Attack at City Center - Molly and Calvin's Residence

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Posted by Jerome Davis in Attack at City Center - Molly and Calvin’s Residence
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The sun was setting over OED when Molly finally left the scene of the crash.

Colonel Jordan and the head of Holloway security had both insisted that she was to be taken home in a company car, and for the first time, Molly hadn’t protested too much. With everything that had happened she couldn’t blame them, and deep down she knew it was the right call.

With her uncle’s unmistakable evidence of who might have been behind the attack, Molly was also sure that OED’s police department would not find anything. The Syndicate was not reckless, and they left nothing to chance. In other words, they cleaned very thoroughly after themselves. Molly herself was doubtful on whether her personal investigation would produce anything, even though she knew where to look, and most importantly, how to look. However, she would never forgive herself if she didn’t try.

That’s why Molly was currently sitting silently on the back seat of one of the nondescript Holloway Heavy Industries cars as the busy streets of OED passed by. But even though it looked like she was staring out of the window contemplating the darkening scenery as the sun set behind the buildings, her mind was far away planning the best way to conduct her own investigation.

Darkness had finally engulfed the streets when the driver pulled into the driveway of the massive house Lucas had found for her and Calvin to live in.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

Something felt immediately off to Molly as the black EGV rolled quietly up the drive. ‘The Residence’ as it was officially known within the company, was the home and very heart of Holloway Heavy Industries where the ‘heir to the kingdom’ lived with her partner… the CCDA’s commander. The structure was a home built on a grand scale to house one of the Federation’s most important citizens… and bristled with every type and manner of security money could buy. The home and grounds were a veritable fortress of impenetrable layer after layer of security… and yet, the lights from the home’s large family room off the back of the house were on… something Molly knew immediately was very very wrong. Calvin had always had the habit of turning off the lights and securing the home when he left each day, shortly after Molly left for the office. The Residence had no formal staff to speak of, at Molly’s insistence, with the exception of a Groundskeeper… who only had access to the grounds and not the main home… and a Housekeeper that only had access on the weekends. No one… no one should have been in that house since Calvin turned the key in the door that morning at 8:45. And yet, there it was.


A knot formed in Molly’s throat when she spotted the glow in the back room’s windows. She knew what it likely meant, and in all honesty, she had been expecting it. They had taken down her uncle. Now it was her turn to face them and whatever they had in store for her.

To Molly’s best understanding of the Syndicate, they had hoped that dealing with Lucas would give them what they wanted. The younger Holloway was nothing but a thorn at their side that they needed to deal with before successfully achieving their goal.

With a quick glance at the driver, Molly checked if he had noticed the lights, but the impassive expression on his face told her that he likely hadn’t.

“You can just leave me here. I can walk the rest of the way.” Holloway said politely when the car turned fully into the driveway.

“Are you sure, Ma’am?” Came the prompt reply.

Molly nodded. “Absolutely.” She said in the most nonchalant tone she could muster. The black vehicle slowly came to a stop to allow her to exit. “The gate will close behind you when you leave, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

The man nodded. “We’ll be on standby if you need anything.”

“Thank you…” Her words trailed off as Molly realized she didn’t know the name of her designated driver for that night.

“George, Ma’am.”

“Thank you, George.”

“Not a problem, Ma’am.”

“Have a good night.”

“Good night, Ma’am.”

With that, Molly swung her duffel bag over her shoulder and walked towards the house. She knew that the driver would wait for her to get in and turn on the lights in the house before driving away, so Holloway waited a few minutes in the foyer before walking further in, giving him enough time to leave. If her assumptions were correct, she didn’t want more innocent bystanders being hurt.

Holding her bag closely as it contained the only piece of weaponry she was carrying — a Starfleet issue type 1 phaser — Molly walked through the empty house and into the lit up family room.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

As Molly rounded the final corner that took her into the very heart of the Residence, a place that even Molly had come to view as a sanctuary from the busyness of hers & Cal’s lives, the oddity of the lights on in a home normally secured & powered down during their absence would be rather unsettling. It took but five more steps for Molly to have her worries confirmed. Sitting in Calvin’s favorite brown leather armchair… in black & red Brocade-style traditional Cheongsam dress and flats, legs crossed at her ankles due to the short length of her skirt and fingers steepled over her lap… was none other than former FCIS Agent and known Syndicate operative Ashley Newton.

“Good evening Captain…” The woman’s cold tone had a sharp edge in the otherwise deathly quiet space. “… you Holloway’s are a truly stubborn lot.” She smirked slightly. “Your Uncle and his ridiculous ‘noble’ view of what his company… your company… truly does. Too bad the fool had to be blown out of the sky to know we meant business…”


Having taken her phaser out of her bag as she walked, Molly stepped through the door frame ready to fire.

From the moment she had seen the lights on through the rear window of her company’s car, many scenarios had crossed Molly’s mind as to what would happen when she walked in. It could have been merely a scare tactic to tell her they had been there, they could have installed some sort of explosive device, sent in black ops personnel ready to take her out, to name a few. However, she hadn’t expected ‘The Syndicate’ to send what Molly perceived to be one of their top operatives for a chat in her living room.

“Good evening Agent Newton.” Holloway said with a smirk, her phaser at the ready. “I didn’t know I’d be having guest at this late hour. If I had known in advance I’d have tidied the house.” Molly knew Newton’s words had been meant to intimidate her, so she chose to ignore them. However, she was aware of the rage awakening inside of her the moment she had laid eyes on the woman that had almost ended her career and her relationship.

“Like you clean this place!” The woman laughed. “You’ve certainly moved up in the world last we crossed paths Captain… hell…” She motioned to the picture of Molly and Cal on the mantle. “… seems you even managed to keep that washed up flyboy of yours, how sweet.”

Molly could feel the rage simmering under her skin. If there was anything that she’d have to give credit to Newton, was that the woman had always seemed to know exactly what buttons to push. The last time, against Molly’s better judgement, the emotional response that Newton had managed to get from her had been enough to make her confess to things she hadn’t done. Molly was better than that. This time she was going to make sure she wouldn’t make the same mistakes.

Slowly, with her phaser still steadily aimed at her ‘guest’, Molly sat in the couch across from her.

The woman in the chair barely moved as Molly crossed to her seat. Newton, in point of fact, looked almost… bored. She wore a soft smirk as Molly got settled on the couch across from her in the ornate living area.

“So please, Agent Newton, to what do I owe the pleasure of your late visit?” She didn’t try to hide the fake politeness behind her words, and the venom in them almost audible. “It is late, after all, so I’d prefer if you’d get to the point so that I can settle in for the night.”

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

“Oh please…” Newton softly hissed, blowing a stray strand of hair from her face. “… put the damn phaser away Captain. I think we’re quite passed the ‘either of us shooting the other’ stage, don’t cya’ think.” Her tone sounded lazily annoyed. “If I wanted to shoot you, I’d have popped you the second you stepped out of that ridiculous car. You really think… after today, after what we accomplished… if I wanted to actually hurt you, that you’d have known! Come now Molly… you’re at least somewhat smarter than those bimbos your boyfriend has working for him.” The woman’s smirk grew, like she wanted to say more but didn’t. After a pause, she simply smiled a cold… shallow smile. “I would guess our message reached your Uncle… talk about two birds with one stone eh?” She actually winked at Molly and added. “With any luck, one of them will die and you too will learn the importance of being a good little billionaire and doing what you’re told. It makes things soooo much easier.”


It had been a long day. Incredibly long, and Molly was incredibly tired. Both physically and emotionally. She was sure Newton was counting on that.

Molly didn’t flinch when she was told to put away her phaser. Instead, she kept her aim steady at the intruder. And as Newton kept talking, Holloway could feel the hatred she felt for the woman sitting across from her boiling to the surface. She tried her best to repress it, maintaining an inner dialogue meant to devalue Newton’s words.

I’d have popped you the second you stepped out of that ridiculous car. A sentence made to ridicule her.

You really think… after today, after what we accomplished… They hadn’t accomplished anything. Shooting a shuttle out of the sky was not an accomplishment. Hurting and killing people was not an accomplishment.

If I wanted to actually hurt you, that you’d have known! Newton wanted Molly to feel powerless, but she knew the tactics. Calvin and Lucas might have been caught unaware, but not her. Not Molly.

Come now Molly… you’re at least somewhat smarter than those bimbos your boyfriend has working for him. The smirk and the unspoken words behind it were not lost on Molly. It was the oldest trick in the book, trying to use Calvin’s own past to coerce her.

I would guess our message reached your Uncle… Much like all the others they had sent previously. None should have ever reached him.

Talk about two birds with one stone eh? With any luck, one of them will die— The rest of the sentence didn’t matter. Newton had barely finished it when Molly’s phaser hit the hardwood floor with a loud ‘thump’.

Once again Newton had done it. She had successfully made Molly crumble at her own hands. Charging full speed at the woman, Holloway didn’t care. With one hand reaching for the collar of her dress, and the other balled up in a fist ready to punch her, Molly was going to make sure that this time the former FCIS agent was getting what she deserved, and paying for every single hardship that she had caused her and her family.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

It was likely one of the weirdest feelings Molly had ever experienced. One second, she was charging at Newton… who didn’t even flinch as she had charged. The next, Molly passed… through… Newton, hitting the chair hard.

For a moment, Molly’s brain struggled to understand what was happening as her hands, and her knees shortly after, slammed hard into Cal’s favorite armchair. The speed toppling it over. With practiced fast reflexes, Molly skidded off of the armchair’s back (now on the floor) and into the hardwood floor, turning around just in time to see Newton form disappearing.

A moment later, Newton reappeared… standing across the room by the mantle, a smirk of satisfaction across her face. “You really think I’d put myself in a position you could physically harm me.” She sniffed playfully. “I’m not as stupid as you might think, Captain.” Her eyes shined mischievously as she added. “I’ll be sure the first thing your precious uncle sees when, and if, he wakes up… will be my face. We’ll be in touch. Good day Captain.” And with that, the woman blinked out of existence.


There was no containing it now. Fueled by uncontrolled rage, Molly quickly got up from her position, grabbing the closest heavy item she could find — a glass flower vase that sat on the center of the coffee table.

With a bellow, Holloway threw it at Newton’s figure right as it vanished. The vase shattering into a million pieces against the wall and the water and the flowers it contained spilling onto the large rug that covered the center of the living room.

Alone, Molly collapsed on the floor, wailing as the emotions she had so carefully repressed washed over her. She couldn’t imagine a world without Calvin, and now that she had him back in her life, she couldn’t imagine a world without Lucas.

It was then that Molly felt something in her face. Something wet, clearing away her tears. Opening her eyes, she found herself staring at Boomer, Calvin’s old black Labrador. She had forgotten he was home… in his advanced age, he had likely slept through the whole ordeal. The fallen armchair waking him up.

Yet another victim… probably wondering where his owner had been all day. Closing her eyes, Molly let her arms wrap around the large dog, silently weeping, as he tried his best to comfort her, clueless of what was happening.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

It was only when Boomer leaned away from Molly, looking at the door, that she would hear the hard knocks on the front door. Molly could hear the doorknob rattle followed by… a woman’s voice?… muttering “Who in the hell still uses key locks?!” The knocking resumed. “Molly?” More knocking. “Molly?! Captain Holloway… its Samantha. Is everything OK?!”

Molly’s heart froze when she heard the knocking on the front door. Rolling over and laying flat against the ground she waited, carefully and slowly reaching towards the phaser that she had previously dropped on the floor. It was only when Sam’s distinct voice came through that Molly breathed in relief. What was she doing there anyway?

Boomer, recognizing the voice nuzzled Molly to get up, the old dog looking rather concerned. There was another series of knocks followed by the voice again. “This is Admiral Halloway… Security Detail to the Residence… Priority One!”


“Alright, alright.” Molly told Boomer in a soft tone. And then the Security alert came through. Was Halloway… requesting a security detail?

Sprinting across the house, Holloway reached for the door in what would seem to Sam almost instantly. “What are you doing here? Get inside!” Came Molly’s hushed tone as she grabbed one of the Admiral’s wrists and pulled her inside the house closing the door behind her.

Sam appeared startled as Molly first jerked the door open then jerked her inside the home, slamming the door behind her. The woman quickly tapped her CommBadge. =A= Halloway to Detail en route to the Residence. Stand Down. False Alarm. Vixen Clear =A= Sam then turned concerned eyes to Molly, pausing momentarily to scratch Boomer’s head… which was gently against her thigh. “Hey Buddy…” She said softly down to the dog she’d known since he was a puppy.

From Sam’s perspective, Molly was a wreck. Hair disheveled, damp patches on her shirt, clusters of very small cuts dotted her arms, and was that a bruise forming on her left hand? Her face was red as if Molly had been crying, but that would have been expected.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

“Molly…” She began gently. “… you scared the frack outta me. What the hell just happened?! I heard a scream…” She paused. Molly could tell now the woman was trying to catch her own breath, likely from running to her door. “… then a crash! I thought they’d got you too!” The taller woman carefully lifted some of Molly’s hair from her face, her expression sad but fire raged behind her eyes. “Dev’ locked down surface to space transit for the time being. Astro Control has diverted all incoming traffic to nearby systems or the Platform for liners. Outbound traffic is being screened for lifesigns and hand checked before they can leave system.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Molly waved a hand dismissively at Halloway’s words. “I tripped on the coffee table in the back room… broke the flower vase… nothing to it.” She shot Sam a quick smile, but the smile didn’t quite reach her eyes. Honestly, she just wanted the woman out of the house so that she could leave but she knew that that was not going to be a possibility.

“This is bad Molly…” Sam continued. “… and the CCDA High Command is completely focused on hunting whoever these bastards are down.”

Halloway, ACS

Molly gave Halloway a mindless nod. If only they knew.

“Any news from the hospital?” Molly asked as she started walking across the house in an determined gait. She fully expected Sam to follow her wherever she went.

Halloway followed Molly upstairs, Boomer on her heel. The old dog clearly knew something was wrong and didn’t want either woman out of his sight. “Nothing really…” Sam sighed. “… last I heard, both had been taken back to ICU. Sacred Heart is locked down tight, so we’re good there. The Medical team…” She paused before adding. “… were pretty worried about your uncle but I haven’t got any news since they went back.”

Molly felt the knot in her stomach return. This time larger than before. She knew that the doctors at Sacred Heart would do anything in their power to return Lucas to health, but when they were ‘pretty worried’ it meant that they were not sure that would be within the realm of their possibilities. Once again, Holloway tried not to think about it.

Climbing up the stairs to the bedroom she and Cal shared, Molly walked to her nightstand and pulled open the drawer revealing her modernly modified, old Earth style Hackathorn Special. Taking it, Holloway slid the magazine in and chambered the first round in the swift movements of someone very familiar with the weapon.

Sam’s eyes grew wide for just a moment and then a soft, happy sounding escaped the woman’s nose. “You two really were meant for each other.” She said, the soft smile the first Molly had seen since the woman had arrived at the scene.

It didn’t take long for Molly to go back downstairs. Taking a moment by the coat rack, she slid on her black peacoat before reaching for Boomer’s leash that was sitting on one of the hangers. Quickly snapping it in place on the old dog’s collar, Holloway held it out to Sam. “Here. Hold it for a second.”

It had dawned on Sam as they came back downstairs that Molly intended to leave, soon. She had no intention of trying to stop the woman, especially after she pulled out the damn Howitzer from the nightstand. Taking the leash, Sam asked in a half joke. “I guess trying to remind you Devri told you to keep your ass at home is pointless?” She smirked, scratching Boomer’s head once more.

Rummaging through one of the storage boxes, she pulled up a few small packages of dog treats and stuffed them in one of her coat’s pockets. Finally, Molly unlocked a closet by the front door producing a small satchel that she quickly flung over her shoulder. Sam would recognize it as a ‘go-bag’.

Sam would see Molly carefully place the pistol inside the bag before closing it again.

“I’ll take that as a no.” Halloway said out loud to herself as she watched the other woman move.

Grabbing the house keys and Boomer’s leash from Sam’s hand, Holloway turned to the Admiral. “I’m going to the hospital. You can come with or I can call you another car. Your choice.” And with that she walked out of the house.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

Sam actually laughed. “You can take the car, but if you think I’m letting you outta my sight… you’re nuts. Come on…” Sam motioned to the waiting driver, a pistol in front of him as he stood waiting by the door.

Halloway, ACS

Closing the door and securing the house behind her, Molly made sure to double check that no lights were left on before walking down the driveway and into the waiting hovercar. Once Sam joined her they were off.

OED was now completely submerged in the darkness of night and Molly spent most of the ride to the hospital staring out of the window, watching the streetlights go by.

The truth was, she didn’t feel like talking. She never did feel like talking anyway, but now more than usual.

Newton’s words had been replaying over and over in her head, and Molly found herself holding the strap of her bag so tightly that her knuckles were turning white. She just hoped that she could get to him before they did. Holloway was sure that the CCDA had made sure the hospital had been made a fortress, but she was already going through security measures that needed to be implemented. Molly couldn’t tell anyone about The Syndicate and their threats. She didn’t want to put more people at risk. But she had to make sure that she cut them out of as many areas as possible, starting with the holoemitters in the area.

After a while of watching the streetlights go by, Holloway undid her hair and took a moment to comb it with her fingers, before expertly remaking her ballerina bun.

Suddenly, a sharp pain hit her left wrist making Molly audibly draw in her breath and wrap her right hand around it. She looked at it spotting a bruise forming on the inside of her wrist, right above her palm, spreading out from under her chronometer’s wristband. She must have hurt herself when she fell over the armchair where she thought Newton had been sitting. Likely sprained it, Molly assumed by what she was seeing. However, there was nothing she could do about it at present with the exception of acting normally as she was sure Sam had noticed it.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

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