Attack at City Center: Sacred Heart - A Surprise Visitor

Posted Aug. 15, 2022, 12:36 a.m. by Jerome Davis

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Posted by Jerome Davis in Attack at City Center: Sacred Heart - A Surprise Visitor
The Prometheus Class Intelligence Starship USS Thresher dropped out of Warp behind Black Rock, one of the few blind spots of the ACS network and immediately cloaked before moving toward OED at maximum Impulse power. On her Bridge, Colonel Ryan York ordered the ship to Red Alert and brought all sensors to max passive power as the massive warship settled into High Orbit above the planet.

“Jenny…” York turned to his Chief of Security. “… is your team ready?” The short, dark-haired woman standing at the Tactical Console in a Miami Hurricanes crop top, shorts, and a pair of Converse winked. “Of course! It’s nice to be in real clothes again RP… I had to practically fight off the whole department for the chance to actually do a little Wet Works stuff!” She had started moving to the Main Bridge lift before she turned and smiled at Ryan. “You gonna get changed or do we get to go hunting without the boss?”

Ryan smirked and shook his head. “Like hell you are, Marsh! I’ll meet your team in One in five minutes.” The young woman nodded and disappeared.

Eight minutes later

Behind a pile of bins in the alley across the street from the crash site, five normal looking folks appeared in the shimmer of transporter patterns. The tallest in a pair of slacks, dark blue button down and a black dress jacket emerged quietly. Walking over to the first CCDA guard he saw, he smiled and asked politely for directions to the nearby extended stay hotel… one about a block from Sacred Heart. The guard looked in thought for a moment then pulled out his PaDD and showed the gentleman before him the fastest way there, making a point to advise against going near the hospital. As he was doing so, what looked like two couples emerged from the alley going the opposite direction. One couple looked drunk, the other… a pair of kids from the University of Miami… couldn’t keep their hands off each other. The first looked as though they were looking for a place to sleep it off and the others clearly had things other than sleep on their mind. The guard that should have been watching their path had walked over to the guard with the gentleman and assisted Dr. Ford in finding his way. A few moments later, Dr. Ford was gone and so were the college kids. The crash site was quiet once more.

Half past 1am

A gentleman walked up to a security checkpoint just inside the west entrance. The man was dressed in a pair of slacks, dark blue button down and a black dress jacket. As he approached, the guards drew their sidearms and the man calmly produced a badge folio identifying him as a member of the Fleet Criminal Investigative Service. After a moment, one of the guards whispered into a Comm cuff mic and then looked to the FCIS agent. “General Hudson will be here in a moment.” They said sharply. “It’s her call whether or not you get in.” So, they waited.

Moments later, a tired looking officer with four small gold stars rounded the corner, took five steps toward the waiting trio and stopped, dead in her tracks. Slowly, the woman unsnapped the restraint on the top of her pistol, glaring at the newcomer. Seeing this reaction, the man showed open hands and smiled. He opened his mouth to speak but before he could say a word, Hudson grabbed him by his lapels and drug him out of earshot of the guards. Stepping around the corner, Hudson suddenly hit the man hard right in the middle of his chest. “Goddamnit York! What in the actual hell are you doing here!” The woman hissed. “I’ve got enough problems without you and your lot nosing around! How the frack did you even get down here?! Hell… how’d you even get into the system!?” Smiling softly, York shrugged. “I have my ways.”

Hudson drew her sidearm and pulled back the safety. “York… I do not have time for th…” The man raised a hand and cut her off. “Devri, I need to talk to Ms. Holloway.” Fire blazed behind the woman’s eyes as she buried the barrel of the sidearm into his stomach. “Like the hell you will York! You need to leave… now!” All friendliness gone in the blink of an eye, York looked down and in a cold tone snapped. “I haven’t the time for this bullshit Devri Rae. I just came from nearly half way across the damn Sector at Max Warp. I’m not asking you, I’m telling you… I’m going to talk to Captain Holloway. Privately Starbuck…” York stared down at the woman until Hudson finally asked bluntly, her sidearm at her side “Why do you need to talk to Captain Holloway, Colonel?” Her tone was harsh, her eyes and stance untrusting.

York sighed, rubbing his eyes and then speaking just loud enough for her to hear… his expression flat but contained. “Molly was my training partner when we both went Starfleet Intelligence. She’s one of the handful of people I truly trust, even more than you Devri. I have crucial information about the people that attacked Lucas Holloway’s shuttle that I am only at liberty to discuss with Captain Holloway. Now… we can do this the nice way or the not so nice way.” Devri scowled at York. “And just what the frack is that supposed to mean, York?!” The Intel Captain leaned over her, his patience obviously wearing thin. “That means you can take me to speak to Captain Holloway and I can discuss the information I have for her with her here… in this building. Or I can beam her up to the Thresher and talk to her there! I’ve had a transporter lock on her for over an hour. I’m here as a goddamn courtesy to you and your staff. Now… take me to see Molly!” The former Marine snapped. Hudson looked as though she could kill the man with her bare hands before her shoulders slumped, she turned and walked with York down to 104. Stepping through the door, a much gentler tone emerged from the man as he asked. “Hi ya Red… ya got a minute?”

York & Hudson

Sitting in a corner of the room, with her coat over her body, and Ali and Jersey dozing off with Boomer on nearby chairs, Molly had been trying to rest. To no avail.

When she finally found herself in that light slumber that precedes one falling asleep, reality mixing up with dream, the words and the familiar voice reached her ears.

Molly opened her eyes, fully expecting to see room 104 just like it was before she had sat down and closed her eyes to rest. Instead, she found herself staring at a pair of incredibly familiar blue eyes.

“Ryan…!” The name escaped her lips before she could stop it.

Hudson watched both Senior Officers closely, wondering if she’d made the right choice letting him back with Molly. Ryan, on the other hand, now seemed to completely forget the armed CDF Commander was even standing there.

Standing up, Molly walked the space between them at a fast pace, hugging the former Marine tightly. It was an uncharacteristic action for Molly, but for the first time during the whole night she had found someone she shared a stronger connection with.

York’s arms closed tightly around Holloway, cherishing holding her once more. Simply the smell of her hair took him back to a different place… a different time. A time when the woman in his arms wasn’t just a colleague or a training partner… but a lover and a confidant. As had always happened, he didn’t want to let her go but forced himself to do so the very moment he felt the woman pull back. Setting Molly down, Ryan heard Hudson sigh then shuffle off to somewhere other than next to where he & Molly were.

“What are you doing here?”

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

“Why do think?” He said softly, gently kissing Molly’s forehead. “I had to see for myself that you were OK.” York then took a moment, sighed and reached into his pocket.

Pulling out a small data stick, the former Marine asked gently. “Is there a place we can talk… privately?” He nodded toward the two young women asleep against each other on the couch. “Considering one of those two is one of only four people to ever actually hit me… I would prefer if she not know I’m dirt side.” He smirked. “Not that I’m scared of the little firebrand… I’d just prefer to go back to my ship this time without a black eye.” Ryan chuckled softly.

York, SFI

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