Zerbo confronts the Governor

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Posted by Civilian Zerbo (Ferengi Representative) in Zerbo confronts the Governor
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Zerbo was beside himself. He was losing status on OED and worse, he was losing profits and status on Ferengar because of his lack of business on OED. He didn’t know why Hoka was doing so well even after spending trillions of his own money. He knew Hoka had to be given certain contracts and permits that he applied for himself. Today he was going to get an answer hopefully.

Arriving at the Governor’s office for his 4pm appointment He waited on a lounge chair until he was called.

Dai’Mon Ress Zerbo First Assistant

Kenzo had anticipated this meeting, albeit to the Dai’mon’s credit he hadn’t expected it quite this soon. So when the appointment had been made, Hyr7shi ensured that all his due diligence… and some special forensic accountants… were done and poised for action.

When the receptionist pinged his desk console, Kenzo took a breath and then pressed the icon allowing the doors to his office to open.

“Dai’mon, do come in. It has been some time, has it not. Please… do be seated.” and he indicated a seat in front of the desk with a small step-stool next to it. Hyrushi himself sat down without waiting for Zerbo to be seated, and locked obsidian eyes on the Ferengi. “To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit, sir?” he said, even though his tone indicated that pleasure wasn’t the foremost emotion in him.

Hyrushi, Gov.


“About time!” He muttered as he walked in. The lack of respect in tone was not missed by the fat Ferengi. “Indeed” He stated as he stepped up on the stool and onto the chair. Glaring at the Governor. “You can start by telling me why I am losing profits to Hoka! I know full well that you have been giving him contacts that I specifically asked for! Worse yet, the Grand Nagus has summoned me back to Fengar! No doubt due to the lack of profits a Ferengi in my position is supposed to make! My position in The Alliance and my life is at stake here! Sure I make trillions with the Trade Station that we built but it is not enough! Not enough to keep for myself and not enough to send back to the Grand Nagus!” He was done and just at there huffing and glaring.

Dai’Mon Ress Zerbo First Assistant to the Grand Nagus

Hyrushi leaned back and steepled his fingers together in front of him. “You know Dai’Mon, ever since you and I first met I felt as if there was some kind of… miscommunication… between us. So I will try to be as direct as I can. Yes, I know you are losing vast sums to your aide Hoka. Yes, he and I have many agreements that you are not privy to. And yes, I know about your summons… not good for business at all. And yes… your position and your life are very much hanging in the balance of what you decide over the next few days and weeks. Oh, and I know you aren’t making trillions Dai’Mon… I have access to your tax records. If you are making trillions, you have failed to claim much in your statements.” and he looked at the Ferengi for a long moment.

Hyrushi, Governor

Zerbo glared at him for awhile then barked out. “You! How do you have access to my tax records and how can you possibly know about my being summoned back to Ferengar!” Then a look of realization came across face. “You have been playing me from the start. Getting what you want for your precious little community here by feeding me a couple contracts here and there.”

Hyrushi spread his hands and bowed his head slightly in acknowledgment of Zerbo’s insight, but stayed silent.

He sit back into the chair and smiled crudely. “You are pretty talented for a Hew-Mon. The Federation did right appointing you. So tell me then Governor. “Why Hoka over me? I am the one that has the power in our caste system. I am the one with the most wealth. So again, why choose a welp of a Ferengi over top echelon?”

Dai’Mon Ress Zerbo First Assistant

“Wrong, Dai’Mon. You were the one that had the power. Yes, you technically still outrank Hoka in Ferengi society… for now. But do you honestly see that continuing once you go back to Ferengar? Because I do not. Hoka has made the money. Hoka has the contracts. Hoka has his name on the zoo and several other institutions here. Last time I saw your name, Dai’Mon, was on a civil litigation suit about failure to uphold contractual obligations. Now that is a black eye on your reputation, is it not?” and he made a tsk-tsk sound at the Ferengi. “And I chose him because he isn’t a self-absorbed, blinded-by-greed, arrogant snake-oil salesman who can’t see the bigger picture.” and the Governor leaned forward.

Zerbo’s fat mouth gasped at the insult and was about to say something until the Governor cut him off.

“The difference between the two of you, Dai’Mon, is that Hoka can see a much bigger picture than you do. He saw the opportunities that Oed presented… and he knew that to make money you have to spend money. And spend he has… and generated by my Finance Ministry’s estimates to have recouped around an eight hundred percent return. And unlike most Ferengi in his position, he understands the value of reciprocity. He gives, we give. He gives more, we give more. We all win. The colony by getting much needed infrastructure and trade… and Hoka by sheer, unadulterated profit. And in turn, he invests that profit back into the colony and makes even more profit. You were very wise in hiring him to aide you, Dai’Mon… but you were a fool to discount him. And now… that foolishness will probably get you killed… or worse… poor.” and he leaned back and smiled slightly.

Fuming at the way he was just talked to. “How dare* you talk to the First Assistant to the Grand Nagus in that manner you impudent Hew-Mon! I will make you and especially Hoka, pay for your and his insolence! You will see the full power that my weight holds you pathetic.....” Seeing that the Governor was unphased by his words and the fact that he was still smiling while he yelled at him he paused for a moment to rethink his position and that’s when the Governor continued.

“Unless you were intelligent and wise enough to recognize an opportunity when it presents itself, that is.”

Hyrushi, Governor

Zerbo was very silent for a long time. Longer than anyone has ever heard outside of him sleeping. Running his thick tongue across his teeth with his mouth closed he pondered. The Governor was right. He can become poor! In a matter of mere moments he would have everything stripped from him like he did so many countless times to other Ferengi. He just never gave it a second thought.... until now. Now it affected him and now he gave a damn. Settling back into the chair he looked away and puffed quietly, “What did you have in mind?”

Dai’Mon Ress Zerbo First Assistant

Hyrushi watched Zerbo for a long time in silence. Finally, he stood up and walked towards the fireplace, pulled two glasses from a side cabinet and a crystal decanter, poured each glass a thid full, and walked back to the desk; stopping long enough to give the Ferengi one of the glasses. Taking a seat, he took a seat and then took a sip.

Zerbo reluctantly took the glass. If he was going down then he might as well not be thirsty and enjoy a good drink.

“Returning to Ferengar is a death sentence… for you, your wealth, or both. If you are lucky, they’ll kill you before they strip you of everything. Especially if they know you were outmanuvered by both your subordinate and a puny human.” he said, ending with a small but wicked grin that disappeared as fast as it appeared.

Zerbo glared daggers at the Governor.

“So what I offer is this. You graciously decline your ‘invitation’ to return, move all assets you can to the newly formed Financial Holding Company of Oed V, and become the new Director of Finance and Colonial Economics of Oed V.” The Governor fell silent and watched for the Dai’Mon’s reaction.

Hyrushi, Governor

Taking long sips of the delicious brown liquid and mulling it over in his 4 lobed brain he finally spoke and it was very soft and sincere. “I am dead no matter what. Dead to the Alliance, dead to profit, dead to everyone. If I stay here, I will be still be a failure with an important sounding job and still a target. If I go back, I..... know what will happen. So I think I will do the right thing for once in my miserable life and go and take my medicine and take what comes. I need to be held accountable for all my previous and grievous decisions over the last century. So thank you Governor but I will not accept your offer. Maybe if I am still alive in two weeks, but not right now.” Drinking the rest of his drink in one gulp he looked back at the Governor. “Can I trouble you for one more drink?”


Hyrushi arched an eyebrow and said “The offer won’t extend past this meeting. Not because I am cruel, but because the moment you walk out that door your value to me and to Oed plummets. Right here… right now-” and jabbed a finger into the desk to emphasize the point, “- you are Dai’Mon Zerbo, Second to the Grand Nagus, and one of the wealthiest Ferengi in the Alliance. Now think what it would mean… what message it would send throughout the Alliance and the Federation… if a being in your current position was to choose this colony over all of that?” and he paused and let the thought percolate through Zerbo’s mind.

“It would tell anyone with half a mind that this place was not only open for business… but it was ripe with opportunity. What else would draw such an illustrious and successful financial mind away from all of that to stake a claim here?” Hyrushi leaned back and his black eyes flashed.

“And then… when Ferengar begins making public their side of the situation…that you were hustled and beaten by a mere human and some lacky… how do you think the general public will see that? Do you think banks, venture capitalists, investors, and the like will actually believe that Zerbo was on the brink of ruin and somehow magically became the Director of Finance and Economics for the fastest growing colony in the quadrant? No. They will see it as Ferengar being wholly embarrassed and trying save face. And you will never have to confirm or deny anything. You simply shrug and say ‘I made my choice, and the spreadsheets show that was the profitable choice.’” He locked eyes with Zerbo.

“Rule of Acquisition number fifteen, Dai’Mon… Dead men close no deals.”


“Very true. Rule one.” He mulled it over and over again in his head and then came to the conclusion that the Governor was right. “It would seem you are correct . That would send a very large statement to Ferengar and to the rest of the universe.” He looked out the window again for a couple moments before turning his attention back. “I agree and accept your proposal Governor. Thank you.”


“You are most welcome… although we will need to agree to certain… stipulations.” He stood up and went and got the decanter and poured Zerbo another drink. “First and foremost, I think we can agree that neither one of us trusts the other. And I can work with that if you can. But if you are going to handle the economic development and oversee colonial financial development, I need to at least know that you won’t screw over the people. Because at the end of the day, that is who we work for. And I will tolerate no one putting them in jeopardy. Are we understood?”

Hyrushi, Governor

“That I understand and agree to. How about I do what Hoka did and give you access to my bank account so you can personally see that I will not?” He took a sip. “Ahh. Anything else?


Hyrushi was thoughtful for a moment and then said “Pay. you will be given a living stipend to address basic needs: food, shelter, et cetera. But that will not keep you in the lifestyle that you are accustomed to. So… I propose this. It is in your nature to skim from profits, be they your own or not.” and he held up a hand before Zerbo could protest. “That is not an insult, it is an empirical observation. It is part of your species, your culture. I will not detract from that. But I do have to keep such graft… manageable.” and he thought for a moment and then said “My proposal: You can take up to half a percentage point from any contract you procure that increases the GDP of the colony by two percent or higher; and a full percent of anything increasing the GDP by five percent annually and consistently over a five year period. So the more the colony makes, the more you make. We will consider that a ‘commission’. Your thoughts, Dai’Mon?”

Hyrushi, Gov

Zerbo mulled it over a bit and took another sip. “That seems fair enough. Gives me an incentive to do my best and everyone wins. And you are not talking to Hoka. I am Dai’Mon Ress. Not just Dai’Mon. And from now on you can call me Mr. Zerbo. I will make an official resignation later today. Then we can make our deal here official. But please just call me Mr. Zerbo from now on.”

Mr. Zerbo

“And I am Governor Hyrushi, not just someone you can dictate to.” Kenzo said flatly, but then gave the Ferengi a small smile so he knew it was a friendly barb, nothing more. “Once you are officially in your position, you can begin to develop the economic plans as you see fit. I will need plans for one, three, five, and ten year projections with definitive, measurable goals. Once you have those done, we will meet with the rest of the Directors and discuss, then you will be off and running. Your office is one floor below, Suite F. Let me know if you need anything, and I am very happy to have you on the colony’s side, Mr. Zerbo.”

Hyrushi, Governor

“Thank you Governor Hyrushi. But that will be all for now. I’ll go to the office and start on those plans. Thank you for the drink.” He jumped down from the chair and put the empty glass on the table and began to waddle away.

Mr. Zerbo

“Oh, one last matter Mr. Zerbo.” Hyrushi said and stood and came around to stand in front of the Ferengi. Flat-black eyes looked deep into the new Finance Director’s eyes and Kenzo said “I am placing a great deal of trust in you. And we always work for the people’s best interests. Always. If I ever doubt that they are not your primary concern, Mr. Zerbo… you will wish you had returned to Ferengar. Not a threat… just a reality I want you to keep in mind. Please don’t make me regret having put you in this role.” and he extended a hand slowly towards Zerbo.

Hyrushi, Gov.

Zerbo put his stubby fat hand into the Governor’s and shook it. “I am aware Governor. I am not that stupid. Your percentages were generous and fair. If I do my do diligence for this community, then the profits will be more than fair.” Letting go of his hand. “Anything else?”


“Nothing at all. Please let me know if you need anything, and I look forward to your projections… Director.”

Hyrushi, Gov

Zerbo nodded. “Then I will be on my way. You will have the projections in a week. Good day.”


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