthusiasm and creativity that is infectious.

Please give Matt a warm Oed V welcome, and feel free to reach out to him if you have any questions! Welcome to the colony, Matt!


Welcome aboard Matt! Looking forward to our characters interacting some time! :)


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