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Akem sighed. “It seems to me we should spend as little time here as necessary then. I don’t that it’s possible to blend in with the populace of this world or not. Or if we should simply get on a ship and get out of here.” He still kept his eyes on her, drawing closer as well as they spoke. “Do you think any of those would work for us?”


Those were good questions and not ones she had answers to. “I’ve run away before. More than once, actually.” Kristina sighed. “I don’t know what the right answer is for you both, but I do know that there is great power in choosing a path, rather than being forced upon one. This is a weird colony. It gets under your skin. Should you stay? I don’t know. It would be weird, that’s for sure. But you didn’t choose to be here and I’m assuming you can’t just go back, nor do you want to. So stay a bit. See if it works. If it doesn’t?”-she shrugged-“pick a different path.”

~Kristina Cosgrove

Akem put a gentle hand on Kristina’s shoulder. “Thank you,” he said with a genuine smile. “We may see what this world has to offer. You can rest assured, we have no intention of going back.” He gave her a grin and added. “Perhaps it’s not too late to keep folks at bay for a bit. We need to let Lai rest. I would prefer to stay here with her unless you need me?”


Something she could only describe as warmth seeped into her shoulder and it made her want more of it. In fact is was enough to distract her from his question for a moment. “Hmmm? Oh, of course. I don’t think anyone will say no. Not under the circumstances. Besides, given… earlier, I’m not sure leaving her alone is a great idea. Someone might not know how to interpret her actions if she gets agitated. I wouldn’t want there to be a misunderstanding, especially after all its seems you’ve gone through.”

Akem grinned, knowing the effect he had on people. He didn’t particularly enjoy those who jumped head first into whatever he could offer. He was used to being looked at as a precious and rare commodity. But here, they were different. She responded so well, he was motivated to open more. But they were in a hospital with his dearest love in a bed sleeping behind him. Not appropriate, but he enjoyed her reactions even if they went no further. Were all people in this universe this way? Perhaps time would tell.

Her gaze shifted to the sleeping woman. “Still so strange,” she murmured before smiling and looking back into Akem’s eyes. “And hear I thought one sister showing up unexpectedly in my life was going to create drama…”

~Kristina Cosgrove

Akem lightly laughed. “I do not envy your situation. I have a feeling this may keep you quite busy, hmm?” His hand moved from her shoulder to rest atop of her hand as though it were simply common practice for him.


A part of Lai was aware of the people still present and while before that would have made her anxious, now it made her relax. At least for the moment she was safe.

Safe. A word she really hadn’t know, other than with Akem. He was her safety, her refuge, the one thing in the universe that made sense. That was still true, but now everything else had changed and right now she was too tired to process any of it, so she let herself fall into a deep sleep and heal.

~Lai Kitrian

Akem could lightly sense Lai drifting off into a deeper sleep. He didn’t push his presence on her, hoping that some rest would do her good.

He was rather touchy feely, wasn’t he? But then again weren’t Deltans like that? She could only remember a few… oh, oh. Still, it was pleasant, so Kristina wasn’t going to push his hand away. “It’s going to take some navigation. And here I thought the most complicated thing I’d have to do in the next while is choose my university courses.”

~Kristina Cosgrove

Akem grinned as his eyes remained steady on her. “If there is anything I can do to help ease some of the stress, I’m more than happy to oblige. Lai is in a deep sleep now and it’s best if I let her be for a bit. I feel it is partly our fault for the situation being thrust upon you.” His hand never left hers.

This place felt different to Akem. Hiding himself was no longer, at least not completely, necessary. He allowed his mind to open a bit more, which was evident in his words and perhaps the kinds of words he used. It wasn’t lost on him how charged up they could be when perceived a certain way. Besides, the only way to start new is develop a new network of contacts. And to him at least, their first new ‘friend’ was sitting here with him.


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