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Posted by Civilian Molly Holloway (CEO - Holloway Industries) in Attack at City Center - Sacred Heart - Calvin Harris (Tag Medical)

Posted by Lieutenant Sharah Fayth (Chief Star Fleet Medical Officer) in Attack at City Center - Sacred Heart - Calvin Harris (Tag Medical)
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The normally quiet afternoon at Sacred Heart erupted into chaos as word spread like wildfire through the building of a shuttle crash and massive explosions in City Center. Within minutes, an automated voice confirmed the rumor as a Code Green echoed through the building… the indication a Mass Casualty event had been reported and the Situation Status lights snapped to a bright green as personnel scrambled to ready the ER and Operation facilities.

Thankfully, through sheer dumb luck, the reported Mass Casualty event ended up with only two being emergency transported to the hospital… but the two victims in question created one hell of a stir! The Commander of OED’s Planetary Defense organization… the Colonial Customs & Defence Authority… General Calvin Harris, and the President of Holloway Heavy Industries, Lucas Holloway… had both been gravely injured when their shuttle had been, apparently, shot out of the sky in broad daylight. The craft had slammed into a storefront that had been unoccupied due to the tenant being on vacation. Within minutes of their arrival, the ER was stormed by CCDA troopers armed to the teeth and the building was completely surrounded by armored vehicles. While the CCDA folks made sure to stay out of the way and let the medical team work on two of OED’s most important citizens, those working to stabilize the far luckier General Harris… and those fighting to save the life of the man that had been the genius behind the incredible shield system that now provided a vast majority of OED with a breathable atmosphere for the first time in decades, went to work immediately.

The alarms and notifications came blaring through Sharah’s office. There was no current civilian head of medical services so that job fell to her as well. She didn’t mind, the extra work kept her busy and being busy helped manage the noise. Sharah was in the ER preparing for a massive influx when the ER was flooded with CCDA troopers. It didn’t take Sharah long to pick up the reason from the surface thoughts floating about, it was the panic and hysteria of the citizenry that was hard to cope with. Spotting someone who looked like the OIC of the parade the diminutive doctor hurried over, “You put whoever you need where ever you need to, but no one in the actual OR unless they have a medical degree. Nurse Temple will help you coordinate.” She pointed to a rather tall, older and rounding woman with intelligent eyes that was supervising the ER staff. Then Dr Fayth was gone to meet the first stretcher as it came in.

While Harris was pretty banged up, with both legs and his left arm broken… the arm was compound in two places and there was a lot of blood. He also had a concussion and appeared to be going into shock. Holloway, on the other hand, had struck his head hard in the crash. Both arms had multiple fractures and his right shoulder was dislocated. A flash burn appeared to cover about 15% of his left side, but most concerning was the gapping hole in the man’s right leg… and the fact the he was beginning to fall into Hypovolemic shock.


The first was Harris and Sharah kind of sped walked with the team as they told her what she was already feeling. Her own bones seemed to ache and there was a moment of light headedness that told her faster than the medics could he was going into shock. “Temple! Medical file for General Calvin Harris. ER 2. Page Dr Eraras. Prep OR 3 incase he needs it.” Eraras was a Bolian and their best Orthopedic surgeon. “Get the bleeding stopped and pull a bag of whole blood for him.” Eraras appeared on the other side of Harris, “X-rays and set up the tissue migrator. 7 ccs of Improvoline to keep him resting with 75ccs of Terakine for the pain. Get his metabolic rate and give him Lectrazine for the shock.” Eraras and the nurses disappeared with Harris.

“Alright moving to the biobed in 3…2…1” and they lifted and slid Harris onto the biobed, and the nurse turned the biobed on. Grabbing surgical shears, Eraras started cutting away Harris’ clothing to get a better look at the breaks and determine if the blood was his or someone else’s. “Where’s the x-rays?” Eraras held out his hand, “Exo-scalpel. I need to get a better view of what’s going on with these breaks and we’ll need more room to set them right. Prep the Trilaser Connector to repair any nerve damage and the Vascular Regenerator. If this is his blood then we’ve got a nicked artery somewhere. Where’s his medical records?”

Harris’ medical records from LCARS were thorough and… colorful. Multiple healed injuries from litany of ‘adventures’ and notations of the former SFMC Colonel surviving intense & brutal interrogations while being held hostage by “Rouge Elements Unknown” under Classified Conditions. He had had multiple teeth knocked out and was beaten half to death, having been subjected to phaser burns… electrical shock… and attempted suffocation. He had been cleared to return to full, unrestricted duty five months after the event and had no noted lasting injuries but he was required by SF Medical to see a Counselor every month until his date of Separation from Service upon his acceptance of command of the CCDA last year. His new agency had insisted he continued treatment and he had without complaint.

Temple bustled in holding a plasma infusion unit and a couple bags of whole blood. “On your screen now Dr Eraras. He’s O+, I’ve got whole blood here for him. His medical records are about a mile long Dr.”

“Of course he does, he’s a decorated Marine. He’s got a lot more years in him, so let’s get to work.” Temple started prepping the infusion unit and another nurse pulled up the imaging scans and x-rays to the large display screen in the room.

Harris was fairly banged up. It was very obvious the former Marine had ping-ponged around inside the cabin of the from the time of the explosion to the time the shuttle slammed into the ground. His left arm was smashed with shards of bone throughout, looking as though that was the side he landed on during the actual crash. Broke in three places, two upper arm… closed breaks… and a compound fracture lower arm two and a half inches below the elbow, punctures to the inside of the arm. There was a secondary vein nicked but thanks to the hole in his forearm, the nick is visible and minor, a quick fix. Lower break was rather clean and would be involved more in healing the torn flesh than the bone once it was set. The two upper breaks were a different story. Both breaks were almost exactly 4 inches apart and outer bruising looked as though he had slammed into a support beam in the shuttle. It would require heavy regen to fix the shattered bones. He also had a nasty bruise on the left side of his head, likely received at the same time as his broken arm. Harris had gone into shock moments after being placed on the biobed and had shallow breathing. His broken legs were standard closed breaks, left femur 6 inches below hip and right shin… about halfway between knee & ankle. The blood on the General appeared to be mostly from his open wound on his arm. He was also free of shrapnel from the crash.

Eraras scanned over the images and nodded. “We’re going to be here for awhile. Get settled in people and turn on some of that Risan harp music. Vascular Regenerator,” and he held out his hand for Temple to place the device in his hand. “Temple set up Drechtal beams to sever the neural connections for his left arm and both legs. Let’s keep him from feeling any pain while we work. Then set the legs.” First order of business was to seal up that nick. He probed the puncture carefully and then turned the arm slightly for easier access. He cleaned the wound and then used the vascular regenerator to seal up the vein. Then he moved to the second puncture wound and cleaned it. A few minutes with the microsuture made sure the deep finer connections of tissue were stitched together, then “Autosuture” and the secondary nurse placed it in his hand to seal up the puncture wounds.

“Dr the drechtal beams are in place and the legs set.” Eraras moved down to the legs. “Let’s start the osteogenic stimulator to accelerate the bones to heal. Let’s start him on Bicaridine Treatments to help facilitate the progress of healing all these fractures. 7/10ths strenth. Take it slow. No need to rush here.” Temple nodded and set to work with the additional devices.

Where Eraras had used the exoxcalpel to open the wound further he could see the shattered bone in the arm, “Get me an extra osteogenic stimulator.” A medic ran out of the room and returned. Eraras kept an eye on the K3 Indicator on the biobed which would tell him how much pain Harris was feeling.

The medication took a little time but Harris’ condition stabilized, his breathing slowly returned to normal and General would be resting well within the hour.

Gen. Calvin Harris, CCDA

Once the meds kicked in he seemed to be fine. It was hours of work to run the osteogenic stimulators over all the bones. The arm took the longest as Eraras had to piece each fractured piece in place while the bone began to knit and then move on to the next piece. Harris would be on Metorapan Treatments (to help regenerate the bone around the fractures) for a week minimum. After the arm was done Eraras used the autosuture to close the wounds. Then sessions with the tissue migrator to heal the skin and deep tissue damage.

“Alright let’s look at his head now.” The pain medication Harris had been given earlier also contained an anti-inflammatory which should have helped with the swelling and he was being given blood and plasma as well as fluids. And fluids were essential to helping a concussion heal. He grabbed a handheld dermal regenerator and slowly moved it around the edges of the goose egg that had formed. Since Harris was not awake, Eraras erred on the side of caution in doing too much to the head wound. “Ice pack here 20 on 20 off.”

“Alright let’s get these Drechtal beams off,” he watched the K3 indicator but as feeling returned the medication seemed to be holding. “Temple let’s finish getting him cleaned up and in a gown. Then we’re going to move him to a private room. Someone go tell his body guards we’re moving.”

Harris was taken to a private, secure ICU room. Once he was settled, he was set up with a full session with the bioregenerative field which would continue healing the tissues and bones. Metorapan Treatments were scheduled for every 10 hours, with a resonance tissue scan every 12 to insure he wasn’t getting a post surgical infection. Corophyzine, an antibiotic, was administered to help prevent post surgical infections just in case.

Eraras stepped out of the room, Nurse Lyniat assigned to sit in the room with him. He looked around for the OIC of the guard and motioned him closer. “I’m Dr Eraras, I worked on General Harris. He’s stable for now.”

Fayth | Eraras

Sitting in a corner, Molly watched as the Doctor spoke to General Devri Hudson (the CCDA’s officer in charge), but before the woman had a chance to say anything back to Eraras, Holloway was on her feet, walking the short distance to the pair.

Glancing apologetically at Hudson for interrupting a conversation she was sure would be directed her way regardless, Molly shot a tired smile at Eraras.

“Doctor Eraras. I’m Molly Holloway, General Harris’s fiancée.” The words rolled off of her tongue as if they were nothing but natural even though it was the first time Molly was uttering them. They would, however, come as a surprise to Hudson. “How is he doing?” Her tone was measured and serious.

Molly had been one of the few people (and the only person present in the room at the moment) that had seen both Harris and Holloway at the crash site. In fact, she had been one of the helping hands on the scene. Having talked to Calvin in the few seconds he had been conscious had made her assume that there was not as much to worry about him as there would be with her uncle, who was very much still on the surgical table at the present time.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

Eraras was a normally jovial man, typical of his species. His normal joviality was tempered by the severity of the situation. “Ms Holloway. He is stable for the moment.” He held out his hand and then waived back toward a seat after stopping at the nurses desk. “I hope you will forgive me, but considering the circumstances safety of General Harris and Mr Holloway is of paramount concern.” He held a biometeric security scanner in his left hand. He placed his palm over it “Dr. Eraras, Tobin, Orthopedic surgeon, Sacred Heart Hospital, Oed V Colony. Bolian.”

“Oh, of course. I’m grateful to know that Sacred Heart is taking safety seriously.” Molly said with a soft smile. “It eases my mind and hopefully that of everyone here.” She looked around at several of the security officers present.

He held the scanner out for Holloway, and once confirmed he set the device aside. “General Harris is stable. He was given Improvoline, Terakine, and Lectrazine. When he arrived at the hospital he was in shock and had lost a lot of blood. He had a nicked secondary artery. We repaired that and he received two units of whole blood. He also had two broken legs and a broken arm. The breaks in his legs were fairly straight forward to fix. We set the bones and used the tissue migrator to repair the bone and muscle damage. His arm was more complicated. It was in shards, but we were able to heal it. He will receive Metorapan Treatments every 10 hours for at least a week, with a resonance tissue scan every 12 to check for post surgical infection. He is also getting Corophyzine, an antibiotic, as a precaution. Calcium and vitamin D infusions are being given to help with the bone regrowth. After that it will be physical therapy.”

Repeating Eraras gesture and placing her palm on the scanner, it identified “Captain Holloway, Molly Grace, Starfleet Command, Retired, Chief Executive Officer, Holloway Heavy Industries, OED V Colony. Human.”

Molly nodded as the doctor spoke, trying to follow everything she was being told. She wasn’t familiar with the medication names but she was sure the doctors knew way better than her what the best treatment would be. Broken legs, broken arm, it fitted with what she had thought. Molly winced slightly at the mention of his arm fracture but breathed out in relief when she was told that they had been able to fix it. Post surgery treatments for a week followed by physical therapy. Calvin was not going to like it, but Molly didn’t really care. He was going to do it.

“He also received a nasty bump to the head, and we’ve treated him for a possible concussion, but until he wakes up we won’t know how bad it is. Right now I’m predicting a severe headache, lightheadedness which will bother his equilibrium, and possibly some memory confusion or amnesia. That usually clears within a few days to a couple of weeks.” Eraras turned in his seat and glanced out the door.

Amnesia. The word hit like a ton of bricks, even if it was just temporary. Inside her, the knot that had been loosening with the conversation, now tightened back a little, but she could do nothing but wait and see when he woke up.

“Along with whatever protocols the CCDA requires, biometric confirmation of each person in and out of his room and Mr Holloway’s will be required, staff and visitors. You’ll be asked to pass through aseptic entry to ensure no contaminants get in the room.” Eraras glanced over at the dog with a flick of his eyes, “The dog may go as well as long as he can pass through the entry and will sit for a biomedical scan as well.” Eraras had no objection to pets or family visiting, as long as safety can be maintained. “I know it’s a lot to take in, I’m here to answer any questions you have, and then I can take you to see him.”


“Of course.” Molly nodded as she was told the safety procedures for visitors. “Once again, thank you for taking General Harris’s and Mr. Holloway’s safety so seriously. I’ll make sure that everyone visiting knows the procedures. I’m sure no one will mind, including Boomer.” She gestured to the old black Labrador with a smile.

“I think you cleared most of the questions I had, Dr. Eraras. Thank you so much for making sure that Calvin returned home in one piece.” Molly smiled again gratefully. “Now, his daughter Alexis is also here. How many visitors are allowed in the room and for how long? And well, if it’s possible, me, Alexis, and Boomer would really like to go see him. So he can have a few familiar faces when he wakes up.”

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

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