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OOC: This is for anyone wanting to get playfully creative!

IC: Conrad had spent the day after arriving with Lai and Akem, searching for a new home. He had spoken with a realtor and was going to meet them tomorrow. Now he was free for the moment, no obligations until the next day. He had spent so much time on the ship that he had missed some of the fun that was to be had on Oed V. The domes were open now and people on Oed were in good spirits!

It was ultimately a perfect time to enjoy himself, meet a few people that would expand his network, and maybe find some lucrative work to do. The possibilities were endless.

He strolled in with Kanok in tow, the sound of upbeat music invading his ears. He had grown to accustomed to the silence of the Black Sparrow. This was loud for him, but worth traversing and integrating himself into. He took a seat at the bar as lights and sound flashed all around. Kanok had found his way to another area.

-Michael Conrad, Black Sparrow CO

Sometimes music and drinks and the loud lights of a bar was an enjoyable assault on the senses. Astrid had had a particularly rough day going through a massive amount of paperwork concerning an upcoming murder trial as well as reviewing several laws that affected the citizens of OED V in light of the new terraforming efforts. Sitting at home was lonely and quiet, so she decided to go out to a bar down the road.

She walked into the building wearing tight skinny black pants that seemed to have a slight sheen and a white blouse that tied in so many areas that the dangling laces almost looked like misplaced fringe. Her dark hair was up in a ponytail and off of her neck. She hadn’t changed the makeup from her day in the office mostly but did add a bit darker lipstick. One of her security people stayed inside and another two outside, one by the transport and one by the door. This place was definitely what she was looking for. The music was good and upbeat, even if she found it a bit loud. Maybe the outdoor area would be a bit more quiet?

Deciding maybe that would be a better idea, she walked to the bar to begin her tab. She leaned on the faux wood grained surface of the bar with her elbows and tapped out a soft rhythm to the beat of the music while she waited for the bar tender to be ready for her.

Rousseau, HotJ

The bartender was definitely visible, but exceptionally busy. “Ah, one moment miss,” he said as he tend to a few other guests first.

Conrad looked down a few seats to a woman he recognized. They had no official meetings, but he had seen her before. He couldn’t pinpoint where though. Michael, always taking the initiative, approached her. He smiled and offered a hand. “Hello there, I’m Michael Conrad. I feel like I’ve seen you before, but to be fair, I meet a lot of people. What’s your name?”

Hoka stopped by the place. He made sure to check out all the popular locations. After all, business is always around the corner. He was dressed in favorite blue pinstripe suit and made his was to the bar. “I will have some of the local beer and could you send it over to that table over there? Thank you.” With that he went to sit down.



The barkeep only heard the man in passing and snapped his fingers at one of his waiters. “He wants a local! Get it for him real quick while I handle some more of these folks.”

Meanwhile, Kanok had been moving about, taking in the scene. While the music continued, he had managed to find a few billiards tables open. He grinned and moved to grab a cue.

-Michael Conrad

Astrid turned as the man approached her. He looked familiar though she could not place him right off hand. He was taller than her by about a half a foot and he was broad. The way he approached her, he seemed comfortable in his own skin. He thankfully spoke loud enough that she could hear him fine, She leaned against the bar and smiled. Michael Conrad. He was somewhat notorious. Even in her office, the women spoke about the ship captain.

“I have heard of you Captain Conrad. My name is Astrid Rousseau.” She was used to being recognized in some fashion. It didn’t bother her. “How goes the ship captaining business?”

She turned as the barkeep shouted for help for Hoka nearby. It was a relatively busy place. Perhaps she should have shouted out her order. Was that the custom? Then again, she was in no great rush and didn’t mind waiting for the bartender to finish his current task load before she made her order.

Rousseau, HotJ

Ah, yes, Astrid Rousseau. He remembered her now. The Chief Justice of Oed. To be fair though, she looked much better than he had imagined her to be. He raised an eyebrow. “Heard of me, eh? All good things I hope? The captaining business is…well, its business.” he said with a shrug. “There’s a pretty credit to be earned through it, but there’s plenty to keep me on my toes. What brings you to these parts I wonder?”

The bartender seemed to finally have a moment. “What can I get you madam?” he inquired.

-Michael Conrad, Black Sparrow CO

She was about to answer when the bartender gained her attention, now free to cater to her as a customer. Astrid smiled warmly. “A martini please, double, extra olives.”

As he turned to work on her drink order, she turned her smile to Conrad. “I needed a change of scenery. I have been at work and home pretty much exclusively and though my home is relaxing and lovely… it is a bit lonely and quiet. Sometimes it is nice to be around other people and in a more chaotic place. Refresh the mind and indulge the senses.”

Rousseau, HotJ

Michael looked her over once and grinned. “So you were a bit bored eh?”

He turned, his back to the bar as his elbows rest on the ledge. “Its funny. There are times I wish my life was much less chaotic. Don’t get me wrong, I love having fun, but it would be nice if the trouble would leave me alone.”

He then looked back at her and then hollered to the bartender. “Rum and coke for me!”

Then speaking to Astrid, “The basics are always nice. So you came here to be around other people eh? You meeting any friends here? Or was this more of an experiment?” he inquired.

It had been far too long since Karina had done anything that wasn’t related to the schools and university. It took up most of her time, but tonight she had nothing requiring her immediate attention. Not wanting to sit in her apartment, Karina changed into a calf-length grey skirt with a lot of sway and bounce to it and sleeveless lavender blouse. Then she headed out, wandering the now open dome and staring out at the sky that could now be seen. Oed V had been a temporary assignment when she’d arrived over a year ago, but the colony and people had quickly grown on her and now this was home. She wandered the streets a bit speaking to those she knew. Eventually she found herself outside the Night Club. It wasn’t something she usually found herself doing, but with a shrug and a grin she pushed the door open and went inside.

The lights assaulted her eyes a moment before she blinked them to adjust to the brightness after the dark outside. The music was loud but she liked it even though it might make communication a little tricky. She glanced around as she made her way over to the bar where she slid onto a stool to wait for the bartender.


The bartender strolled up with two drinks already in hand. “And what would you like to start off with my dear?” he said with a genuine smile.

(Bump for Conrad and Hoka)

Hoka watched the billiards game with enthusiasm. He always wanted to learn the game but never could because they don’t make poll tables low enough for him. He sipped on his local brew, which was actually pretty good. He overhead the comment about business and Latium.


Meanwhile Kanok finished his game and then moved off to a table of his own. He pulled up a menu padd and scrolled through the dishes of the evening.

-Michael Conrad, Black Sparow CO

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