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Hey hey, everyone!!

So our dear Matt B. had some real life things crop up, and tried as he might, he just had to step down as the Lieutenant Governor of the colony.

But such losses can sometimes spur great wins, and a great win we certainly had! Our own illustrious and gracious Lindsay has agreed to take on the role! For those that haven’t had a chance to write with her, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of her capture, er… VOLUNTEERING… to give yourself the chance to write with one of the best voices in the club.

Lindsay, welcome to colonial leadership. May the gods have mercy on your soul.


Thanks, James! I’m looking forward to trying out this character here and helping grow Oed. Eela’s a retired Starfleet Captain turned Diplomat, and I am very open to having her meet everyone. Just leave your BS at the door, haha. I look forward to collaborating, so bring me your story ideas!


That’s awesome Linds! I am not sure I am familiar with this character so I look forward to reading her and seeing what she is about as I always enjoy what you create. Can’t wait for some good storytelling from you! –Ty

So excited to have you here! I can’t wait for our characters to meet. Congrats Linds!!


Woohoo! Congrats Linds! I already knew this place was better with you here. Happy to see you flying into higher roles…here that is haha. Looking forward to interacting with her some time! :)


Me coming back in the door with my BS

On the real though, great to have you here. Also I think I owe you posts elsewhere.

Sam H.

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