Attack at City Center (OPEN TO ALL)

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Holloway? Was he referring to the woman headed his direction? Or was there another passenger by that name? Before he could answer, another voice sounded.


The name escaped her lips before she could stop it and she ran faster towards the wrecked shuttle. At first the knot in her gut grew stronger and then her brain kicked in. What was he doing on a HHI shuttle to begin with? And why did he wanted her out of there? Had he even looked in her direction long enough to see her?

It was only when she got closer to the shuttle that she saw what remained of the Holloway crest painted in the bottom of the craft. This wasn’t any shuttle. This was the family’s shuttle. The one her uncle used when…

Get Holloway out. Suddenly the words made sense. It wasn’t her… it was Lucas. Her uncle was inside the shuttle…

As she got closer to the shuttle, Molly ran her fingers next to what was left of the door. Turning to the man and the woman coming in to help, she could feel her training kicking in. As a former Starfleet Captain and an expert on survival strategies, she knew how to handle the wreckage. Her emergency aid, however, was limited to what first aid Starfleet had taught her.

Holloway waited for the other two to get closer before speaking calmly and clearly. “My name is Molly Holloway. This is my uncle’s shuttlecraft. There is an emergency manual override for the door here.” She tapped the alloy next to the door frame softly. “It’s our best bet to be able to get anyone trapped inside out. I am hoping it opens without any trouble. Once I open it, I have no clue what we will find, but I will need help taking them out of here.”

She seemed to be emotionally compromised though he couldn’t blame her. Normally he wouldn’t condone just anyone going about doing this, but he recognized the training. He decided to simply help and not make too much a fuss.

“Are you ready? In three, two, one…” Pulling out the small lever, Molly rotated it, effectively trying to activate the manual override for the shuttle’s door and get it to open.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

There was a loud pop and a hiss as the pneumatic systems that secured the door released. The door dropped back into the craft and, due to the lack of power to the systems, swung open slowly under its own weight. The inside of the normally spectacular craft, one Molly had ridden many times before, was destroyed and Crash Foam could do little for the occupants due to the inertia of a truly violent impact.

The CCDA General lay to the front of the cabin, his left arm and both legs appeared broken… though Molly had seen him far worse when they escaped the Jem-Hedar base years ago, he was still in rough shape. The other man, Holloway, lay toward the back of the craft… pinned beneath debris with a shard of metal speared through his right thigh. There was blood and the man looked unconscious but breathing.

Molly exhaled through her nose at the sight of Cal, and her lips pressed into a line. He was going to be okay. She had seen him pull through much worse, and she knew for a fact that it wasn’t a couple of broken bones that were going to stop Calvin Harris.

However, the same wasn’t true for her uncle, and Molly fought the urge to get into the shuttle and try to pull him out. It would do more harm than good.

Harris blinked hard and strained against the glare of new light, trying to focus… as it dawned on him who was coming through the door he looked momentarily relived then a renewed panic washed over him. “Molly!” He coughed then looked to Lucas then back at his partner. “Missile…” He strained. “… not… accident.” He coughed once more. “Emergency transport… they could… be back.” With that, Calvin Harris collapsed back, exhausted.


What? A missile? Cal passed out before Molly had time to reply. If that was true, they needed to call on the CCDA and check their records, as well as those of Astro Control Central. The authorities would be called in to investigate, but if the group behind this was who Lucas thought they were, then they would never catch them.

Eric clicked on his ear communicator, accessing the radio for emergency services. =/\=This is Eric Carlisle at the site of the crash. We have 2 seriously wounded here in need of immediate emergency transport to Sacred Heart.=/\= He hoped the transporter would activate very soon.

-Eric Carlisle, Owner of Secret Securities

Molly couldn’t help but overhear the man’s request for transport. She wondered how much of what Cal had said he had heard. After all, general panic would only make matters worse.

Kristina, mindful of not having a clue how she could be useful, did as she had been instructed and stayed close, but also kept out of the way. Looking behind her, she saw other drawing in closer. That wasn’t good. She stepped towards them and held up her hand to them “Stay back! We don’t know the whole of the situation yet. It might not be safe. But if there is a doctor, we could use one!”

~Kristina Cosgrove

Molly waited for the two men to be transported to the hospital. They would be safe at Sacred Heart. At least for now. Discreetly, she opened the duffel bag she had brought with her from her own arrival at the shuttleport and sent a quick message to Jersey so that she could meet both men as they arrived at Sacred Heart. She’d be her eyes and ears and Molly didn’t trust anyone else for the job.

As for her, she would be staying back helping with whatever the authorities needed. After all, Molly knew that shuttle like the back of her hand, and she knew the people involved better than anyone else at the scene.

She would eventually run her own investigation. Later.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

A moment later, the screaming atmospheric engines of a pair of CCDA Patrol Craft thundered overhead as they first swept wide over the area then broke off to land flanking the crash with cockpits facing the crash site with their bay doors facing away. A half dozen CDF Troopers stormed out of each Patrol Craft and set up a parameter before a third, heavily armed AirCar settled next to the Shuttle. A trio of CDF Military Police formed a cordon around the black uniformed CDF Colonel that emerged from the car and walked quickly to the crash site.

The brunette Colonel was tall and athletic, a braid down her back and a large pistol on her hip. She was moving swiftly at first but broke into a sprint as she recognized the party already on the site. Rushing up, the woman sounded immediately more concerned and spoke quickly. “Director Holloway… we hadn’t been informed of your return. I’m Colonel Kasey Jordan, Chief of CDF Security Forces.” She paused, visibly swallowing. “Are the General and Chairman Holloway…”

Col. Kasey Jordan, CDF

Just around the same time that CDF Armed forces arrived several Oed Police Hovercraft floated in, escorting emergency services vehicles to the scene, one of the vehicles stopped nearby and a tall man exited the vehicle. He was wearing a dark brown coat and had a red necktie. slightly pointed ears, black eyes, and hints of spots on his neck hinted at his mixed heritage. He jogged towards the colonel “DCI Pangolin, I’m the OIC for Oed Police on scene” He spoke in a firm voice as he surveyed the scene “There are EMTs arriving on scene” He looked at the Colonel “Commissioner says this is CDF’s scene, you have operational command Colonel”

In the Government tower the Police commissioner was watching from the command center, giving out orders for securing the area and sending for Starfleet patrols and requests to track what exactly happened. On the Scene, DCI Pangolin looked between each person present and memorized their features for later reference, a constable was already taking holopics of the area and the people there.

DCI Pangolin

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