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Posted by Civilian Eryn Romanov (Colonial Intelligence Agent) in Sacred Heart Hospital- A Universe of Posibilities

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Meanwhile, the scans showed several things: not only did the bullet cause damage to multiple organs, but the system spat back an ID alert: Halai Cosgrove.

~Sacred Heart ER Team

In a non-descript warehouse away from Sacred Heart, Eryn sat at a computer console, with multiple monitors and watched. She hated these days. She’d rather be in the field working than watching it. But it served a purpose and it was her turn. Her eyes darted back and forth across the screens watching the comings and goings around Oed, when the computer beeped and flashed and blinked at her. Halai Cosgrove? A quick look told her it was pinged from the hospital. Well that wasn’t good for Halai Cosgrove. “And vhy my dear is your name pinging my alarms? Hmm?” Turning to the key board Eryn initiated a search.

Romanov, CIA

Halai Cosgrove (formerly a decorated Lieutenant in Starfleet) had been the Head of Science & Terraforming on Oed V from 2389-2395 until she resigned her position. This came weeks after she had been notably attacked in her villa and the attack had been traced to a small Tyrellian spiritual group. During the attack, they also abducted Halai’s half-sister Kristina Cosgrove and managed to remove her from the Oed system before the ports were locked down. Halai refused to press charges, but was determined to get her sister back. She took a leave from her duties and went to Tyrellia. She promptly resigned her position on Oed and has not set foot on the planet since. It is noted that she remained on Tyrellia, but Kristina returned to Oed safely with no adverse affects of her abduction. Halai has recently been named Tyrellia’s Cultural Ambassador. To date no formal explanation was given for the attack and abduction and the officials who knew about it are no longer on Oed V.

~Sacred Heart ER Team

Well that was interesting. Eryn was sure it would mean more if she had been on Oed then. She put in a search for information on the Tyrellian spiritual group and their past and current activities. News reports on what Halai Cosgrove did as Tyrellia’s Cultural Ambassador, as well as any shady reports she could find. A search for known associates and backgrounds on them as well as on her sister, Kristina Cosgrove, since she seemed to play a part in the previous incident.

She hit a com button the desk, “Hey, James come in here a moment. Take a look at this.”


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