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The normally quiet afternoon at Sacred Heart erupted into chaos as word spread like wildfire through the building of a shuttle crash and massive explosions in City Center. Within minutes, an automated voice confirmed the rumor as a Code Green echoed through the building… the indication a Mass Casualty event had been reported and the Situation Status lights snapped to a bright green as personnel scrambled to ready the ER and Operation facilities.

Thankfully, through sheer dumb luck, the reported Mass Casualty event ended up with only two being emergency transported to the hospital… but the two victims in question created one hell of a stir! The Commander of OED’s Planetary Defense organization… the Colonial Customs & Defence Authority… General Calvin Harris, and the President of Holloway Heavy Industries, Lucas Holloway… had both been gravely injured when their shuttle had been, apparently, shot out of the sky in broad daylight. The craft had slammed into a storefront that had been unoccupied due to the tenant being on vacation. Within minutes of their arrival, the ER was stormed by CCDA troopers armed to the teeth and the building was completely surrounded by armored vehicles. While the CCDA folks made sure to stay out of the way and let the medical team work on two of OED’s most important citizens, those working to stabilize the far luckier General Harris… and those fighting to save the life of the man that had been the genius behind the incredible shield system that now provided a vast majority of OED with a breathable atmosphere for the first time in decades, went to work immediately.

The alarms and notifications came blaring through Sharah’s office. There was no current civilian head of medical services so that job fell to her as well. She didn’t mind, the extra work kept her busy and being busy helped manage the noise. Sharah was in the ER preparing for a massive influx when the ER was flooded with CCDA troopers. It didn’t take Sharah long to pick up the reason from the surface thoughts floating about, it was the panic and hysteria of the citizenry that was hard to cope with. Spotting someone who looked like the OIC of the parade the diminutive doctor hurried over, “You put whoever you need where ever you need to, but no one in the actual OR unless they have a medical degree. Nurse Temple will help you coordinate.” She pointed to a rather tall, older and rounding woman with intelligent eyes that was supervising the ER staff. Then Dr Fayth was gone to meet the first stretcher as it came in.

While Harris was pretty banged up, with both legs and his left arm broken… the arm was compound in two places and there was a lot of blood. He also had a concussion and appeared to be going into shock. Holloway, on the other hand, had struck his head hard in the crash. Both arms had multiple fractures and his right shoulder was dislocated. A flash burn appeared to cover about 15% of his left side, but most concerning was the gapping hole in the man’s right leg… and the fact the he was beginning to fall into Hypovolemic shock.


A wave of sickness hit Sharah and she turned hurrying toward the next stretcher. “Lucas Holloway, male, age 48. Neck has been immobilized due to head injury, both arms are broken in multiple areas and a dislocated right shoulder. He’s been burned and,” rather than explaining the medic lifted the sheet over his leg for Sharah to see, “And he’s going into hypovolemic shock.”

“OR 1, now! Temple send the medical records for Lucas Holloway.” Being telepathic had it’s advantages. The head OR nurse was also Betazoid. ‘Ilena, Lucas Holloway is coming into the OR. Get his blood type and start a plasma infusion unit, I want Microtones on the leg and the breaks. Connect him the cardiac support unit just in case. Then I want complete scans of the head injury.

Holloway’s records were clear of anything of concern. He was, by all accounts a perfectly healthy 48 year old Caucasian male. No spouse, no children. Emergency Contacts listed in order of precedence #1 Molly Holloway, #2 Calvin Harris, #3 Dominique Bruner. He did NOT have a DNR on file.

We’ll be ready when you get here.‘ Ilena was matter of fact and very little phased the young nurse.

The medic team entered the OR prep area and Ilena had already pulled plasma and whole blood for Holloway’s B+ blood type and with practiced ease she had the unit hooked up to the man and infusion rate started. Another nurse grabbed the shears and began to cut away the clothing from around the burn and begin removing the fibers. A medic took the microtone images Dr Fayth had ordered and sent them to the display inside the surgical suite. The surgical team came out and took over and took him inside and moved him to the bio bed and secured and turned on the surgical support frame. The anesthesiologist, Dr Pan, took a reading of Holloway’s metabolism rate and administered 150 mls of Kayolane to keep him sedated and 2.5 mls of Terakine for the pain. That would hold the man for awhile and it had the least likely chance of disrupting his cardiovascular system or other systems.

Sharah appeared immediately after, red scrub suit on, and approached the bed, Ilena trailing in her wake. The room was full of apprehension and tension and nerves. Not bad things, but it was on a level that could be distracting for them all if not checked. Sharah took a deep breath and as she let it out a sense of calm spread from her carried on her empathic gift. Some would be reminded of fresh baked bread or cookies, the warmth of a campfire, or the sound of a parent’s voice. Others might remember sailing on a fresh water sea, others might not experience anything at all.

“Ilena, Vascular Regenerator. I need suction and sponges here on his leg. Grat set his shoulder, we can’t set the bones if his shoulder is still dislocated. Shrine, finish working on those burns and apply the Dermaline Gel then set up the tissue migrator. Let me check the settings before you start it. Pan let me know if his vitals start to change in either direction.” Then she was bent over the gapping hole in his leg. She had to stop the bleeding first then she could focus on the tissue and nerve damage.

Dr Fayth, SFCMO

Holloway was in serious trouble. The x-rays revealed both arms to be practically shattered throughout from wrist to shoulder, his dislocated right shoulder was because that shoulder had been completely smashed in the crash. He too had avoided shrapnel but he had an open wound about three inches long above his right eye and a large knot on the top, right side of his head. The flash burn covered approximately 18% (almost all Second Degree with a spot of Third Degree about the size of a hand on his left thigh) of his left side from ankle to mid-chest, with tell-tales of a substance identified as an explosive compound formally known as C4. His right leg had a through & through hole approximately 2 and a half inches across through his upper thigh. Whatever it had been had shattered his leg and by the grace of God just missed the femoral artery… but it did nick a secondary artery and the result was a dangerous level of blood loss leading to the Hypovolemic shock. Within minutes of being placed on the biobed, Lucas Holloway coded and the fight for his life began.

Lucas Holloway

The secondary artery was easy to get to with the large hole in Holloway’s leg. That was the primary concern, to stop the blood loss so that the plasma and blood infusion he was getting would stabilize his blood pressure and stop the hypovolemic shock. While she worked with the vascular regenerator she started giving more orders, “Grat clean that head wound I want to see how bad it is….”

The alarms started blaring the code. Fayth stopped and looked up at the readings. “Ilena didn’t you put him on the cardiac support unit?”

“Of course Dr.” Sharah would have sworn if she’d had the time, “Cardio-Stimulator.” Ilena handed it to her and Fayth placed it on his chest, “200 joules” His whole body jerked on the table, but nothing. “400” again his body jerked.

Grat was running a diagnostic on the bed. “It’s all working, he’s just…”

His heart beat twice and the flat lined again. Fayth nodded, Holloway needed a miracle. “600” This time the beat was stronger, lasted and they all held their breath until Pan nodded. “Pulse is coming up, BP is rising.” But it was still thready. “30 ccs Inoprovalene.” Fayth wondered how Dr dealt with the wait when medicines were injected through IVs and shots…having to wait to see if they worked. The Inoprovalene seemed to be working as his vitals evened out. “Turn the support unit up to high, let it take over his functions for him.”

Fayth stared up at the monitors, his K-3 Indicator was still high. “Pan put him on the neuroelectrical suppressor. Forget drechtal beams. I want his whole body numb, take away the strain it’s putting on all his systems.” Once the suppressor was in place the K-3 dropped significantly.

During all of this Shrine had finished cleansing the burns. “2nd degree burns covering the left side of his body chest to ankle. 3rd degree on his thigh. There is some strange substance all over him though.”

“Shrine, take pictures. I’m sure someone is going to want to know how this happened. Pan give him 200 ccs of Kelotane for the burns. Grat start the tissue migrator on his left thigh.” She turned the infusion rate up on the infusion unit. She wanted that whole blood in his system five minutes ago. She picked up a swab kit and swabbed the substance. The computer came back with an explosive, C4. They all looked on in horror. Sharah tapped her combadge =/\=OR1 to biotech lab. Get a medical technichian in here that is familiar with nanites. Tell him to scrub up.=/\=

=/\=Klivque here. On my way.=/\=

The burns were a matter of a waiting game. The dermal regenerator would do the work but it took time, and it would take several sessions over the next week or two. They couldn’t over tax Holloway’s body in order to rush the healing.

Looking at the head wound she asked for the autosuture. “Ilena take the hand held dermal to the knot to ease the bruise and the swelling just a bit. Then I want a full scan of his brain to make sure there’s no internal damage before we go further.” She set the autosuture down when she was finished, “Ilena, use the dermal to finish closing up this head wound when your done.”

Sharah glanced at the images of his arms and shook her head. “We can’t save the bones. Vin’rt we’re going to need prosthetics. Take measurements of his arms, compare to his last medical scan and go have the med techs get us a full set, left and right, of humerus, ulna and, radius.”

Finally back at his right leg, “Osteogenic Stimulator.” Much like Erasas down in the ER, it was a long process of putting the ‘femur puzzle’ back together. While the stimulator worked Fayth used the microsuture to start repairing parts of the tissue and muscle from the 2 inch hole in his leg.

Klivque entered, scrubbed up and carrying a box. “How can I help Dr. Fayth.” She didn’t look up where she was working on Holloway’s arm. “There is a foreign substance all over him and most likely inside him as well. The diagnostic computer has the chemical makeup. I need you to program the nanites to go into his system and clean it out.” Klivque nodded and got to work programming the nanites.

Holloway’s arms took the longest. Sharah made sure the prosthetics were typed to his blood and antibodies to avoid rejection. It was slow, meticulous, time dragging work to find and remove each piece of shattered bone. That part alone was almost 6 hours. Then Fayth had to open his arms from shoulder to wrist to place the new bones in. First was fitting the joints, making sure they were lined up and then connecting them to the ligaments and tendons to each other and the muscle. It was a slow process of microsutures, tissue migrator, autosutures and bioregenerative field. At each step she had to check to make sure the joints flexed correctly and pulled and pushed the muscles how they should before moving on and then eventually closing the arms.

Holloway went through 5 units of blood and plasma before they were done. He was now getting infusions of fluid and pain meds with anti-inflammatories for the head injury and everything else. He was also going to be on strong sedatives and straight out pain medication for a while. Metorapan treatments for the broken leg were set up for every 12 hours along with Corophyzine to prevent infection. Resonance Tissue Scans and Pulmonary scans were run every 12 as well to make sure they didn’t miss any possible infection. The nanites were inserted into his system and would take a full 48 hours to run through his system and clear out any foreign particles. He was prescribed regular doses of Lectrazine, to keep his cardiovascular system stable as well as being hooked up to the cardiac support unit, and Trianoline for the percussive injuries he had received. And on top of ALL of that the bioregenerative field continued to run over his entire body.

Holloway was now in a surgical ICU room, the CCDA standing guard outside his door. Sharah was exhausted after almost 14 hours of solid surgery. He was stable for the moment, and if she had her way he was staying that way. Checking Holloway’s file and emergency contacts, she exited the room and spoke to the officer there, “I need to speak with Molly Holloway or Dominique Bruner.”

Dr Fayth, SFCMO

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The officer acquiesced, passing the message along his comm and replying to the doctor. “Director Holloway is on her way.”

It had been an exhausting day for Molly who had now been awake for well over twenty-four hours straight. Having returned from Earth that morning, Molly had dozed off on the shuttle that had taken her from Black Rock to the domed city. She hadn’t had a pause until a few moments ago when she had finally closed her eyes and nodded off in a chair by Calvin’s bedside.

When one of the security personnel had gently shaken her awake and told her that Doctor Fayth was requesting to talk to her, she had sprung to her feet, gesturing for Boomer to stay put, and followed the guard out of the room.

Much like her uncle, Molly Holloway was a recognizable figure to many of OEDs residents, especially if one kept up with the economical and tech scene. However, the woman currently walking into the room was not as well put together as she was known to be. Her pale freckled skin had a slight greyish tint to it, further accentuated by the dark circles under her eyes. Her clothes were wrinkled and there was a fresh bruise on the underside of her left wrist. Her fiery ginger hair, however, was impeccably combed into her trademark ballerina bun, almost as if she had remade it a few minutes prior to seeing the doctor.

Holloway was not the most nervous person, but for the first time in a long time, her insides were twisting with anxiety about what news Doctor Fayth was bringing. Yet, regardless of unease or tiredness, she carried herself with the posture and presence of a Starfleet Captain.

As the security officer left both women alone, Molly held out a hand for a handshake.

“Doctor Fayth, you wanted to see me? I’m Molly Holloway, Lucas’s niece. How is he doing?” Her tone was somber and matter-of-factly as she tried to exude confidence she didn’t feel.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

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Dr. Fayth was a short woman, coming it at barely 5‘2”. She had a mass of jet blue black hair that hung in crazy curls around her face, and the solid obsidian eyes of her Betazoid heritage. At the moment the doctor was looking tired and under her lab coat slightly disheveled. One look at the woman in front of her though told Sharah a whole different story to the put together woman. Practiced eyes caught the small injury on her wrist and the signs of exhaustion. Ilena, bring a med kit and some juice to the surgical office, please. There was a light mental acknowledgement from the head surgical nurse. “Ms. Holloway, let’s go in here, and we’ll talk about your uncle.”

Molly nodded. It was not every day that Molly met someone shorter than her, but with how tired she was feeling she barely had time to notice it. She followed the doctor into the room. Just like her, the woman looked tired. According to Molly’s loose calculations it had been about fifteen hours since her uncle had been removed from the crash site. She assumed that the Doctor had been working on him for most of that time, and there were no words to describe how grateful Molly was.

In the office Sharah took a seat in a single chair leaving the more comfortable couch for Molly Holloway. Ilena entered and set the glass of juice in front of Holloway and a hot mug of tea in front of Fayth. “Thank you Ilena.” The nurse set the med kit down on the desk and then held out a biometric reader. “Jr Lt Rox, Ilena, Head Surgical Nurse, Star Fleet medical Facility, Oed V Colony. Betazoid.”

Sitting down on the couch, Molly watched the nurse as she brought it the med kit and the reader. “Thank you.” Holloway added when the glass of juice was sat in front of her. There was a genuine grateful tone in her words. There was not enough time for her to ponder what the med kit was for, and she didn’t even think about the fact that the bruise on her left wrist was clearly visible against her pale skin.

Fayth set her hand over the scanner as well. “Lt Fayth, Sharah, Chief Medical Officer, Star Fleet Medical Facility, Oed V Colony. Betazoid.” Fayth placed the scanner on the table in front of Holloway. “I was told you were informed of the security measures the hospital is requiring. Given the attack on your uncle I hope you don’t find it too invasive. It’s not fool proof, but…” Fayth lifted a shoulder. Security was not her area of expertise, but she’d had enough experience with it to be smart. She waved to Holloway’s hand, “May I?”

Molly’s Intel training would make it hard for telepaths or empaths to read her. However, given Holloway’s state of mental exhaustion and general fatigue, her mental walls were not as strongly in place as they would usually be. It wouldn’t be hard to perceive the exhaustion that Holloway was feeling, together with feelings of unease, anxiety, deep concern, and most of all fear.

“Yes, I’ve gone through the same procedure with Dr. Eraras. I’ll tell you the same thing I told him, I’m really grateful that the hospital is taking security measures seriously. I don’t think they are invasive at all, and even if they were, I’d rather them be in place than risking anything else.” She gave Dr. Fayth a soft smile.

Nodding, Molly placed her hand on the scanner just like she had done hours prior. It identified “Captain Holloway, Molly Grace, Starfleet Command, Retired, Chief Executive Officer, Holloway Heavy Industries, OED V Colony. Human.”

Fayth pulled the tricorder out of the kit and ran the wand over Holloway’s arm. The tricorder didn’t tell her anything she couldn’t already tell, that she had bruised her wrist some how, she was exhausted and her blood sugar was a bit low for the stress her body under. But nothing alarming. She talked while she worked quietly and gently, pulling out a small hand held dermal regenerator.

“Your uncle is stable for the moment. Both of his arms were shattered in the attack. We had to replace all the bones in both arms from shoulder to wrist. We were able to repair his leg. He lost a lot of blood. He was given 4 units in total. Kelotane for the burns. Metorapan treatments for his broken leg are scheduled for every 12 hours and we’re scanning him for infection. The blast seems to have originated against his side. We found traces of C4 on his person and in his system. We took pictures and samples and handed them over to CCDA.”

Shattered arms. Full bone replacement from shoulder to wrist. Blood loss… the words blended in Molly’s mind as the Doctor spoke. The C4 came at no surprise since she had identified it in the shuttle after Lucas and Cal were taken.

Holding the glass of juice she nursed it in her hand, more to have something to hold other than anything else.

“We have nanites running through his system clearing out any trace of the substance. It will take a full two days for that to finish. He’s getting Lectrazine to stabilize his heart. He presented with Hypovolemic shock, but the blood and plasma infusions have stabilized that. We’re using neuroelectrical suppressors to control the pain and we’re keeping him sedated until he’s stabilized a bit more. It would be cruel to wake him up now. The bioregenerative field will be on almost constantly for a few days.” She paused and sipped at the tea the nurse had brought her. More because she needed it than because she wanted it. “I’m sure you have a lot of questions.”

Fayth, SFCMO

Lectrazine to stabilize his heart. Hypovolemic shock, neuroelectrical suppressors for the pain, they’d be keeping him sedated… Molly was feeling more and more nauseous as the Doctor carried on. A feeling that both Betazoid women would be able to perceive, but that would be particularly strong for Dr. Fayth given her empathic sensitivity.

Sharah paused, sensing that Ms Holloway was probably at her limit. Too much information, too much emotional trauma, too many expectations. Sharah knew exactly what that felt like. She’d experienced the same only months ago for herself. The mind needed time to process all the input. Sharah berrated herself for not going a bit slower. What had Markus called it? An information hazard.

Molly had never felt like this before. She had been put through strain and torture. She had seen loved ones almost die. And yet, thinking of Lucas like this made her insides crumple in ways that she had never experienced before. Everyone she knew that had faced terrible situations, they all had training. They were all Starfleet Officers much like she was, prepared to face a lot of hardship thrown their way. Not Lucas. Lucas had never touched Starfleet. He was just a regular civilian… Nothing had ever happened to him. Nothing ever should. He was the closest she had ever had to a father. Hardship was never supposed to cross his path.

And yet, here they were, with Lucas lying in a hospital bed, after fourteen hours of surgery. His bones having to be replaced, his heart needing to be stabilized, and his pain being so substantial that it would be too cruel to wake him up, even with neuroelectrical suppressors.

Blood seemed to have drained completely from her body, but still, Molly nodded. She had a lot of questions indeed, but she could barely make herself speak. Her blood pressure was in free fall. The nausea was setting in stronger than before and she was feeling terribly lightheaded. And then her vision started to fade.

With a loud noise, the juice glass shattered on the hard floor, and Molly’s world turned black.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

OOC: Just as a reference to what I was trying to portray: Molly’s intense emotional response triggers a Vasovagal Syncope (from my understanding that’s what it’s called) from which she faints. From personal experience, I think it shouldn’t take a lot to wake her back up! – Joana

Sharah was up out of her seat before the glass actually hit the floor, having seen the color drain so quickly from her face. Fayth helped ease the woman to couch while Ilena propped her feet up on the other end. “Poor woman. She’s been through it.” Fayth scanned her slowly with the tricorder. A fast sudden drop in blood pressure caused no doubt from the emotional overload. Ilena brought a cold compress over and Fayth laid it across Holloway’s forehead. Ilena slipped out the door after helping clean up the broken glass and returned with water and a smoothie concoction that the cafeteria was known for. Fayth was in no rush to wake Holloway using meds. She should wake up easily enough on her own once her BP levelled out.

Fayth, SFCMO

It didn’t take long for Molly to regain consciousness.

Startled, she pulled herself up to a sitting position. As far as Holloway was concerned, she had just been sitting on the couch, juice glass in her hand, and suddenly she was staring at the ceiling. She remembered everything she had been told about Lucas. She remembered feeling nauseous and dizzy… feelings that now seemed to be subsiding even though she was still a little lightheaded. But she remembered nothing else.

As she sat up, with one hand Fayth helped her sit up and with the other was running a quick scan to make sure Ms Holloway’s BP stayed stable as she sat up. Satisfied she closed the tricorder and put it away.

As Molly sat up, the cold compress on her forehead fell on her lap and she picked it up, obviously confused. Her glass of juice was gone. Instead, she spotted a glass of water and something that looked like a smoothie. Looking around, her eyes searched for Doctor Fayth, and when they found her, the look of worry on Molly’s face was evident. Both doctor and nurse would also be able to sense the feeling of confusion coming from her.

“What… what happened?” Molly managed to articulate.

Molly Holloway, CEO Holloway Heavy Industries

Fayth picked up the glass of water and handed it to the woman. “Mental and emotional overload combined with exhaustion, Ms Holloway. It triggered a Vasovagal Syncope. In other words your blood pressure bottomed out and you passed out for a moment. You’re fine now, water and then something to eat will keep you that way.”

Fayth waited until Holloway had some of the water and seemed physically more stable. “I know it’s a lot. We’re here for whatever you need, for your uncle, General Harris, his daughter, yourself. How can we help?”

Fayth, SFCMO

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