The Cycle of Becoming

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Suppose the universe came to a sudden end. Time and space could not heal itself and everything just.....vanished. No thoughts, no death, no love, just empty nothing. A thousand years ago or five minutes from now, only shadows of what was and what was to become methodically turned in on itself, taking each piece of shade and lines pressing into a kaleidoscope of stars, moons, earths and every drop of matter until perfectly erased. Memories trapped shifting from reality to reality echoing eternal slumber of graves of lives lost in the mist of time. Humanity begging to not turn the page of mortality in the tiny perfectly carved book of life called the universe. In the end, not matter the desperation, it could not be saved. Somehow, this will all work out. Tic Tock.


Ferengi Jo rolled the necklace across her hand worry etched deep across her wrinkled jawline. It had been three weeks since Rex Ariki had been last seen by anyone at Camp Tsisteel. Even the cold hearted Andorian Shenohl had been worried when he had discovered the ground vehicle abandoned outside the relay station. At first, he had been extremely angry Rex had taken his precious rover without permission, but when he had discovered the door to the relay station left open and the necklace on the floor, his anger had turned to fear. Everyday, without fail or luck, he had been out searching for the quite and petite strange human. Folk came and went from these terraforming camps without explanation as frequently as moons hid and returned. Going to the police would be time not well spent. Jo climbed into the ground vehicle sitting next to the Andorian. It was a long trip back to the capital centre, but both felt that they should at least report Rex’s disappearance to the Director of Terraforming.


Somewhere and Sometime on Earth

Sunlight danced everywhere, touching the land and seas with hues of molten gold absorbing into the greens and dark blues, pushing back against the beads of white gulls threatening to overtake the serenity of day break like Aphrodite springing from the depths of the bottomless waters on her scalloped chariot. Fogs of the previous nights rains had burnt away leaving frothy rolls abating the hull of the small sailing vessels marked with large black letters “Princesa”. Sea, unlike emptiness of space that cared not for beings or existence, made room for life and gave birth to life. Emptiness and loneliness continued on a loop of unforgiveness of time, past, future, present and yet undetermined song which may never be sung or tale never told, space every watchful always silent. A universe within herself, the sea beckoned transcendence beyond dualities of good and bad, light and dark connecting all life with the cosmic universe. From which life came it returned. This indecisiveness pulling between the two forces, twisting and turning away from inner true north had left Billie adrift somehow fixated on what she could never have, hating the wide ocean and the vastness of space. Still, she never wavered. Broken apart across the expanse of time and space every memory of every touch still burned on her skin like thunder and electricity inside each cell creating millions of universes. Lost within dreams, forgoing breath, drowning in a space lost to the dying and rebirth only to be left for dead once more. How long could the torture continue before body and soul shook off shattered hope to learn to live if not love without being consumed longing for just one more touch. Impossible.

Sounds of boots stepping carefully from one spaced timber to the next, scrapping every few seconds betraying the uneasy sway of the water pushing the mooring dock from side to side jolted Billie from her endless pinning. She began again wrapping the coil of rope around her arm, resisting the urge to look over her shoulder. Those footsteps, still carrying forward to say goodbye mixed with a hello neither sadden or brought joy of what was to happen next. Simply, just another chapter in a book rather best forgotten or better yet never written. Footsteps could someday be traced back to where once started and what was left behind, some deeper than others.

“Captain Rodriquez?” a soft voice called out breaking through her silence and thoughts long from here and everywhere. Billie turned her head, body following suit until she faced the face who’s voice had called her from dreams long dead, yet never forgotten.

“Si, soy yo. Thank you for coming. Do you mind if I call you Elna?” Billie said as she laid the rope down and swiftly hoped the side of the sail boat pushing the dock as she landed.

“I would rather you didn’t as its not my name, but if you must,” Elna said handing her bags to the small Latina woman. Billie looked exactly like every image Elna had researched before agreeing to this odd meeting. Somehow though, she had expected her to be taller. Elna felt like a giant towering over the older woman, who despite her advancing years appeared as though she had discovered the fabled fountain of youth. Taking a small device from her pocket, Elna held it up. “I need to take a scan to prove who you say you are first. I am not prepared to just jump in a boat and go to the middle of nowhere for days without at least having some verification.”

Holding her open palmed hand outwards, Billie waited will ‘Elna’ took a scan. The results beeped immediately. Frowning, Elna looked up and shook her head. “Well, I have no way of knowing if you are indeed Captain Isabela Rodriquez, but you are my biological mother.”



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Sharp pain exposed nerves connecting straight between the two human hearts. Everything blurred together for an infinity and bounded back in an instant soaking through eyes the same yet different, filled with the greatest love in all the universes. Hidden beneath bones mapped an extraordinary truth and tale one not separated by the other. Pieces of each, hearts beating outside own’s body autonomous yet connected with the same fixated guard hardening against the centre of consciousness knowing this gift came from a burden since the first spark of life of the first universe. Life would never cease to exist through the martyr which gave permission to pass down legacy, each sentence beginning and ending on a daughter to live the unlived. Mother to daughter, parent to child. Love that never relinquishes, bearing witness shattering fabrications of a continuation outside a mother’s own desires or wishes. This both the burden and the offering. None would change once the contract was entered.

“DNA doesn’t make me your mother, Miha. You have a mother. And a father. Both good people I choose for you,” Billie said tossing the last of the bags onto the sailboat. Once, a long time ago she had met the couple in dire circumstances. While they had troubles of their own, they had endured and weathered the storms. Closing one eye, she turned her head towards to the distant skies. Time to catch the trade winds. Emotional odysseys for both laid hard to starboard with only a broken heart for a compass. With a long exhale she asked only one question before taking a seat at the rudder, “did you bring the tequila?”

Billie Rodriquez (Rex Ariki)

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