Local Late Night Club - Conrad Development (Any welcome)

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OOC: This is for anyone wanting to get playfully creative!

IC: Conrad had spent the day after arriving with Lai and Akem, searching for a new home. He had spoken with a realtor and was going to meet them tomorrow. Now he was free for the moment, no obligations until the next day. He had spent so much time on the ship that he had missed some of the fun that was to be had on Oed V. The domes were open now and people on Oed were in good spirits!

It was ultimately a perfect time to enjoy himself, meet a few people that would expand his network, and maybe find some lucrative work to do. The possibilities were endless.

He strolled in with Kanok in tow, the sound of upbeat music invading his ears. He had grown to accustomed to the silence of the Black Sparrow. This was loud for him, but worth traversing and integrating himself into. He took a seat at the bar as lights and sound flashed all around. Kanok had found his way to another area.

-Michael Conrad, Black Sparrow CO

Sometimes music and drinks and the loud lights of a bar was an enjoyable assault on the senses. Astrid had had a particularly rough day going through a massive amount of paperwork concerning an upcoming murder trial as well as reviewing several laws that affected the citizens of OED V in light of the new terraforming efforts. Sitting at home was lonely and quiet, so she decided to go out to a bar down the road.

She walked into the building wearing tight skinny black pants that seemed to have a slight sheen and a white blouse that tied in so many areas that the dangling laces almost looked like misplaced fringe. Her dark hair was up in a ponytail and off of her neck. She hadn’t changed the makeup from her day in the office mostly but did add a bit darker lipstick. One of her security people stayed inside and another two outside, one by the transport and one by the door. This place was definitely what she was looking for. The music was good and upbeat, even if she found it a bit loud. Maybe the outdoor area would be a bit more quiet?

Deciding maybe that would be a better idea, she walked to the bar to begin her tab. She leaned on the faux wood grained surface of the bar with her elbows and tapped out a soft rhythm to the beat of the music while she waited for the bar tender to be ready for her.

Rousseau, HotJ

Hoka stopped by the place. He made sure to check out all the popular locations. After all, business is always around the corner. He was dressed in favorite blue pinstripe suit and made his was to the bar. “I will have some of the local beer and could you send it over to that table over there? Thank you.” With that he went to sit down.



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