Director of Terraforming Offices--Someone is Missing

Posted June 27, 2022, 5:31 p.m. by Civilian Rex Ariki (Resident) (Ty Napier)

Shenohl stopped the ground rover just outside the front entrance to the looming and impressive Terraforming Building. Though Starfleet had long ago handed over the reins to the civilian’s of OED, influences made still remained. The building reeked of Starfleet from every pore. Not just the building, but the entire city. Blue antennas flickered back and forth as his anxiety and ire grew just being near everything these people stood for and accountability they would never own. If it wasn’t for his concern for Rex, he wouldn’t be here, not now, not ever. Waiting patiently for his passenger to disembark, he counted being entering and leaving the office building. Once she cleared the vehicle, he pulled away slowly and cautiously. For this part, Jo was on her own.

Ferengi Jo as she was lovingly called by friends slid down the opening of the rovers door. The drop seemed like it went on for an hour before her tiny short legs finally landed on solid ground. Dressed, yes fully dressed, in denim coloured trousers, a long sleeved red and blue flannel shirt, brown leather looking boots with yellow sunflowers, brown belt with a silver coloured belt buckle as large as a dinner plate with a gold star with a white long brimmed hat decorated with a turquoise stone, Jo looked way up tilting her head taking in the building. After Shenohl moved the vehicle away, Jo, which much determination in every step, made her way to the front door and entered as soon as the doorway was clear.

Jo approached the front desk and tapped with a long fingernail, “I need to see the director. It’s urgent. Please.”

Ferengi Jo (Camp Tsisteel Barkeep)

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