Unforeseen Developments

Posted Sept. 8, 2022, 11:13 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Markus Woods (Chief Star Fleet Science Officer) (Sam Haynes)

Posted by Lieutenant Sharah Fayth (Chief Star Fleet Medical Officer) in Unforeseen Developments
Sharah leaned back against the outside wall of the hospital entrance. The physical silence was deafening. The mental silence was shocking and disorienting and she recognized immediately that something was wrong. She was not okay. She smiled at the man and his daughter, probably looking relieved that the protesters were gone. Markus she reached for him and nothing. Ilena? Nothing....

Mark fumbled the tablet he was reading at the sudden, loud contact from Sharah. Her distress was clear. Setting the device on his desk he reached out for her. she was … there, but the contact was suddenly much diminished. Almost gone. His heart began to pound in his chest.

Fayth shook her head and it made her vision swim. She pushed away from the wall and before everything went black she had the realization that no one had answered her mental call and she could hear nothing.

Ilena rushed out the door and caught her before her legs completely gave out. “Help me get her inside?”

Inside the doors Ilena grabbed a chair and eased Fayth into it.

=/\=Lt Rox to Lt Cmdr Woods. You need to come to the hospital, Sir.=/\=

The distress in Ilena’s tone only poured ice into his gut. =^=On my way.=^= He’d only met Ilena once, briefly during a tour of the hospital, but it was enough. Betazoids and other telepaths always stuck out to him.

Someone was with her. That was good at least, and he at least trusted Ilena a little. Whatever was going on, he had a feeling now that it related to Sharah’s abilities. Grabbing a different PaDD, one he kept secured and locked, he stuffed into his pocket and headed for the exit.

Several moments later, Fayth was in a private room. Dr Elbbirt running complete scans on her. No one really sure, yet, why she’d fainted or how long she was going to be out. Some of her readings were unusual for her and others not. Sharah was unique though and there was no way to know if her symptoms applied to the usual suspects. All Elbbirt did know for sure was her BP had dropped dangerously now, but no idea why.


Mark made his way down the corridor at a trot. Best he could do for hurrying in a socially-appropriate fashion. Drawing up short outside Sharah’s room, he scanned for any of her attending physicians.

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