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As she made her way down the fire escape, Eryn went over the conversation they had been having. She’d heard James get up to leave behind her, and she quickly lost herself in the street. If the man was following her, he’d have to work for it. His name wasn’t familiar to her, but that didn’t mean much. They worked mostly with agent numbers and code names if they ever had to be called ‘home’. She was pretty certain ‘the resident that was away’ was James. There were things he wanted from his quarters that he hadn’t taken the time to remove before he made his break. How clean was that break was of concern though. Section didn’t like giving their people up, even after retirement. It was also possible it was someone else’s information that he wanted, that he’d been unable to obtain himself. Several possibilities and not enough trust between the three of them.

An assortment of local security, Starfleet Intel, and Section 31. Inside these living quarters is a computer terminal and attached to said terminal is a signal transmitter and data drive. Well that meant that it was local, covered by SFI, covered by S31, and then covered again by the last two a couple of times trying to get one over on the other. The problem with spooks was they spent more time spooking themselves that watching the real threat. Getting in shouldn’t be a problem. If she could hack the ARU this should be no problem. Disconnecting the drive might be problematic, destroying the transmitter, well there was always the old fashioned way - crush it under her boot. But she didn’t want to draw too much attention. And Kodek would draw attention, and if he was trying to stay out of SFI’s radar going onto the planet side base was not the way. She was sure he would have some idea of how he wanted to proceed.

Eryn headed west a few blocks over. From the window of the safe house she’d been able to observe some of the daily activity around the area. There was a either a shopping or eating district that she had noticed that the Star Fleet types liked to visit. She had thought there would be at least another day before she’d be out walking this much, and though after all the rest she felt energized, she knew the pitfalls. She paced herself carefully. Vonn had given themselves 12 hours. Eryn made it to the small square that seemed to be situated in the middle of a business district. She glanced the green space in front of what looked like a school and then other commercial areas on her way. The square was ideally in the middle of it all, and filled with food stalls of all kinds. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect; it was busy for the lunch rush. Eryn moved among the crowd for a few moments, casually examining the offerings as if trying decide what to eat. In fact she was observing so much more than that. Most of the fleet officers were easy to spot in their uniforms and she discarded them immediately. They would be reporting back quickly and on alert, simply because they had the uniform on. No, Eryn was looking for an off duty officer. One that was going to be slowly enjoying their meal and then spending some time off the grounds of the fleet facilities.

Any telepath in the area would only pick up on her desire to find something new but not too strange to try, and fleeting thoughts about the architecture of the buildings around the colony. The security types would dismiss her as just another face in the crowd as she wandered around, maybe even wincing slightly as she narrowly, through no skill of her own, avoided being knocked into. The woman seemed a bit airheaded and unaware of her surroundings.

Finally, as she ordered a kabob of something, Eryn found what she was looking for, a group of younger officers, probably on their first or second assignment. Oed appealing to their sense of adventure and not as ‘bad’ as they had expected. They were out to explore. The small group separated to get their food and were moving back towards each other. One young man, in his eagerness to show off the gross looking delicacy he was going to try, wasn’t paying attention and ran right into Eryn, knocking both their meals into the air. Eryn reached out a surprised hand to steady herself against the young officer and was pulled to the ground with him. Oooff that hurt a lot more than she anticipated. Stupid injuries.

His friends laughed at the mess he’d made of himself, now covered in the writhing gagh he’d ordered. A soft, shy, flustered voice issued forth from Eryn, “Oh I am so sorry!” She scrambled to get off the young man, who only laughed, said it was his fault, and apologized. Eryn stood quickly, turning to get out of the way she bumped into one of the young women with him, brown haired and eyed. The woman smiled, “Are you alright?” Eryn nodded, mumbled another apology. She moved out of the way staring sadly at her food and plucked a large wiggling worm off her jacket with a grossed out face. She snagged a napkin from one of the vendors and tried her best to clean the jacket off.

She was grabbed by a very strong hand and stopped in her tracks. Crap. She turned to look to see who had grabbed her. Security, double crap. The man oozed it, tall, built, whipcord, and confident. But other than keeping the peace his mind felt calm enough. “Are you alright, miss?” Eryn blinked light brown doe eyes at the man. “Yes?” The man chuckled and nodded toward the group where she’d fallen. “You didn’t get hurt in that fall did you?” Eryn almost laughed. It was a little late to play the hero for the poor damsel. “Oh yes, just a … shiver worm. No harm done.” He grinned at her and picked another off her shoulder. “There’s a very nice Bajoran restaurant a couple blocks away. I get off at 1700 if you’d like some company.” Eryn could not believe what she was hearing. Looking rather embarrassed and disappointed, “’m sorry. Oed is just a stop over for me.” The officer grinned, “That would be my luck. Have safe travels, Miss.” Then he turned and left.

Eryn disappeared into the crowd. She headed south and back over a block, found a spot to sit and waited for Vonn. She had something in her hand and she seemed to be studying it and fidgeting. Her listening for anyone approaching, both physically and mentally.

Eryn Romanov


Vonn had waited for James to leave and then stood up and pressed a few icons on the wrist computer, and a swirl of lights whisked him away.

Some time later, the large Breen materialized in a shaded spot between two buildings. Across the way sat their partner. Partner. they thought to themself. The last partner I had tried to enslave me to work for the very people that our new ‘benefactor’ worked… or maybe works… for. Hmmm… the universe does have a sense of humor. and he tapped an icon and Eryn’s communicator beeped with a text-based message. =/\= Your meeting is with a Vulcan, male, tall, wearing the robes of a VSA teacher. =/\= A few moments later, that individual stepped out of the same place Vonn had been and walked towards Romanov. Lifting their hand in the typical Vulcan gesture of greeting, they said in a familiar yet artificial voice “We have twenty minutes before the projector goes dead. We need to move.”


Eryn stood her hand raising in a traditional greeting, even coming out in perfect Vulcan, “Sochya eh dif (Peace and long life). Affixing the combadge to the left side center chest of her jacket, Eryn feel into step to the Vulcan man. “You seem…smaller, Teacher.” It was a short walk to the entrance of the Fleet quarter and the altered combadge registered her life signs with the officer she’d lifted it from. She had to assume that Vonn’s hologram would pass muster. The map that James had provided was seared into her memory so she didn’t have to reference it as she made her way through the facility. Being in civilian clothing, Eryn had to take a less direct route in order to avoid duty stations, but they arrived with little delay. This was the problem. The standard lock would be easy, especially compared to those on the Leviathan. It was the special ‘presents’ that were left when the lock was disengaged that would be the problem. They were all pretty standard, but each person put their own twist to it. “Act like your lecturing me on the finer points of logic and I’ll look like I’m paying attention.” Eryn popped the control panel off and peeked inside. HA! The override chip was pretty standard, reaching in and found the small node, by touch, and stared at the Vulcan man nodding politely every so often. At the count of 15 she pressed the node, sending a surge to the chip and frying it. Then it was a simple matter of crossing the wires and the door opened. “After you.” What they were picking up would be much more difficult.


They stepped inside and the Vulcan’s arm went across her chest, stopping her in her tracks just far enough in the door to let it slide closed. “Holo-tripwires.” they said pointing to the floor. Then the Vulcan pointed to a chandelier. “Atmospheric pressure differential analyzer.” So any change in the atmospheric density in the room would cause an alarm. The Vulcan’s head turned slowly, scanning the room with no expression. “Audio and video surveillance are in place, but not active. Probably records when tripped and sends the data in a burst pulse to the receiver.” They pointed out several cameras and microphones. “Wait one.” and a hand went into his pocket, coming out with a small, round disc. “How long can you hold your breath in your compromised state?” they asked.


Eryn hadn’t intended to take more than a step inside, knowing there would be more tricks - the holo-tripwires didn’t surprise her. Eryn scanned the room identifying the cameras and microphones before Vonn pointed them out. She spotted the signs of the signal transmitter and data drive, but she knew what to look for. She glanced at the chandelier and slowed her breath and looked at him. Her breathing was better, but…not as long as she would like. “2 minutes max. Safer at 1.40.” No time like the present to push boundaries. Honestly couldn’t James have waited another week?


The helmet nodded and said “I’m registering a computer terminal on the counter between the dining room and the kitchen. You will have a minute to get there, retrieve the package, and get out before the gas wears off. Ready?”

When Eryn was ready, Vonn knelt low and placed the disc on the floor, sending it sliding smoothly across the tile with a flick of their finger. “Hold your breath now.” they said. As soon as the disc came to a stop, the center popped up, but nothing seemed to happen for a moment… and the air inside the apartment became a brilliant blue color. “Halorinide gas. Nothing will trip. Go, quickly.” they said.


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