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Posted by Civilian Nathan Carlisle (Archeologist) in Checking In - Department of Education

Posted by Civilian Karina Enger (Director of Education) in Checking In - Department of Education
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Nathan was able to get at least a room at the local hotel situated for him for the time being until he could find a more permanent home. He had to check in with the Head of Education for Oed as he was listed to be teaching at the new Oed University.

He wore tanned slacks and a white button up shirt. Rarely did he wear the sleeves to his wrists. They were currently rolled up to his elbows, revealing his defined physique in his lower arm. A brown leather satchel was on his side as he walked into the Education offices.

Nathan approached the desk. “Hello, I’m here to see director of education I believe? I’m a new university professor, just checking in.” He offered a genuine smile as he observed the person before him and his surroundings.

-Nathan Carlisle

Quimby was a retired police captain from the OED Police force. He’d been around for a long time, had an outstanding record, and knew how to deal with any situation that might crop up. Even sitting he was eye level with most people who came in. He had a broad chest, beefy arms and legs like tree trunks, despite the white in his hair and mustache. Quimby was in charge of the university’s security. He gave a polite smile and nod to the man who approached the desk as he checked something on his screen. “Mr Carlisle, or is it doctor?” Quimby tapped on a computer screen and then set a large scanner on the counter, “Please place your hand there for identity verification.”

Nathan was a bit surprised that the man before him had known exactly who he was with no introduction. Then again, how many new teachers were they actually getting? “Mr. Carlisle is fine. I’m a doctor, but feel no need for the title, thank you.” replied Nathan as he placed his hand on the scanner set before him.

Quimby in fact had a list of all expected visitors to the college at his station. Carlisle stood out because he was the only visitor listed to see the director that day.

Once verified it was a short moment before Quimby handed over an old fashioned hard plastic badge, “Temporary access pass to the university. Director Enger is expecting you. The lift is down the hall at the very end. 3rd floor, go straight down the hall till it ends and then turn right. She’s the last office on the left.” Quimby waved over to a very comfortable lounge that included a small coffee and bakery kiosk. “Help yourself to whatever you would like.”


Nathan gave the man a smile. “Thank you, Mr…?” he inquired.

The big man grinned, “Quimby. Head of security for the educational facilities on the colony.” He offered his hand to Carlisle. “If you need anything just ask.”

Nathan shook the man’s hand. “I’ll make sure to remember Mr. Quimby. Thanks!”

Once he got the name, he smiled and wandered off exactly where Quimby spoke. However, before getting fully underway, he did in fact get himself a small coffee with cream.

After a small trek, Nathan eventually found himself standing in front of Director Enger’s office. He pressed the door chime in request for entry.

-Nathan Carlisle, Archaeologist

There was the soft click of boots across the floor then muffled and clicks again before the door opened. Karina stood in the open door way in a soft grey pant suite and emerald green blouse. Quimby had sent a long a notice that her visitor had arrived. “Mr Carlisle? Please come in and have a seat.” The office had a large set of windows on the far side that over looked the main quad of the college. The side walls were filled with bookshelves that were only about 1/3 full at the moment. The large center area was covered in a plush area rug and framed by comfortable couches and arm chairs with a circular high polished cherry wood coffee table.

Enger, ED

Nathan grinned, his satchel still at his side and coffee in opposite hand. “Thank you,” he said as he strolled in toward one of the chairs, noting the shelves as he walked past. “How are you?” he asked as he set down the bag and took a seat. He looked up, eyes locked on the director as she moved about.

-Nathan Carlisle, Archaeologist Professor

Karina sat down in a low back, but comfortable arm chair and crossed her ankles. “I am very well, thank you.” Karina had a slow way of speaking as if she decided what she said before it ever made it to her mouth. Her voice also had a slight hint of mechanics to it. She had large temporal lobes on either side of her head identifying her as Cairn.
The Cairn had no spoken language at all, being completely telepathic. But like all Cairn that left their homeworld, Karina had a vocal enhancer installed when she was a small child - the slight mechanical hint to her voice. “How was your journey out to Oed?”

Enger, ED

Nathan smiled as he listened to the woman before him. He had never met a Cairn in person before, so it was very new to him. His empathy opened up to her, in a way of him lightly reading her. It was customary for him, so as to learn more in the moment. “The journey was peaceful. Uneventful thankfully. It was pretty long though. But I’m definitely glad to be here and get my feed on the ground once again.” He kept his eyes trained on her as he put a leg over his other, the ankle meeting at the the opposite’s knee.

-Nathan Carlisle, Archaeologist Professor

Karina felt calm and confident, a healthy dose of curiosity, even if there was a noticeable feeling of being harried. “Let’s begin with the paperwork you recieved. Do you have any questions about your contract?”

The contract included, among the mundane things, a five year contracts, no less, with performance based increases every year. There was a 5% sign on bonus for contracts of 5 years and 10% for 7or more. Moving expenses were provided and free housing for all contracts of 5 or more years. Health care would be provided through Sacred Heart Hospital. All instructors were provided with a classroom budget. All staff were expected to work on a committee to write the curriculum and policy for their class and department. (OOC: I don’t know if you want to have him as the head of the department or just an instructor. I am fine either way you want to go.)

Enger, ED

OOC: I actually hadn’t thought of that before this. We could have him go head of the department! :D

IC: Nathan relaxed. The woman seemed quite cordial and curious. The stress of her situation was not lost on him, though whether it was due to whole university coming together or something else was something he didn’t have confirmation on.

“Nothing absolutely specific about the contract itself. I was curious about the housing. I actually rented out a hotel room for a few nights just in case anything was delayed. Would love to get a lay of the land as it were. Everything else in the contract feels great to me.” he said with a grin before taking a sip of his coffee and setting it on the table.

-Nathan Carlisle, Archaeologist

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