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Posted May 18, 2022, 6:11 p.m. by Civilian Kenzo B'tren-Hyrushi (Governor) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Captain Tori Zei (Lt. Governor) in A New Beginning (Tag Governor)
A brilliant blue light of transporter energy illuminated the Governor B’tren-Hyrushi’s office as Starfleet Captain Tori Zei beamed down from the Centurion up in orbit and quickly materialized fully on the surface. She arrived on time for their scheduled meeting together which she scheduled in haste as soon as she arrived onboard the Centurion. This appointment would surely assist her in obtaining a better grasp of the dysfunctional situation that was occurring on Oed V. Along with uncovering how much damage Starfleet had caused the colony from what appeared to result from poor leadership decisions prior to her assignment as the Lieutenant Governor. Oed V is a planet with strategic importance to the Federation and the current state of affairs could not be taken lightly. For starters, there was a Klingon dreadnaught in orbit and the development of a Colonial Defense Force ongoing. Tori could never land one of the easy assignments, but at the same time, where was the fun in that?

Tori donned the typical Starfleet uniform with the command red on her shoulders accompanied by the four Captains pips on her color. Her brown hair flowed down to her shoulders and her black eyes clearly distinguished her as a Betazoid woman. She was aware that Kenzo was half Betazoid in blood, so at least there was a little bit of common ground to begin on. Her eyes met Kenzo’s gaze as she stepped forward introducing herself, “Hello Governor B’tren-Hyrushi, I am your new Lieutenant Governor Tori Zei. A pleasure to meet you sir.” A smile spread across her face as she had conveyed an honest positive tone in her words. It was natural for a Betazoid to be honest with others, sometimes overbearingly in the opinion of other races. Tori introduced herself with the Lieutenant Governor title as opposed to being just another Starfleet Captain on assignment, she was there to work with Kenzo and support Oed V to the best of her ability. She definitely wanted to connect with the community and work with the Governor with aspirations for Oed V to flourish to its fullest potential.

  • Lieutenant Governor Tori Zei

If it was any indication of his temperament, the Governor didn’t stand upon her arrival. He simply inclined his head slightly, his obsidian eyes matching hers as he indicated a chair in front of the desk. “Captain… a pleasure. Please do be seated. As our first interaction wasn’t deemed formal enough for you to use a door, I am guessing we can skip pleasantries and get right down to business, then?” To his credit, Hyrushi radiated calm. Even if there was an unspoken edge to his word choice; his tone was, while not friendly or warm, it was professionally unaggressive. “Tea?” he asked and lifted a beautiful ceramic pot and began pouring a heady and aromatic tea into a matching ceramic cup. The tea set was Japanese, the tea itself a staple of Bajor homes.

Hyrushi, Gov.

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