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“It was fine. I could hear people grumbling about the number of checkpoints but it feels rather normal to me all told,” she said as she took a moment to move over and examine the items on display with no less contemplation than she had shown the pieces at the gallery opening. She paused longer at the shirt and the necklace and a small murmur escaped her lips. “Her work if extraordinarily beautiful. I know how skilled one has to be to make work that delicately intricate.”

Tenkiller looked at the display and smiled. “My Ma, yeah. Made that for me when I was made an Elder. My sister helped her, too. She’s s getting pretty good at beading.”

“I wish I had the patience for a craft like that these days. Alas, I lost a measure of my ability to be still a few years ago and I never quite got it back,” Dasca said with a hint of sadness.

Eela pulled herself away from the pieces almost with regret before taking a seat at Tenkillers desk. “How many people have you narrowed it down to?”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

Tenkiller pulled out two PaDDs and slid one to Eela. “Well, I figured 25 hour a day security detail everyday would need around a dozen individuals, two per shift. I’ve got you a list of fifty, but I noted the ones I felt would be the best fit. Four I highly recommend. First is Agent Hasid V’ter. Now, he’s a Cardassian. Came to Oed about five years ago and did some work with Oed Police as an investigator. Sharp and very observant. Second 8s Agent Feleck Nords. Ferengi, so no issue with your empathy. Nords was the head of the Security detail for Finance Director Zorbo and stopped multiple assassination attempts. He’s freakin’ scary with that energy whip, too. Next up is Taliso Gan, Bolian. She was the Alpha Quadrant SF wrestling champion two years in a row. She left Star Fleet because she was just tired of moving around all the time, but her record is really impressive. And last is Chuck Mangioni. Human and Betazoid. No ties to Star Fleet, and is one of our Interrogator / Translators. Speaks eleven languages fluently and is trained in the use of interrogation.”

“So?” The VC of the CCDA asked her. “What do you think?”

Tenkiller, VC-CCDA

Adept at multitasking, Dasca was both skimming the records and listening to his words, marrying them together into a more complete picture of the people who would be intimately acquainted with her life. There was no other way to describe the relationship between a protective detail and the person they were sworn to protect. They obviously weren’t inside her office with her, or in her home, but they would be there in lock-step with her everywhere she went on Oed. She had naturally accepted the mandatory protection as a part of her role, and given the history of assassination attempts and her Office’s rather rocky position currently it was essential.

But there were certain differences between a Starfleet detail and a CCDA one. Namely, that they would have to find a common shorthand and also Eela understood that there were times and places she would need to set boundaries. She wondered if they would object to her working hideaway and even allow it. But the room in the back of the bookshop was defendable and she’d be fine with someone guarding entry to the space, so maybe they wouldn’t put up near as much fuss as she anticipated. And unlike other Starfleet officers, Dasca did not intend to imply in anyway that she could defend herself. After all, while she could sucker punch a person and aim a weapon with exceeding skill still, her days of being able to handle hand-to-hand combat were long over. In that way she was a goddamn liability. Ah well, she was used to it by now.

Finally, she looked up at Tenkiller and nodded. “I like the mix of species and experiences. They seem to be good fits for the shift leads. I trust you Major General, so if you say these are the best choices, I believe you. And I will trust them to fill out the rest of the shifts.”

Dasca folded her arms on the desk. “Now, obviously, with this change comes another one, namely my residence. I decided to take the top-floor of a twelve floor apartment building that had been previously used as the Lieutenant Governor’s residence. It’s one floor, so no stairs to aggravate my back, and as a single person I don’t feel like I’m wandering aimless in a vast space. But Starfleet has taken care of security there as well. Which made sense until today. Access to the building is by biometrics, as is access in the lift to my floor. The lift opens up into an anteroom of sorts that leads right into my living space. So logistically, a bit awkward but currently a plain clothes office is on duty in the lobby and of course there are security feeds. Given that it’s an apartment building, I have neighbours and I’d like to have at least a cordial relationship with them and not scare them off because there are scary agents around,” she said with a slight grin. “But as we joked a little bit about last night, I’m probably going to make as many enemies around here as I do friends. So, I’m not going to get in the way of your staff doing what they need to do to make sure I can go about my life safely. But, and I know this is going to irk people potentially, I intend to be out and about in public. The farmers markets, dinner in restaurants. That bookstore you directed me to. I can’t do my job effectively if the people of Oed don’t get to know me. That means I have to allow myself to be seen, regardless of how that might complicate security. The sooner people see me as a person with feelings, thoughts, and experiences to share, the sooner I can be productive here.”

~Eela Dasca, Lt. Gov.

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