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Posted May 16, 2022, 1:15 p.m. by Civilian Orlando Richards (Teacher) (Ty Napier)

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Posted by Civilian Orlando Richards (Teacher) in Lessons But Lessons, Director of Education Office
Three decades had come and gone. Souls and hearts mended through laughter, tears and knowing the deserving was in forgiveness. Though the angles were satisfied and did not return those held dear, time moved on bringing one moment closer to uniting the two who had shared the same air, the same soul and had split apart in death, one not his own. Sparks of blue fire hide the mystery of one life or a hundred lifetimes, an old soul or new.  Softness of innocent features had matured, deepened hard jawline replaced dimpled check bones. Broad shoulders stretched across a white button down shirt, opened just a peak to tanned skin covering muscles much harder won. Wavy long blond curls replaced by shorter hair with just a hint of greying on the edges matching the more rougher masculine beard. The shadows of the boy remained behind the long eyelashes contradicting the assertion a man didn’t reach until thirty.  One thing hadn’t changed. Orlando Richards was still a very handsome man. Flashing a magnetic smile to the security officer as he was waved though the orbital station, he flung his one bag across his shoulder and walked briskly out the exit and to his first glimpse of OED. 

Settling down roots on OED was not an option. Absently he turned the bracelet around on his left wrist that had been crudely braided together by a child’s hands. Colourful plastic beads intermixed with letters spelling out the name “Logan”. Whistling long and low as he turned around in small circles. Orlando craned his neck, looking up and taking in the pristine buildings. Nearly knocking over a woman passing by, he stopped, got his bearings and headed towards the newly built university centre. Knots of guilt settled into the pit of his stomach and perhaps, a bit of nervousness. What lay ahead here and what remained back on earth, left him feeling anxious, determined and unsure of consequences. So much of Logan’s life had gone and passed without him already. Hopefully, Logan’s mother would accept and understand he wasn’t here without reason. Somewhere, on the streets of OED, or out in the barren grounds, his nephew Phoenix was hiding from his parents. Luckily he was too young to join Starfleet as his uncles had done so many years ago. Unfortunately, the universe was a sprawling place with lots of trouble for a seventeen year old on his own to find. Though Orlando suspected a girl was the reason. A girl was always the reason. Humour spread to the corner of his lips that widen into a smile. 

After an hour of twists and turns, stopping to take in the scenery, Orlando finally made it the sprawling education complex. To him, it seemed work was still to be done and expansions not completed. Still, the University was steadily gaining a reputation that one day would rival Vulcan and Denobulia. Orlando meandered his way through throngs of students laying on the massive green lawns, some throwing discs, others sitting in circles reading from PaDDs and one young man entertaining others with a stringed instrument. Stopping to ask at least six times. the door to the Director of Education materialized. 

Standing in front of the receptionist, Orlando glanced quickly around the reception area before smiling warmly, and handing a bouquet of flowers he had purchased at a small shop. Inside a white linen, green, deep purple and bright yellow buds poked out the top looking as though they had not seen water in two days. “Good morning. My name is Orlando Richards. I know I don’t have an appointment, but I was hoping to speak with Dr. Enger. Is that possible please?” 

Orlando Richards, Teacher

Quimby was a retired police captain from the OED Police force. He’d been around for a long time, had an outstanding record, and knew how to deal with any situation that might crop up. Even sitting he was eye level with most people who came in. He had a broad chest, beefy arms and legs like tree trunks, despite the white in his hair and mustache. Quimby was in charge of the university’s security. He gave a polite smile and nod to the man who approached the desk. “One moment.” Quimby tapped on a computer screen, “Director Enger is in class at the moment. If you would like to wait, she is free after.” Quimby waved over to a very comfortable lounge that included a small coffee and bakery kiosk.


“Director Enger not Dr. Enger. My mistake. Thank you so much for your help. Oh these are for you,” Orlando said grinning a perfect smile one of warmth and sincerity that invited return. He held out the bouquet of flowers not even slightly uncomfortable or hesitant of offering the burly man such a gesture. Most of his early Starfleet days, being as lazy and unmotivated as he was, had been spent flirting with anyone who would take notice and be willing to take on his tasks. Extra time, of course, to goof off in the holodeck surfing. ‘Why work when you can flirt’ had been his motto. Gods what a prat he had been then. Flowers still extended, were only meant to say thanks and brighten the security officers day. 

Seeing the rows of pastry dishes, baked goods and breads, Orlando made a beeline. Light sweet scents of fresh bread permeated through the waiting area as he lifted the cover to the treasures displayed behind the transparent glass. Like some ancient hypnotic rhythm pulsated through his veins, Orlando’s hips began to move in a dance as he bit into the flaky creamed stuffed pastry that beckoned to fulfil all his unholy desires. Buttery flecks fell unapologetically into his beard, white gel covered his lips like a lover leaving behind her lipstick after passionate and prolonged kissing. Not just any meshing of lips, but the kind that lost self control, earths colliding, dam breaking, hello-where-you-been-my-whole-life, kissing. His eyelid closed halfway, jaw slacked and head fell back against the base of his neck, uttering sweet, sweet noises that would drive the prettiest devil to her knees. No mother, no baby mamma to tell him off for eating it, Orlando grabbed another. Through a half mouth full, he turned to the security officer, “oh my god this is so good.” 

Orlando Richards, teacher

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